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[Resolved]  St.John's Hospital/ Spatika Hospital Bangalore — Callous doctors

This is not exactly a complaint but real callousness on the part of a reputed hospital and at the same time how hospitals have got into a profit making business . My father in law was diagnosed with renal failure last October and he was undergoing dialysis at Appollo Hospitals, Bangalore. He had to undergo a toe amputation surgery at St.Johns Hospital Bangalore after which he was again hospitalised in St.Johns after an attack of stroke. He was undergoing treatment under Dr.Gokulnath (St.Johns Hospital). On October 23rd, after his dialysis at Apollo he was brought home in the afternoon. In the evening, he looked unwell and by night his condition worsened. My husband was travelling at that time, i had no option but to call for an ambulance. The ambulance driver was more interested in confirming if he would be paid Rs.800, his charge for coming with an ambulance in the middle of the night. On my repeated assurance he came with the ambulance and we took my father in law to St.Johns Hospital. As soon as we reached the emergency, the doctor on duty asked us what was the problem with my father in law. I explained to him that my father in law was a renal failure patient and he was undergoing dialysis at Apollo. the moment i said that the doctor on duty asked me why i have come to St.Jonhs and why i did not go to Apollo. He immediately asked his subordinate to write a note and send us away. Inspite of my repeated request they refused to admit my father in law citing the lack of beds and repeatedly asking him to take him to Apollo. They then said that they have tie ups with other hospitals and they would help us in getting a bed there. They suggested Spatica Hospital at HSR Layout and Garden city hospial in Jayanagar ( Both the hospitals dont have dialysis facility!!!) Having no choice i decided to take him to Spatica Hospital in HSR Layout. My miseries did not end there:- The ICU ward was as good as a general ward. I was given by the doctors a long list of medicines which i doubt was ever given to him. My father in law passed away the next day at 12.00 noon. Its really sad to know that at the end of the day it is money that really wins, and the attitude of the doctors (specially at St.Johns) was totally unethical. Yes my father in law was definitely critical and he would probably not have lived for long but arent doctors supposed to do their best and be more responsible? it was quite obvious that the suggestion of taking him to some other hospital recommended by the duty doctors indicated some sort of nexus between them. The exhorbitant charge we had to bear at Spatica hospital for hospitalization for 8 hours also vouches the same. Since my father in law was already undergoing treatment under the care of Dr.Gokul Nath, wasnt it but natural to admit him there?
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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This is shocking why don't u inform one of the newspapers.
my name is sathish andi am suffer from shivering from my child hood
There is no second word on st john hospital; The are very good in treatment & nursing.

It is found that these guys are charging 30Rs for 2 wheeler parking per day, near to the price of one day general bed charges for patients.

This is ridiculous, , , , , , , Some body need to take action on these, so that Good name of hospital is not spoiled.
please post the name of the duty doctor who suggested this and u shud take this to the consumer court as well as the normal court and lodge a complaint with the police it is a clear case of negligence they are first supposed to give emergency care.The loss of a life that could have otherwise been saved is a seriuos matter u cud also file an RTI to the hospital and find out if there was really no bed available in all probability there was.All the best.
I totally agree with you. I had a similar experience and have been hearing lots of negative comments about their doctors. I can point one doctor Dr. Mary from the General Medicine ward. Who's approach is very unethical towards her patients.She doesnt like to be asked if the patient is improving or about the results of the diagnosis reports. I happened to witness a situation where the patient has hypertension was bleeding from the nose continously. He was asked to get admitted immediatly in the morning. He was left unattended until the doctors came for their normal rounds in the night.When he expressed his dissatisfaction on the delay for treatment. Dr Mary bluntly asked the patient to look for another hospital for treatments. I do not know if this is right...but I could not help but express my experience. People come from different parts of the country for treatment here, pay lakhs of rupees. They do not deserve this kind of treatment! I wish they start hiring doctors who respect their profession and not misuse its power.
there should be beds to admit patients.. st johns beds are mostly full all the time. they may not be able to admit all patients who come to emergency. they can admit them only if they are sure that they have an icu bed ..otherwise they will have to refer out any patient, regardless of wheather they are regular patients or not..patients cannot be just put on the floor and treated.. this should not be too difficult to understand..
Dear madam, I have to agree with you. In 2009 My father suffered a heart attack. We took him immediately to St.John's, as it was nearest to my place. I got the same treatment as you did. They said they don't have beds, but I doubt that. The problem is they are ill managed to take care of an emergency. With great difficulty I put him in emergency ward, as he was shouting in pain. they administered some drugs, put him on sleep. I told them that a angiogram is must. But they told no cardiologist is on duty. We were told that cardiologist will come in the morning and sort it out. He was attended in the morning. But the time they decided to take action my father went into septic shock. He was put on ventilator, administrated high dosage of antibiotics. He want shifted from CCU to ICU. Actually the cardiologist just wanted to get rid of my father as he was aware that he was critical. ICU & CCU had an arguement on the lapses of eachother. But In ICU I was informed that my father was badly infected and was running high temprature. The Dr. over there even informed me that crucial time was lost. They took nearly 3 days to get him to normal temperature. He still continued on ventilator support. Now the cardiologist agreed to do angiogram. He was taken to OT and we were informed that he had blocks and they had to perform angioplasty. Which, mind you should have been done the night he was admitted. Atlast they performed the angioplasty. He was taken back to ICU. They said in a day or two they will ween him off the ventilator. We were hopefull and prayed for the best. But he continued to be on ventilator for more than a week. I knew now that there was something fishy. When I created a major ruckus I was told that his heart was weak and angioplsty did not help him. He then passed away after 14 days of ordeal. Please do not go to St. John's. I lost my father and our hard earned savings nearly 6 lakhs. It is as good as a govt hospital.
I on behalf of my wife would like to complaint against the calous behaviour of the st joseph staff who are reluctant and delay the procedures. This is very ridiculous that even after being discharged by one department I.e gynaecological department the gastroenterology department took another 16 hours to release to my surprise the patient was asked to wait for another 3 hours. The hospital is so short staff that they do not know there own duty. Mobile [protected]
Parking charges in st Johns hospital are exhorbitant. if patient is admitted then also they are charging 120 rs per day we have paid around 500 rs just for parking in 2 days this is not expexted from trust hospital
St Johns Hospital, enter here with a lot of patience, time and good luck!

I would like to specifically thank Dr. Annamma Thomas and her team along with all the nurses’ team in the obstetrics ward who have helped us in every possible way.
I would also like to bring to your notice the way how the exemplary service rendered by few is being spoiled by many in theorganization,

and I’m sure some of the parents may have come across this many times,
1)The billing query counter personnel are not cooperating in explaining the bill breakups, and are extremely rude and lack any social skills.
2)Pediatrician had not visited the child after the delivery even after repeated enquiries and request.
3)The bill reflects pediatrician visit charges for every day from the date of delivery.
4)After raising our concerns, a team of pediatricians visited the ward and cancelled the discharge instructions, and recommended an extra day with phototherapy for the infant, due to which we are loosing time and money.
5)I had sought an appointment with the hospital director and the CMS through the secretaries but was not given an opportunity to explain my concerns.
6) I had spoken to Mr. Martin, head of Finance/billing ?? who informed me that the pediatrician charges are standing charges, which we have to pay even if the service was not rendered.

In short SJMCH has all the rights to levy charges listed under the sun but are not under obligations to render service for the same.

In contrast to this, between Jan 06- to 08, 2014, I had admitted my dad at Father Mullers Hospital Managlore. even though I lost him, I was touched by the service by the hospital, every day the Priest came and prayed, the nuns and sisters took exemplary care, cleaned the chicken pox wounds without flinching, supported me, and when a billing issue due to their introduction of ERP software was there, the CFO herself apologised and resolved it.
I suggest the management of SJMCH to visit Mangalore and undergo training with your fellow missionary of how to serve people in distress.



I'm going to place a bet here, The representatives of SJMCH will never bother to reply to this feedback as they are above all this!!!.
The parking charges are exorbitant. I believe, govt/ officials should take a look at it. There should be restrictions and they can;t charge whatever they want. It is 40 RS for initial 2 hours and 15 RS every additional hour then on - for 4 wheeler. Even big shopping complexes and commercial establishments are not charging this high amount. Totally unethical.
All these hospitals cash in on Sunday discharges. They purposefully delay the discharges on Saturday so that they get to keep the patient for 2 additional days(Sunday and Monday). My brother-in-law had to get admitted for removing implants in the knee. 2 weeks before this, He consulted the main doctor who committed to him that he will be discharged on Saturday provided he gets admitted on Friday morning. As planned, we have even initiated the insurance process before hand, so that everything is ready at the time of admission. After doing all this, on Saturday evening they say that they can't discharge him until Monday and we had to stay in hospital for 2 full days(Sunday and Monday) extra. Patient is very much recovered and even duty doctors are fine to discharge him. Just because we have insurance, we are asked to stay for 2 more days. Its a pain to be in the hospital for no reason loosing your insurance coverage, time, energy, etc. No one hears. It seems hospital has a policy not to take up discharge cases after 2PM for insurance settlements. Which means, for many cases, insurance companies end up paying hospitals for Sundays thou it is not on medical grounds. For removing implants, max of 1-2 days is enough, but we ended up staying for 4 days.

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