[Resolved]  PGS Hospital — False promises to heart patients


This particular hospital claims to treat heart patients who are prescribed to do an angioplasty or by-pass operation by a technique called External Counter Pulsation (ECP) technique.

The doctor gives 100% assurance verbally but takes signature of patients with some clause that the extent of effect of the treatment is not predictable.

The website of the hospital is:

My dad is undergoing the treatment for past 25 days with no relief. It will probably continue for another 15 days.

The doctor has not yet provided us any bill though we have track of the money as we had paid it as a crossed cheque.

Please advise on what course of action would be appropriate to take this complaint furthur.
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Aug 14, 2020
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in regards to the complaint cited above,

I have come to realise that i have wrongly judged about the hospital.

Now that my fathers treatment of External Counter Pulsation (ECP) technique has completed 45 days of treatment, he is in a very good condition and he is very grateful to Dr. S.Prabhu MD, PPHC(UA) for his support throughout these days and so am i.

It was simply my affection on my father that lead me to such an impulsive behavior as to report this complaint even before the treatment was over.
To spoil anybody's reputation takes no time. To build the reputation one has some time to spend his life time. Already there are serveral elements are finding opportunities to prevent Dr Prabhu's growth and I think your article without substance add fuel on the fire. Simply apologysing may not be the remedy to this you should inform all your nearers and dearers so that you can help him in building his reputation.

Thanks and regards
Dear All

Let me add few lines on the topic.

The treatment referred to by Premarajan is known as ECP, prevalent in western world – a non invasive technique for CAD, which is becoming popular of late in India.

This treatment has been eulogized by none other than Dr Abdul Kalam, the scientist President of India. To quote his own words, from the keynote addressed at the 2nd Congress on Interventional Cardiology at Mumbai 2005 :

‘’ "We have all witnessed the treatment of cardiovascular disease moving from very invasive to less invasive methods .In the seventies by pass surgery was the big news, in the eighties it was balloon angioplasty and in the nineties it was the stent. External Counter Pulsation (ECP), a truly non-operative, non-pharmaceutical, safe and effective treatment which has made big news in the west. ECP is FDA (USA) approved and finds reference in medical and cardiology textbooks... Now the treatment is available in most of the leading hospitals of the world. It is my sincere wish that more and more hospitals come out with such treatment all throughout India "
((www.expresshealthcaremgmt.com/20051015/cardiologicalsocietyofindia01.shtml )

To keep his words and spirits, he has honoured Dr Pratisha, Preventive Cardiologist, Director -ICP who ispracticing the EECP in Mumbai thru India’s largest preventive non invasive cardiac clinic (http://www.ipc-india.com/news_details.asp?nid=13)

This treatment is available in many of the leading heart hospitals in Metro- like Escorts at Delhi, Asian heart at mumbai .

I understand the predicament of Premrajan, and appreciate him for his open admittance of mistake, and to contradict his misstatement by confirming the treatment of Dr Prabhu has cured his father.

Coimbatore has the tradition of bringing out the novel and innovative ideas and let us bring them to limelight and support them, especially the ECP is the panacea for the heart patients who could not take by pass surgery for any reasons.

I have visited the website of PGS Hospital and had an occasion to meet Dr S Prabhu personally. He is very young, upcoming and dedicated to his profession. His clinic is treating the patient using the non invasive methods like ACT ( Artery Clearance Therapy) using the anti oxidants and SECP ( sequential External counter pulsation ). He is the pioneer to introduce ECP in Coimbatore. I wish him to open more such branches like Dr Pratiksha has done in Mumbai.
Dear readers,
I am Dr.S.Ramasamy who brought EECP treatment to India from USA. Our organization Indian patients EECP registry is responsible for clinical training for therapist and physicians in this technology in India.

There is lot of confusion regarding EECP therapy, which is FDA approved and seen in many leading cardiac center across USA and India. It’s EECP which is used in center like Escorts and Metro hospitals in Delhi not ECP (Chinese system) or SECP (Chinese system). It’s EECP which has undergone rigorous trails in USA and Indian to show its efficiency in treating patients with Chest pain and poor heart function.

Some of the equipments like ECP and SECP is not FDA approved and its effectiveness in Cardiac patients are not shown in any clinical trial and it may also cause injury to the patient’s heart if it’s not operated properly. The timing of the system during which it pushes the blood from the legs to heart is what required to be tested and this timing technology is only available in EECP which is tested in clinical trials and more than 100 papers are published across the world.

Patients should aware of this and they should ask the centers to show FDA approval certificate and the training of the person who operate the treatment. In Coimbatore PSG Hospitals and Medical College is doing EECP treatment with trained cardiologist, Certified EECP therapist and Rehabilitation experts.
I appreciate Dr Ramasamy's effort in bringing the ECP technology to India and for making the technology available to the masses. His contribution cannot be underestimated. ECP is the answer to Coronary Artery Disease and hold great relevance to the Indian context. However the ECP machines that are not FDA approved do not have to be any worse than the FDA approved - some may even be better. Infact ECP is a Chinese invention that has gone west. There is no reason why a manufacturer who does not intend to sell the equipment in the US shoud spend millions to get FDA approval. The equpment manufactured in other countries meet the criteria set by their respective governments and health authorities.
We are introduced ACT in 1994 and hold its registered trademark. Since 2000 we are serving the heart patients wth ECP after taking training in China - the homeland of ECP. Sibia Medical Centre in Ludhiana is using the technology successfully and we ae sure there is future in it. - Dr.Sibia, Mb: [protected], web: sssibia.com, Email: [protected]@gmail.com
Dear Doctor,

Thanks for your comments on the forum. I appreciate your inference that EECP may hold a great treatment option for patients with coronary artery disease in India. I cannot agree with you regarding your points in FDA approval. EECP is approved for Angina and also Heart failure where heart muscles are weakened and it’s not able to pump enough blood to meet your body requirement. FDA is a regulatory body in USA which requires medical equipment company to establish their system safety and efficacy in patients. They need clinical trial to substantiate their claim on treatment. For Example non-FDA approved stents cannot be used in US patients but since Indian government before has no regulatory body they were used here but later there are banned and only USA-FDA approved stents are used here. Incidentally, the issue forced the central government to start the process of bringing medical devices under the regulatory ambit of Drugs & Cosmetics Act, 1940. Your inference that Non FDA approved cheap Chinese system may be even better is wrong information to mislead the readers. If it’s so can you able to give the clinical article published by you or any other authors in reputed peer National or International journal as the evidence?

The most difficult aspect in Medical equipment Industry is to prove their system efficacy in clinical trial to convince FDA. Some companied has bypassed this stage and dump their un approved cheap equipment in third world countries like India. I request the Central government Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 to include EECP under this regulatory ambit and stop unapproved devices to be used on misinformed patience.

Also Counterpulsation technique as you say didn’t originated in China. In was independently developed by three group Birtwell and soroff, Dennis and Osborn in USA.

FDA and other regulatory authorities are there to prevent medical equipment manufacturers to make false claim and put the patients at risk in the name of treatment. Every patients has the right to ask the doctor to produce whether the treatment they are providing and the equipments they are using are supported by evidence based medicine and regulatory authority around the world.

You are experience on another treatment which you call ACT can be quite interesting to know but without any of your data produced or published is reputed journal for other experts to review and comment it may be still in infant stage which you should be careful giving to the patients.

We agree with Dr Ramaswamy's view about FDA approval on ECP Equipment and we welcome the regulation in medical equipment industry, EECP is the trade mark of Vasomedical a manufacturing company of ECP equipments, the treatment as such is called only ECP and not EECP. both are one and the same. ScottCare ECP from ScottCare Corporation USA, is the Next Generation & Latest ECP equipment with the US FDA Certification. Cardiopulse Heart Care is the pioneer in bringing this high end technology ScottCare ECP to India. ScottCare ECP is used only by the Top institutes in the world and in India as well the top Institutes like Asian Heart Institute, Mumbai (Our Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh got operated by this hospital team) is using the ScottCare ECP equipments. Compare to the Vasomedical equipments the ScottCare ECP equipments are costlier as it comes with the latest and high quality technology and manufactured from USA.

Using low cost, assembled and non-certified medical equipments from any country will never produce any desired results and it may harm the patients as well, ECP is not an exemption. To have more details visit www.cardiopulseheartcare.com or call our all India toll free[protected]

Team Cardiopulse Heart Care
I don’t agree with Cardio pulse heart care team, first by just quoting the system is in Asian Heart Institute a prestigious organization doesn’t give a credit to Scott care system which has no publication to validate its system . They have mentioned the system is in Top Institutes in India we don’t see them quoting the other hospitals name in India who used their system. Vasomedical through Vaso-Meditech Pvt Ltd has more than 55 installations in India which includes Apollo Delhi, Escorts Delhi, and other University and teaching hospitals in Northern and south India. Medical equipment can be seen as advanced when they show publication done using the system. Vasomedical EECP system is a Gold standard in External Counterpulsation therapy. To substantiate the use of EECP in Heart failure and Angina patients there are more than 150 papers published to show that patients can be treated with Vasomedical EECP system safely and effectively. Scottcare system doesn’t even have a single safety trail to prove the patients are safe in their system. The fact is scottcare FDA approval state the system is equivalent to Vasomedical EECP-MC2 system the first generation system of early 2002. Vasomedical Lumenair system is the most advanced system in the world.
Dear MD,

My Name is Satheesh. My wife Mrs.Sasikala admitted as a PSG Hospital dated on 27-10-12 due to the problem of fever and anemic( Low % of Blood ). IP Number of my wife is I 12 / 29869 ROOM NO :1310B.Reason for admitting PSG, I expect good service, but i got worst service in following area;

1) 29th morning i visited pharmacy ( not reception area). They always discussed personnel things instead of giving medicine. This issue i gave written complaint 29th morning to customer relation officer and pharmacy HOD'S? I don't know what action taken?

2) Customer feedback collection collected quality people but feed back not collected from patient / attenders.they came simply tick for record purpose. what is the purpose of maintaining records?

3.) Doctor told that 29th evening discharge but not able to discharge because ward staff told that delaying ultrasonic report, discharge report ready but not including o[censored]ltrasonic report status. i went ultrasonic department their report was ready. department to department communication very poor and no body having responsibility to collecting report based on the patient needs/preference. for their problem i stayed one day unnecessary.

This is my complaint whether you take action / not. this is my responsibility to raise because this situation not happen to others.

thanks &regards

dear all,

mr.satheesh and his wife went to psg medical college hospital and it is not pgs hospital.MR.SATHEESH GIVE YOUR COMPLAINTS ON THAT PARTICULAR HOSPITAL SITE PLEASE.
PSG our family hospital since 27 years. we have been visiting the hospital in a small hall opposite krishnammal college to this sizeable building. got very good treatment and care all these years.. but today i was astonished. went for a FREE HEALTH CHECK UP for woman for womans day and was asked to pay, ended up not doing the check up. ‪#‎feeling‬ let down
Hi All
I am Kathir from erode. I Visited Dr.Prabhu PGS Hospital in kovai for my uncle heart treatment. My uncle having three blocks. we found that of taking 3D Scanning. Dr.Prabhu has told us that there is no worry about it is curable. His way of talking is give us more confident about our health. Very Thankful to Dr.Prabhu to treat the patients friendly.
Treating patients with coronary heart diseases has become a business nowadays. It's difficult to differentiate between genuine and non genuine medical practitioners. People rush to alternate medicines based on what's is posted on social media or recommendation of friends and relatives. Each patient is unique and what works for one may not work for the other. Go by what your doctor recommends or what patient wants or has comfort. Finally it's the patients call and responsibility on the course of treatment. Life is precious. Don't play with it with experiments. Posted in public interest and not against any institution or method of treatment.

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