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We are acting as an Domain Reseller under Mr. SUSHANT TIWARI whose Email ID is : [protected] and our Email ID is : [protected] This Domain Reseller ultimately related to "DIRECTI" - URL : . Due to no proper service and lack of support, we closed our domain reseller account with Mr. Sushant Tiwari, and requested him to refund back our deposit money with him i.e. Rs. 450/-. We received an confirmation from him, confirming the receipt of our application with Refund Tracking ID : 3422 dated 29/03/2008 and he asked us to provide him 14 business days for refund, which ended on 12/04/2008. But, till now we do not receive any refund by him. We emailed him first reminder on date 10/04/2008 at 03:49 PM and second reminder on date 12/04/2008 at 08:50 PM and also called him via phone 2-3 times, but he is not responding to my mails and phone calls and till now not refunded my deposit money with him. His contact details are as under :-


Email Address : [protected]

Mobile Number : [protected]

Please help me.
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Mr. Sushant Tiwari is a robber.. I had paid him for 2 years for the server space.. The hosting that he provided was highly un-reliable.. imagine.. from May 1st.. the server has been downtime for more then 144 hours.. it is a thing.. and he does not even lift the calls.. Although I have paid him for 2 years.. he is telling me to shift my domains.. Can someone suggest me as to what can be done? Sushant Tiwari from Indore.. a robber..

My sites that I have shifted from his server are
Mr. Sushant has robbed me.. he has charged me for 2 years domain hosting charges.. and his server has been down for more then 6 days from May 1st 2008.. 2 days was ok.. in limits.. but.. wud anyone like their sites to be down for 6 days??
I tried calling him.. and he ignores the calls.. So therefore I shifted my sites to a new server.. but this was a bad conversation with him.. he is really abusing.. Conversation at 01:00 am on 15th May 2008.. Can anyone suggest me as what to do?

Kenneth: what happened?? ur services have been stopped or what by ur service provider?
u did not pay them or something?
i[censored] was short of money...
i[censored] had ny problems
u shud have asked me now u r alive

Kenneth: i wud have helped u
I am always alive u help ur seld

Kenneth: see helpur self

Kenneth: i changed the server
ur thing is not working properly change it

Kenneth: i changed... my thing is working properly see, see

Kenneth: ur ftp and ur emails are not working
thats all what ur showin me ur seeing ur self in mirror
that is real show o[censored]

Kenneth: ok listen..
i am donating my server space to my friend..
Gautam i do not want

Kenneth: u know him right
i have paid u for 2 years.. i m not ur mercy

Kenneth: i have paid u for the same..
r u Kam chor or what? u r

Kenneth: without providing services.. u want to eat the money? son of
this is ur real
son of
lausy of goa

Kenneth: mind ur language... pimp o

Kenneth: I will put complaints on you on forums PIMP

Kenneth: do u know who uir father is?
.. u have two

Kenneth: ..
H! Silva

I am also sailing in same boat as u are, u are absoultely right my site is also down from last 10 days, i am shifiting my servers but i have some important data on ftp server which i required to shift and that SOB neither reply on phone nor on messenger, So I am filing FIR against him in Jaipur you launch in GOA so that , and other victims must also file a law suit against hime, I know it will not help us but this is enough to teach him a lesson .

When he will roam all over india every month for cases he will know what he has done wrong, since till date is not reliasisng his mistake,

SO its upto us to make him reliiase what he has done wrong

I'm also a victim of Sushant Tiwary's indecent and irresponsible business practice.

However, you may contact Palasia Police Station of Indore (locality of Sushant Tiwari) to phone number :[protected] / 2499400 and lodge your complain. I have already done that. Once 3-4 people calling up the PS against one person, the PS will take it seriously and take proper action, though they will request for a written complain to be sent by Registered Post. The address is :

The Sr. Inspector,
Police Station Palasia,
Palasia Square,
AB Road,
Indore 452018

He is a great liar and one should never believe him.

Hope this helps
Hello all...

I think there are more cases for him... to follow up. He has cheated me also and i am now in hell situation as he is returning the data of all my clients.

I agree with "Subhendu Sen" comment and also with "Ashish" all should file complaint against him in indore police station so that police could take this seriously. I have also found the cybercrime cell indore's website and this can be done with cybercrime department also. The website is: and it has all the phone numbers of the officers.

I have filed a complaint in delhi cyber crime department and they told me that they will take action against him within 7-10days and accoding to cyber law he can be jailed for 7years for stealing our important data.

I request all the people to follow up at cyber crime indore and if you complain just update here i will tell cyber crime delhi that many complaints have been filed and like this they could take a quick action. Do as much as you can. If we are in hell situation by loosing money and SO IMPORTANTLY OUR DATA then this SOB has no right to leave in peace.

Hope everyone agrees to me
Yes... well agreed...
I am also victim of this Indian. I was an international purchaser and all of my data is held with this cheater. please suggest me what to do to file against him.

Best Regards,

Sushant Tiwari is starting another site with the name so people if you are still thinking of making a complain make it now... otherwise there will soon be a list like this for his new domain and new clients he cheated.

Beware of this Sushant Tiwari
shushant is really a scamer please take action against him
SUSHANT TIWARI on of the biggest living in this world..

i have seen too many fags in my life, but i never seen one like SUSHANT TIWARI...

first of all he dosent know how to deal with clients..

i got my linux vps after 14 days of payment... during these dayzs he never tell about delaying the delivery ... on top of that when i asked via phone calls, email, offline/online mssgs he never answer... and after getting the vps he gave me enough downtime to ruined my up...

in conclusion... Sushant Tiwari is simply plain ...
I read all posts above and want to include my self. This guy ate data for my more than 10 domains.
I am really [censored]d off..
But point is there is no use of abusing him here, we need to take action and lodge complain as many are telling above...

Can anyone help me about what and how sud i proceed.

Raj :)
Point is every body is just abusing here and hoping that some other will take action

Unfortunately I am also thing in above said way, since every body o[censored]s has a busy schedule but is it wiseble to leave such dog open in society, nopes so we all should make complaint agains him, first we should try to make a complain against him near to our police station instead of indore one . and if they refuse to accept then only we should complain in indore police station
guyz keep your eyes open this man i started hosting sites once again.


try to contact with there admin and warn them about this mkfr
I have cheated this guy with money, data & page rank

what should i do...
This madarchod is too much i have to renew my domain and i had paid him, but that bhen ka lauda is not renewing it, moreover it is nearing expiry so i cant neither transfer the domain as it has to be done before 30 days, i am too worried if someone else takes up the domain soon after expiry which is nearing in a week then i am gone, all the work on the page rank and business up in smoke
I'm also one more victim of "DREAMWEVER.COM Sushant Tiwari". He is not picking up the cellphone, not replying the mails.

I have paid him the payment for domain renewal before the expiry date, same day he sent me an email saying domain prices are hiked, you have to pay more. I paid him the remaining amount and emailed him to do the renewal, but still no renewal was done by him and domain expired.

I emailed him again saying " I have paid the remaining amount on your ICICI bank account. Please renew the domain now. "...
Then he sent me an email saying " Dear Sir, I will try to renew this domain as soon as possible. For D R E A M W E A V E R, Raghav Prakash "

I emailed him again saying " renew my domain asap or refund my money "...
Then he sent me an email saying " Dear Sir, Please mail your Bank Account Details, so we can deposit the money into that account. For D R E A M W E A V E R, Raghav Prakash "

I emailed him my bank details saying " Do the renewal asap or refund my money to my bank account "... but still no renewal and no refund.

I have paid him to his ICICI bank account no.[protected] using online net banking transfer facility. I have proof of payment made to him. Can I take any legal action against Sushant Tiwari, using the proof of bank transfer details.

I want to request ICICI bank also to help in this case and close his account, so that no else can deposit money on that account and became one more victim of DREAMWEVER.COM fraud.

Now when I checked the site DREAMWEVER.COM, I was shocked to see the site, its showing is taken all current clients of

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