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[Resolved]  prayaas physiotherapist & rehabilitation center — no goverment jobs

dear sir,
this is to bring in ur attention about pitiable situation of physiotherapist in MP and we can say in India.
There are almost 400 colleges of physiotherapy in India and more than 1000 graduates are passing every year from MP itself but there is as such no govt vacancies are there for physiotherapist. In MP before 2006 the bachelor degree of 4 1/2 years were costing 1.80 lac and now 1.20 lac and till date masters is 2 lac as prescribed by MP Paramedical council. there is no standard of physiotherapist no reimbursement for physiotherapist direct bills and even no recognition .
Being as consumer ( taking admission in colleges ) colleges promises lucrative jobs, alluring students to use prefix doctors in their name, without any recognition except IAP( indian association of physiotherapists), i want this course should be stopped for some time and again should be started with correct rules and regulations. so that unemployment can be stopped.
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Aug 14, 2020
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it is nice to see that smebody has made an effort to atleast report on net the pitiable situaton of pysiotherapy colleges in india .The pace with which physiotherapy colleges have mushroomed all over india without any regards for standard norms has been the major factor in degrading the hard earned degree of pysiotherapy.IS THE IAP SLEEPING??????????OFFCOUSE!!IWHY HASNT A PHYSIOTHERAPY COUNCIL NOT BEEN FORMED TILL DATE?The problem lies at the core.the IAP, it allows any college to start a physiotherapy course as long as it can pay money to the so called association of physios...which has done nothing so far...!!!at least i ve seen ny change in the scenario for 7 years!!!how long will this wait last??????????if IAP remains the same i think...its gonna be endless!!!
the IAP is totally waste organisation, doing nothing to the welfare of profession
Quit I.A.P and join I.A.C.P and then we try to make council
I completely agree with the above mentioned letter. the situation of physiotherapists' in India has become pathetic. there are no jobs at all and IAP as doing nothing about it. They write to us only to ask for votes for the upcoming elections for the post of IAP President. but have they ever thought what 1000's of physio's r doing being unemployed for years now?????????/
We are forced to change our fields or half of them r doing MBA.
Is this for what we spent our parents money, time???????to remain unemployed and remain dependant on them.
this present state of physio's is also due to exploitation been done by some of our renowned sr. physios. the level of frustration is high among junior physios. lets put our views together and bring about a revolution in the field.
its a amazing choice to be a physio and lets fight for our rights..
lets help fight to build up a govt. council for physios so that the field may flourish and we get the right recognition.
Respected sir
i totaly agree with Samarth Suryavanshi .We physios after our education are mostly left unemployed.The supply is more the demand here.Most of the physios have to change their profession or sit at home and guys who are lucky to find jobs r working for very low salaries.Govermnent job is almost is nil in the field.Its a very pityful situation.Physio profession is been there for some time but there is no council .All the countrys (Like U.K, U.S.A, australia) have councils but we have not been able to secure one for us.There is a total confusion regarding the role of a physio...We can surely do a lot for for society.We need a medium.There are hell lot of colleges meshrooming in india, This need to be stoped, as present pass outs do not have any jobs, We all want to know why is government tolerating all this...Physios r working in private hospital..but where r thr norms on basis of which they should be working on...,
I am very appriciated which my senior respected samarth sir had written that the physiotheraphy courses should be stopped for short while until some special rule can not be made in university like bu there will be no rule of exam and result decleration the course will extend to 4andhalf to 6 yrs so i atleast why goverment or IAP or mp paramedical councle of mp sitting quit.
hey guys... i am anurag.. a physio as well... and worked for 1 yr in bangalore and now switched 2 MBA marketing. samarth i guess u know me we met @bangalore. nyways guys there is no point complaning our pitiful situation that too in a country where no 1 bothere 2 give a 2 ur problem..
best thing is educate others not 2 opt for physiotherapy. and guys i am telling u nothins gonna change caz we are just allied health care person.. nothis gonna change much if a physio stops workin.
n dont let our standards fall... dont let ppl think we are minors. see we gotta create a image in front of public the way we want, so stand strong and keep the work goin n i[censored] have potential and carve 4 success then its better to think something else.. caz i am repeating that nothing's gona change. even in US n Uk physios are just the secondry profession we still earn less there as compared to engineers managers n othere uys the only diff is u earn in dollars/pounds.
solution is simple we made a wrong decision opting 2 be a physios n now its upto we guys to mess outaa this.
wish u all very bst in life.
Lunatic TNPSC and Government of Tamilnadu Complaints - Physiotherapy Subject NOT INCLUDED in the TNPSC Information Brochure in ANNEXURE – II (Page-18) with listed Name of Subject & Subject Codes
View all Lunatic TNPSC and Government of Tamilnadu complaints
Lunatic TNPSC and Government of Tamilnadu
Posted:[protected] by Hubertson Send email
Physiotherapy Subject NOT INCLUDED in the TNPSC Information Brochure in ANNEXURE – II (Page-18) with listed Name of Subject & Subject Codes

State Secretary, National Students Union of India
78, Kuttyadapuvilai, Karungal, Pin-629157, Kanyakumari District, Tamilnadu
Mobile - [protected]

Petition before the
Hon. Chief Minister of Tamilnadu


1. Thiru. Ramesh Chand Meena, I.A.S.,
Secretary, Tamilnadu Public Service Commission,
Phone:[protected], Fax:[protected]
2. Thiru K.K.S.S.R. Ramachandran,
Minister for Backward Classes, Govt. of Tamilnadu.
3. Thiru T.M. Anbarasan,
Minister for Labour, Govt. of Tamilnadu.
4. Thiru M. R. K. Panneerselvam,
Minister for Health, Govt. of Tamilnadu.
5. Dr. K. Ponmudy,
Minister for Higher Education, Govt. of Tamilnadu.
6. The Vice Chancellor, Dr. K. Ponmudy,
The Tamilnadu Dr. MGR Medical University, Chennai.

Sub: - “Partiality on Physiotherapy students who has completed the 4 ½ years Bachelor of Physiotherapy Degree Course – No way for Physiotherapist to get a JOB in Government Sector– 1. Physiotherapy Subject NOT INCLUDED in the TNPSC Information Brochure in ANNEXURE – II (Page-18) with listed Name of Subject & Subject Codes – 2. Rejection of Applications by candidates holding 4 ½ years Bachelor of Physiotherapy Degree Course for the post of HEALTH OFFICER [Advertisement No: 175, Tamilnadu Public Health Service(Code No.052), Post Code-2029] – 3. Requistion to ACCEPT the applications of candidates holding 4 ½ years Bachelor of Physiotherapy Degree Course – 4. To INCLUDE the Physiotherapy Subject for TNPSC Recruitments – Revenge on Physiotherapist by The Tamilnadu Dr. MGR Medical University - reg”

Honourable Chief Minister,

1. The lunatic act of TNPSC has failed to include the PHYSIOTHERAPY as one of the subjects in ANNEXURE – II at Page No.18 in the respective information Brochure. Hence there is no way for the Physiotherapy Degree Candidate to attend any TNPSC recruitments or to hold a Job in Government Sector. Clarify the reason for why physiotherapy was not included as a subject.

2. (a) As announced in paragraph 8 of the Commission’s Notification dated 20.09.2008, the SCHEME OF WRITTEN EXAMINATION (OBJECTIVE TYPE) AND ORAL TEST is from the Subject “Social and Preventive Medicine (Code No.105)”.
(b) Students of 4½ years Bachelor of Physiotherapy Degree Course from colleges affiliated to “The Tamilnadu Dr. MGR Medical University” at Chennai has to study “Social and Preventive Medicine” as one of the major papers and has to undergo an Written Exam by the University in the sixth semester.
(c) Hence the candidates holding 4½ years Bachelor of Physiotherapy Degree Course were eligible to attend this Exam.

3. Ms. R. Malliga, Under Secretary undersigned by Section Officer from TNPSC as Memorandum No.6741 HO/APD-J1/2008, Dt.[protected] with the sub: - Recruitment (Direct) – Health Officer in Tamilnadu Public Health service[protected] – Rejection of Applications –regarding has send an letter to Mrs. Annie N. Nisha, the Physiotherapist who has completed the 4½ years Bachelor of Physiotherapy Degree Course, intimating that the Application for Health Officer has been rejected.

4. The Tamilnadu Dr. MGR Medical University is already taking revenge over the Physiotherapist by spoiling the future of Physiotherapy students. Still there exist a cold war between Allopathic Doctors and Physiotherapists. Allopathic Doctors dominate the University and so students of many colleges affiliated to this University were failed intentionally and most of the students joined in the 4½ years Bachelor of Physiotherapy Degree Course in the year 1998 were still studying the same course and not able complete the courses for a prolonged period of ten years.

5. Hence it concludes that the above said crime was committed with a joint venture of “The Tamilnadu Dr. MGR Medical University and TNPSC.

Hence I humbly request you to
i). Direct the CBI to probe the hidden causes, which spoil the well being and bright future of young students and Physiotherapist and
ii). Instruct the TNPSC to accept the rejected Applications of the candidates who has completed the 4½ years Bachelor of Physiotherapy Degree Course.
iii). To INCLUDE the Physiotherapy subject as one of the subjects in the Annexure-II [Page No – 18] of TNPSC Information Brochure for Recruitment
iv). To save the young Physiotherapy students from the cruel and wicked hands of The Tamilnadu Dr. MGR Medical University. A separate University should be established for Paramedical courses and it should be headed only by the persons holding Paramedical Educational Qualifications and the Allopathic MBBS and so on should be strictly avoided.
v). The Rejected Applications of Candidates holding 4½ years Bachelor of Physiotherapy Degree Course for the Post of Health Officer, should be re-accepted and the Hall Tickets for the Written Exam on 21–Dec–2008 should be issued immediately before the date of Exam.
vi). Failing to RE-ACCEPT the Rejected Applications of Candidates holding 4½ years Bachelor of Physiotherapy Degree Course for the Post of Health Officer and to ISSUE the Hall Tickets will lead us to do things against the Present Government and the lunatic TNPSC by revealing the above said things across all Taluks & Districts of Tamilnadu by Public Meetings, Rallies, Newspapers, Internet, Email, sms and by possible means initially.

Expecting your favourable action,


Copy To: -
1. Hon. Sonia Gandhi, The Chairperson, UPA.
2. The Prime Minister of India
3. The President of India
4. The Chief Justice of Tamilnadu.

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