[Resolved]  Sterling Honda - Pimpri Pune — Too bad attitude towards the customers

Hi Friends

Till date I had heard good feedback about this Honda Showroom in Pimpri but I realized the fact personally when went there to buy new Honda Aviator in cash.

Earlier day my brother has already paid 30, 000.00 and today I had been there to pay the remaining amount. I was told to wait as someone Mr. Makani, who was busy talking to his friends on the stairs. I was waiting for almost 35mins and still that fellow was not out of his 'BUSY NESS'. Actually there is a lady Manager (Must be makani, lalwani, motwani or some ...ani for sure, I mean Sindhi) who had asked me to wait.

It was taking long and hence I walk by her cabin to let her know this. I said to her that I am waiting here for almost 35 mins and this is too bad from the customer's perspective. She said what else we can do. Mr Makani is busy and hence you are waiting. Then I asked her, "do you think customer is important to you and hence his time is equally important as yours?" She got more rude to hear this from me. She rudely said, "No". "We don't think that. It's customer need and hence they come to us. We do not care about it", she said. I got shocked to hear this and asked her if she can bring my time back. She said again "No". She said, "we can't bring your time back. It's your fault to wait for". The whole lot worst experience for me from someone who is so called Manager in sterling Honda showroom.

I really wonder how come these people are siting in hot seats and allowed to take higher level position while they are too low level category people having full of attitude, no manners and don't have respect to the customers. They do neither value their customers not their time, how come such people be the manager. What loss that lady manager is incurring because of her this attitude will not be visible in short run but in long she is gonna ruin the business. I hope she will get to know that how come she will get time to count the money which comes from customers pocket if she doesn't care about the customers or their time.
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Aug 14, 2020
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Very bad customer Service.
I have booked CB trigger 1 month before still I am not getting any response. though I have paid all money.
Very poor in document analysis. Requesting for same documents even though I have submitted it earlyier. Dealer workers are not cares about customers.
Please dont go for this Honda Showroom.
I agree on this guys views, they are the worst delears i have come across.
i had given my Honda Avaiator for servicing, i was bit in ahurry to get to office so i took the delivery.
After reaching office when i inspected the vehicle, it was neither washed nor properly service.
And this is after they kept my vehicle for 2 complete days.
I had the same experience with the delears when i went for the delivery of the vehicle, initially that phoned me for 2 times that my vehivle is ready, but when we reached the show room to take the delivery, they said it will be ready in 15 min, and there 15 min were 3 hrs long, and after lot of hot talks my vehicle was deliverd.

I will request HMSI to take backteh delers ship from such tyoe of guys, as it is in turn gicving a very bad name to HMSI.

I agree with this gentlemen.
The attitude of the Sterling Honda & employees are usless and worst than the scrap picker.
I hope we need to pass on the message to others who are planning to purchase Honda. At least they will not suffer.

Yes, the attitude of people at Sterling Honda is not good.When in every business, 'unmatched service' is of prime importance, those people's attitude is such that they are doing favour on you by servicing your vehicle.Today on 24th May they have kept service centre closed just for their cricket match. People have to read notice at gate and go back. They have stuck notice yesterday, and if do not know then it's your problem.
Please thing twice before purchasing Honda vehicles, especially when you are dealing with Sterling Honda Dealer, Pimpri-Chinchwad. The attitude & behavior of Sterling Honda people is very bad, as the owner he himself is 3rd category person. Even the Management of Honda company are well aware of the problem but it has been ignored by them. We have to wait for hours & no one is bothered to attend the query. If we try to approach them, then they request us to wait for sometime, where as the sometime is in couple of hours. I regret my decision of purchasing Honda Activa from Sterling Honda. The handle of the vehicle is not proper & when tried to resolve the same none of the sterling honda employee able to solve & on top of this we have to bear with their attitude. Escalated the matter to Honda Management, but no use. They are even worst than Sterling Honda.

Kindly give second thought for Honda Vehicles. Please do proper survey.

Pimpri-Chinchwad residences if you want to get frustrated than you are welcomed at Sterling Honda, Pimpri & Chinchwad. You are inviting big problems by paying them
Yes, Agree with above views.
I had also bad experiences of Sterlinh Honda. Not worth to dela with them.
Kindly thing again before taking dealing with Sterling Honda.

I had also raised complaint against them on customer care of Honda Two Wheelers, but no use.
I gave Honda Activa for servicing and got the vehicle after 4 days. I use to go to their showroom but none of them entertained. Not worth to deal with setrling Honda.
I heard lot of complaint about them & experienced personally. Poona dealers are more descent than Sterling Honda.
Sterling honda customer service is pathatic.
I had really bad experience with the lady manager over there. She has really bad attitude. She just dont care about customes. Dont listen o customes problems. Ridiculous service.

Not worth buying any vehicle from Sterling Honda.

Sterling Honda Pimpri Pune — bad attitude towards customer

"Customer is GOD", according to a SAY.
Here you will find "Customer is DOG".
I have experienced tremendously worst service from Sterling Honda, Pimpri.
If somebody asks me about buying a honda vehicle I would say YES but not from this particular dealer.
You pay all money in cash and still you wait like a DOG, I mean its just ridiculous.
The hell with the service they offer to customer.

They have demand in markets that doesn't mean treat customer like a DOG.

Please somebody advice them to care for their customers.
Attitude & Service of the Sterling Honda is of 3rd grade level. I had procured Shine from them and from day one problem i had been facing problem.
Delivery was not given on time and when the bike was given to me some of the internal parts were damaged. Inspite of regular complaint no one has resolved the issue. The lady is booldy F..., don't know how to behave with the customer.
Issue was escalated to the top management of the Honda Comapany, but no use.
Shine is very good bike in look, but the average of the same is pathetic. Company has claimed 60-65kmpl, but actually it gives 40-45 kmpl.
When given for servicing than need to wait for 4 working days. Servicing done in Sterling Honda is pathetic & useless, but for the same you will be charged.
They are under impression that the IT employees have attitude and hence creates problem, but i'm from maufacturing industry still i faced problem where as i had not created any problem for them.

Poona dealers are for helpful than Sterling Honda, Pimpri
I agree with above views. For servicing too, they not washing the vehicle properly and arguing as if we were wrong .
Hopeless service and worst staff... Honda should take action for sterling Honda dealer.
If customer is not happy, what the hell u r going to achieve then ?
Please don't buy any vehicle from them...they must know the value of customer.
yes, staff is too worst and service is too bad!!! actually no words are there to express my frustration about sterling Honda...
Don't buy vehicle form sterling honda pimpri
i agree to above said complaint..!!!
the service in sterling honda pimpri is worst...!!!
i gave my activa for service on last sunday and it didnt start the nxt day itself..they dont service ur vehicle at all.they just wash and give u back.i hate sterling honda pimpri

please dont dare to give your vehicle there for service
its useless!!!
Also, there is only 100 bikes taken for servicing. So nowadays, people queue up at 7 in the morning to give their bikes for servicing and only if you are lucky your bike will be taken. How is a working guy supposed to give the bike for servicing ? Even on saturday the entries becomes full very quickly.
Why do they close at 6 in evening and cannot work after that.
Guys, I have put review of the center on

After that I will be sending mail to [protected], [protected] regarding the review on mouthshut and the problem.

If we all do that then I think they will to look at the problem.

Comments invited.
Dear Deepak,

I really appreactie your efforts, but i don't think this will work as i had brough all the nusiances of sterling honda to the notice of the mangement of Honda Two wheeler Company and even i had meeting with their (Honda Company) team, but of no use. Management of Honda Company is like 3 monkeys i.e. No see, No talk and No hear.
The matter was escalated to the CEO but of no use. Things are going as they are and there new addition of new customers like you and me.
Best way is to circulate the message among the friend circles that do not deal with Sterling Honda. Circulating the message through mail will also help as i had forward my experience detail of Sterling Honda and refrained them to deal with Sterling Honda. Till date almost 10 customers had purchased Honda vehicles from Pune deal though they are the residence of Pimpri.

Poona dealer are more customer oriented than the Sterling Honda.

If you still want to try your luck than you can write to the below mail ID's who are the top members of the Management.


You will not get the reply from the above people, but from some customer care Manager who will sound like a trained parrot.

Try your Luck. Best wishes
Hi all

I would also agree the attitude is wrose there.

I was about to bring a second hand activa bike from this showroom. After seeing the reviews here I dropped my decision

Thanks to all of you for saving me

I am looking for a second hand bike.
:-(, I just booked aviator from this dealer. After reading all these things, m feeling really bad, not sure what to do.
Dear All I agree with you folks. Sterling Honda has got a pathetic service. They have cheated me several times by doing servicing of my vehicle which was not at all up to the mark. Most important thing is that they dont care for the customers time. They take at at least 2 days to service a single vehicle. How to ply without a vehicle is a question. Its not guaranteed that you will get the vehicle serviced ( Completely ) in 2 days as some or the other problem persist after their servicing.

Please be vigilant enough after the bill is generated. Pimpri Chinchwad People dont have any other option to service than Sterling being close than Pune Honda service centers.
Please do not procure any vehcile from Sterling Honda, you will regret it. Please send the complaint to the above mail address, it works. I had raised a vocie and if you alos raise then the Honda Management will take a note of the same.
STERLING HONDA-PIMPRI is the worst dealer ever i have seen.
Dear friends,
Hinda showroom of Pimpri branch is really a opposite of "Customer is God" faith. They are selling & serviciong vehicles because of brand name "HONDA" not by their own standard i.e "STERLING SPARES PVT LTD".
1) I have booked my Honda Shine on 11th March 2010 & complete payment also done on 18th March 2010.
2) I had demanded to deliver the vehicle on the occasion of Birthday of brother on 23rd March 2010. Then I have been told no problem we will reserve your bike till 23th & you collect the same on that day.
3) On 23rd March 2010 I gone to showroom at 10.30am but I have been to come in evenining 4pm.
4) I had called to Showroom salses service no at 5pm & at that time also vehicle was not ready & again I have been told to come at 6pm in showroom.
5) After going there in showroom & irritatation finally I got vehicle at 7.10pm. This is the attitude by Sterling spares pvt ltd.

Sterling spare pvt ltd should improvise on follwings:
1) Lack of Hospitality management
2) No dringking water for customers
3) No waiting lounge for customers
4) No basic faciliie such as urinals, water
5) Customer feedback register of showroom


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