[Resolved]  Savitha Gas Agencies, Chennai-88 — Very long waiting for Gas refill cylinder

Dear sirs,
My uncle Mr.T.Vijay is a handicapped person also aged 76 years. He has been a HP Gas consumer for nearly 23 years. When he was in Bangalore he used to get gas refill in normal time. After he shifted to Adambakkam Chennai, he became customer of Savitha Gas Agencies, (HP Gas dealer), 18/2, 1st Street, Surendar Nagar, Adambakkam, Chennai- 600088, for the last four years. His consumer No. is 610263.
He booked a cylinder on 17/12/2007 and the waiting list given is no. 5949. They promised gas will be delivered within 10 days. His last refill received was on 05/10/2007 i.e. nearly three months ago. The festivals are due and he is suffering of a refill. Agency here doesn't respond to calls. Their phones are a waste as with so much trying only occassionaly they answer and they promise that they will deliver it immediatelly but of no avail. they are spoilling HP GAS reputation. Kindly take some action.
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Aug 13, 2020
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I posted the same complaint to Hindustan Petroleum to their web site and action was taken by them in two days. Refill Cylinder delivered.
I strongly agree with the point that this Savitha Agency is not worth being a agent for HP it highly degrades the reputation for HP i dont know why these people are having phone that just keeps on ringing .
Yes, he is right Sabitha Gas is very bad and very irregular in supply. They do not pick up their phones and often the delay in refill is over 1 month. They should immediately be debarred from this business.
My mother is a central government employee and consumer of HP since 20 years. Her consumer No: 620524. She got transfered from Visakhapatnam to Chennai few months ago. The service at the madipakkam savitha gas agency was very poor and the employees are irresponsible. They dont even lift the phone for days. They promise that they will send the cylinder in a week time, but they never do that. We are frustrated with the ill behaviour of the irresopnsible fools.They dont treat costumers well. I still wonder how these fellows are getting away from many people. Some strict action needed to be taken on them and we should also find some immediate solution for all this.

Yugandhar Arja
Nanganallur, Chennai.

HP Gas — Waiting for a long time to get refill my cilynder

My consumer no. for HP Gas is 528606, I have booked to refill my cilynder on 11th Sep-08.I have only 1 cilynder.After asking requesting several time there is no respond from the Gas agency.

Distributer Code - 952370
yea, the service offered by them is pathetic.

Don"t worry, I am also Savitha Gas Agency customer. It's a very worst gas agency in chennai. I am
also suffered a lot. Savitha gas agency workers are also very very worst (ladies also). My husband booked the complaint through HP site. By explaining all the problems and phone number. They took
immediate action, we got a call from HP main office -Egmore.

We explained all the problems of Savitha Gas Agency, they said sorry for the inconvinience and took
the immediate action. Thereafter they advised us to book the cylinder through "automated gas booking
service via telephone".

In automated gas booking we have to input our distributer number(savitha gas[protected], next Our consumer
number. Using this service we got the cylinder with in 3 days(surprisingly!). Reason : These bookings
are taken care by HP main office Egmore.


From BSNL Dail: 12665
From AIRTEL & OTHERS Dial: 24801590, 24800159, 24801583, 24801579, 24801577

Hope this will relieve your headaches.

N. Kavitha
Madipakkam, Chennai.
Yes, I do agree with you. Savitha Gas Agency is the most corrupted agency. They hardly respond to consumer calls. Srinivasan, an employee of Savitha Gas Agency does everything for money. He is a money man and he give you 'N' number of cylinders for money. if you don't believe this, you can give a try to check his honesty. It is unbelivable.

As one gentleman mentioned above, Savitha Gas Agency is degrading HP reputation to the core.

I am very thankful to Kavitha who shared her experience and created awareness on automated gas booking. I strongly recommend HP consumers to use this facility to avoid such lapses.

Thanks to HP main office for being nice to their consumers and acting on consumer complaints. I wish HP for a great success. HP timeless efforts may keep their consumers happy.

Yes, there are worthless people sitting there chitchatting and sleeping and not ready to help and respond in a proper way, i caled up in front of them to their local headoffice and blasted them and made them to call savitha agency in front of me and made them respond to me and i hope my refilling will be done tomorow...hope there is some way out to make them understand the seriousness of being without gas for more than 2days...why not form a group against them and lets teach them a lesson...anybody there? After this complaint was logged i went to HP website and in complaints section pasted this site link wherein they can click and read all this complaints by us and i got a call from HP as well as owner of the agency and said tomorow morning the refill gas will be delivered, hope so requet you to not leave them take us for a ride only if we complaint to the right person the action is being taken else they are not bothered about our complints in this site...
I have personally gone and seen that they keep the receiver of the phone on the desk (due to which we get the message - this phone no. does not exist or get an engaged tone). I have fought with these people but of no use. Everytime same problem. I dont know how HP is tolerating with these type of agencies even after so many complaints on them. I am surprised to see somany compalints on the net on this agency. Infact I had called up HP also once and complained.
I hve booked my refill 15 days back and still not received it. everytime (whenever u get the line) they say they will send it today or tomorrow. but so far it has not come. sometimes they will erase the earlier booking and book it fresh when you ask why cylinder has not come. Next time when you call they will tell that you have booked 2 days back only and when you expalin they will tell that there is some computer problem.

Does anybody have a solution to this. Poor hapless office goers.

Savitha Gas Agency-Chennai-HP dealer — Non delivery of gas after booking

Iam repeatedly facing problem regarding non delivery of gas on time with Savitha Gas agency. Everytime I call they say It is dispatched and will be delivered in another 30 mins but it is not done so. These type of irresponsible answers leads lot of time waste. Myself and my wife are working and when they dont give the exact date it affects our office hours greatly. Moreover we have only one cylinder. With these type of dealers the entire HP gas names is under risk. Dealership for these type of agencies has to cut for giving wrong information to customers. Please take necessary action on the gas agency
Savitha Gas Agency,
Adambakkam, Chennai

Savitha gas agency is top level waste in service. They don't know how to talk first. I am also facing same problem like prithvi. They simply sucks consumers blood by their worst service.
Hi All,

I strongly agree with you. I came to chennai in 2004. From the day 1, I have been using HP in Aynavaram... got good service. In 2007, I bought the house and moved to Madipakkam and Savitha Agency is the dealer for that location. I have been irritated with their response over the phone.

One lady will will be, she will pick the call.. simply she ask.. like What, , tell me.. 10 days... She will not give respect to the customers. Please take care of this.

I strongly agree with the point that this Savitha Agency is not worth being a agent for HP it highly degrades the reputation for HP i dont know why these people are having phone that just keeps on ringing, its not in use ( most of the times)... Reaching them thru phone is a real headache.
God only can save the customers of SAVITHA GAS AGENCY. i never seen such a irresponsible team. The company started for us, it is existing because o[censored]s, but what are they doing without servicing us. The main purpose the company itself defeated, i dont understand why it is still running???? better they can lock it with a BIG DINDIGUL LOCK. May be HP is running a charity for people doesnt like to work. im planning to resign my job and join this wonderful team so that il get salary without any pain. Im tired of complaining, shouting, cribbing so people stop cribbing and lets all join this agency and enjoy...
I am Savitha Gas Agency customer. It's a very worst gas agency in chennai. I have only one cylender, i booked 8days back, they told within 4 days you will receive.No one picking the call.i tried from last 4 days nearly 100 times.
But no response.

please provide good service for the customer.
Really Agree! Savitha Agency should be Debarred from the Service as HP dealer or they should facilitate the transfer of the connection to some other vendor (Indane, etc.)
Soo Pathetic, irresponsible, Behaving more than Buffaloes. Such a stupidity in their services. These Indolent such be screw-off their happiness.
Guys, You people needs to know one thing. I have seen this, they are giving gas cylinders for the guys who are giving money extra (means illegal/black).

Give more money (around 2000 for 2 new cylinders -- 500 each) as tips. Get good service.
I strongly agree with the point that this Savitha Agency is not worth being a agent for HP it highly degrades the reputation for HP i dont know why these people are having phone that just keeps on ringing, its not in use ( most of the times)... Reaching them thru phone is a real headache.

I dont know why HP also not take action against SAVITHA GAS AGENCY ADAMBAKKAM... even though so many consumer are logged complaint against them.


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