Thakur International School Kandivali West — Bad Behaviour Abuse by School Authorities.

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 Nilesh Goradia
I tried to take Admission for my duaghter in Sr KG. Last year the Principal and the trustee had confirmed to admot her in Sr. KG Morning Batch. We were not interested in afternoon batch as there is no bus service available and we staying far away can not have the child dropped picked up and dropped everyday. This Year the school issued us a from worth Rs.1000 with a stamp of Bus Service, we were so happy, we filled up the from and submitted the same to the school, Post that we were asked to come for an interview, we issued a demand draft in the name of the school, but to our surprise when we went for the interview the school refused to admit the child that there are no seats in the morning batch. The trustee admitted that it was thier mistake and started screaming rudely showcasing her personality. It was a nightmare experience for us if the administration itself lacks disicipline what are they going to inculcate in the children. I am very happy that my child is not studying in such a school which is nothing but a money making machine and is run by people who themselves lack discipline and manners in thier personal life.
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My child returned from school today and told me that the principal had called some parent's suggestion in the PTM meeting as rubbish and nonsense. Seems like they are running some autocracy over there. Why call parents for the PTM if they do not want to listen to what the parents have to say. It is totally up to them to accept the suggestions or reject them, but to call it rubbish and nonsense and ridicule it in the assembly is totally uncalled for.

I second the suggestion made by the parent that why send the child home if they are late for the school. By doing this you are not teaching children discipline but giving them a day off. If a school wants to teach their wards something then they have ample ways to do the same. Give them punishment or a remark and not a holiday. By making the child miss a whole day of school u are setting him behind in his studies and not teaching him anything.

I guess the principal needs to concentrate on the other more important issues like

1. 70% children of this International school cannot speak 2 sentences in english properly.
2. My son himself has been going to the school for the past 2 weeks without cutting his nails.
3. He has picked up a number of vernacular expletives from his school friends.

I guess the power of holding the future of so many young students in your hands makes one slightly arrogant. But surely some amount of grace in behavior and language can easily be displayed by such a prestigious post.
I have admitted my kids last year in the school in ICSC sallybus, & paid all dues ;
This year I migrated my kid from icsc to CIE ; Admin dept have taken back my receipts given last year to me for Development charges & Security Deposit ;

I need those receipts for Tax purpose, but admin refused to give the same back ; while I tried to meet principle, I was told that principle is very busy & can ot meet for 10 days ;

today I feel that School authorities are doing businees only ; this school is a money making machine and is run by people who themselves lack discipline and manners in thier personal life.
The experience of the parents mentioned above is very common in this school. Right from the peon to the Trustee and Principal, no one wants to hear out any parent. They are extremely rude (barring a handful of staff).
No explanations are provided for your queries and suggestions/feedback/questions/queries are discouraged through rude behaviour.
This year onwards, they have also stopped accepting payments in cheque form. All payments are to be made in Cash or demand draft . Sure enough, paves way to make black money and build the more such money making schools.
The swimming pool has been opened commercially to outsiders.
There is no word called CUSTOMER SERVICE AND CUSTOMER DELIGHT in their directory. All they can do is cause more and more inconvenience to the parents day after day and not even accept their mistakes. For every activity they create different timings. A working couple will have to make never ending rounds to the schools, correcting their admin mistakes and getting things sorted out for the child.

I agree with all the comments posted here. When I went to school to take admission for my child they told me that seats are almost full and you need to take admission immediately. But today after more than 2 months, admissions are still going on and seats are still available. They have a very good commercial engagement with top brands in kids segment. For example, you have to strictly take Reebok shoes and Jinny and Johny uniform...! What if I want my kid to wear a better brand or a cheaper brand...? What difference does it make as long as my child is in required uniform.

As rightly pointed out by many others, it is just a money making place not a school. I am stuck up now. I wish I could have had an opportunity with other school.
Thanks for your comments. I was about to go tomorrow but now going to stay away from this school.

Surprise that school is brand consicous with rude teachers. God save the childrens.
I have just got admissions for two of my children at Thakur International School. We have moved from London and therefore, picked the CIE curriculum for my kids.

Sofar I am highly impressed by the school and its education system. The CIE curriculum is completely stress free and provides a superb foundation for children with minimal stress. I did hear horror stories about this and also other schools...but sofar they seem to be invisible to us. Every teacher we've interacted with seem to talk in a pleasant and courteous manner. MORE importantly, they understand the relevance of the CIE curriculum. Having just come from U.K (after living there for over 10 years), I can say that the curriculum as well as the teaching style of this school maps with the original CIE standards.

Yes, the charges are high and they do have a policy of one-stop-shop. But hey, that's a whole lot better situation to be in than my child sitting next to a very rich child who flaunts expensive stuff making my child feel inferior. This way, every child wears the same kind of clothes, buys the same books and feels equal to all others around him.

I would certainly recommend this school (especially the CIE team) to any parent wishing a stress-free education foundation for their child.
I am not sure about CIE but the ICSE school is rubbish. If you are a working parent, only god can save you.

Ms Kshema Mohan - Principal will be more than happy to introduce "beating children" for misbehaviour. She is disappointed that they are not allowed to do so. And parents should be GRATEFUL that they dont beat up your kids.

So now you get the picture of what flows from the top.
Check this comment on Thakur International School -
i am a student myself and i myself say this school is not up to the mark very much thanks to the principal "Ms. Kshema Mohan". 80% teachers left the school last year and the new teachers are simply HORRIBLE leaving a few exceptions. the cleaniness is ok but the peons and the maids are not att all helpful. classrooms are well air conditioned but again sometimes there is a fault.
thanks for the all the feedback on the website, it helped a lot in not selecting this school for my daughter.
My husband was against this school, but i was trying to convince him...thanks a lot to all this feedback and now it is very clear no no for this school.
I had heard about the bad behavior of principal and teachers quitting very often, but thought this might be not the same forever, but after reading all this reviews, i feel my daughter is saved from not going to this school.
I too had gone for admission for my daughter to Grade 3. The office made us stand in the hot sun outside the window and were not at all interested in letting us in and said that fees structure etc is all on the notice board. We asked can we have a look at the classrooms and they said thats only after 3pm. They were least bothered for any support in discussion and the window board read cash/dd only.

Thanks I have made my mind against admission, if this is the attitude when we go for admission whats going to be next after admission. Also another thing they lack is the CBSE board
Agreed with most of the points here. The charges are high and they have no regards for the parents at all. They have a PTA in name only.

Recently they have announced Sports day attendance is compulsory and any student not attending will not get any marks of the recently concluded test. I wonder if this is as per the ICSE guidelines. What happens to those parents who HAVE to go for some important family function like a wedding of a close family ? God save them. The management says that they will not hear anything on this.

Interestingly, my children are only participating in a dance on that day and not in the sports activity itself. Still this Diktat. It seems that there is no mechanism to complaint to the ICSE authorities also.
well...this was very shameful to see the reviews on Thakur school after been studying there.
i must say some things are true, like the teachers and specially the principal of ICSE. after the principal came in, its turned down the reputation of the school tremendously!and moreover, they take their discipline way too seriously... and is like studying in some local uncivilized school. the management needs to take a serious action before the school losses kids! and one more thing, some of the teachers give more importance to some children (maybe cause their parents secretly have a hold among the teachers, if u know what i mean!)
these are some things which happen inside the school.., which u should be knowing. As after all, its for your kids! this goes to the middle school area.
Thank you all, was about to go for admission this weekend.

Can you suggest me any good school in kandivali west, it would be great help to me. We are new to this place.
Hi I m happy presently.. My child has definite changed by her behaviour and attitude too. But if you guys wish to compare this school with other schools than as a personally wish to share one thing -- look if you reside in Mumbai than you must make your mind that what you want - child`s future bright or negligence - as per my views I have been to almost all the schools and checked with their premises, safety, security, education, transportation, information related to studies especially - I feel personally all schools are as same as and equal to be treated. Further, this is my own view and suggestion if you are ready to spent money than don`t think again...Management are answerable - even you should understand if you are working you have so much stress in the office and sometimes you too feel tireable and stressful...I think the school is really good accept it is expensive...
This is still the same. Please write about it I wanted to admit my daughter in thakur international school. Diwali, christmas and May vacation is for how many days. How are teachers? Are they good and satisfied? Do they get good salary (as per sixth pay/ how much)? Teachers leave job frequently or what? Children leave the school frequently? Please write about all these things and any other important thing. Please write and help me to choose good school for my daughter.
hi guys, , me too worried for my daughter...
is this things happens in the school...till date...???
i m looking for admission of my daughter in TIS please suggest whether i should go for it or no????
Hi All,

I am going for form submitting tomorrow, well i am really little scared after reading all of your's comment. I appreciate the students who have written comments too to bring out a original picture of the school & management. I may agree with all of you on calling a money making & high fees but i want to ask few parents those who have written some heated arguments happened between school trusty & parents. I will appreciate if parents explains the whole scenario with correct arguments instead of ending with line "The trustee admitted that it was their mistake and started screaming rudely showcasing her personality". Still you took admission in this school? How strange, it means there is something good about the school but you must have felt bad of this incidence.

There are very valuable points few parents have written down informing others with the teachers & other staff (peons etc..) I agree, teacher's bad English is the worst part, but simply ending up with few teachers who can't speak good English isn't enough to have an impression of other teachers. I agree with the student who wrote that many old teachers are leaving now but there is only one reason behind that i can see which all of us (working parents) can understand & that is money. Even many professionals will do so after having lot of experience at one place & in today's world all works for money.

Someone says teachers has to sign against blank amount, I say please bring the proof & evidence before writing such thing. I will appreciate if we write & could justify our writings. I can believe teachers are leaving frequently but no one bring the correct reports of it. These all looks like chit-chatting & hopeless when you finger point something without having it proved. I will be much delightful if anyone will bring the report how many teachers have left & at least the amount of teachers who are highly vernacular with English.

Apart from all these, only 19 comments i see as a complaint & that is too from the year of 19th Feb 2011 to March 2014? Strange? How less in numbers are they? I have seen few of the comments by repeaters.

My whole intention behind saying such is, if people can bring the truth out then it's nice but you must bring out perfect things & showcase them with every details of it instead of just ending with the line which i have marked on the quote while starting my comments. Half truth is always more dangerous then a lie.
My son is studying in Thakur international school ICSE in Nursery.Just 3 years of age.On 21st of July 2014 after his return from school, he hugged me tight & cried & told me that 'Krupali teacher & Neeta teacher' shouted at him.I have been noticing him playing with his penis, scrotum saying 'these are chocolate"& upon asking who told you this he would say"Krupali teacher".so that day just before going to bed, I asked him in detail since he was complaining of pain in the penis.He mentioned that both the teachers were playing with those chocolate balls & pressed it hard.I asked him to show how it was done.He put his hand inside the shorts in to the diaper & said "like this" Upon asking more he said they ask me to put my hands on their duddu(breasts) & do it to other children also.I have been noticing him saying " shall I put the chalk in your bum" & puts his fingers in mine to show it & that this is done in presence of Didi's(the maids).2nd day-he told me 'Krupali teacher does it & Neeta teacher laughs loudly with folded hands".3rd day-I asked him where does it take place because he keeps saying 'Didi isko washroom leke jao".He said washroom, mausi Didi takes to the washroom, Krupali & Neeta follow.They ask me to keep my hands on the table & do it (touch the penis)
Before the May vacation, once he came back from school in the school bus, got down, hugged me tight, cried a lot & he had absolutely no control over his face expressions, his face was shaking after the school reopened on 3rd June 2014, I met his class teacher Krupali on the 11th June 2014(before the PTM-Parents Teachers meeting).Got to meet her after so much difficulty.My son told me that 'I'm scared of the teacher, she shouts".The teacher admitted & mentioned about him vomiting everyday for the full month of April.Why wasn't I told about this?His clothes were never dirty, never changed.I was told he is possessive about his bag & that the teacher has to shout to which I understood.I requested the teacher to go easy on him.Had taken my son alongwith me so she told him "you told Mamma that I shout at you' I told her"please don't pick up on him because of what he said & don't think that let his mother go & then I'll see you"He was a little relaxed to go to school.But again the same thing started.He's scared, refuses to go, lost appetite, aloof, crying, falling sick repeatedly(vomiting, loose motions etc), Irritated, angry, can't sleep.This has been the case ever since April since he joined school.We thought its a new school, he 'll take time to adjust maybe he has motion sickness so I started dropping him to school. But we went by road for a holiday he doesn't have motion sickness.
I've always made sure that there is no fear or any kind of restriction on him.He is a happy child by nature.But now he is scared & takes permission for every small thing.I mentioned this to Krupali when I met her that his normal crying & the 'School crying' is different.His tears rolling down the cheeks, crying silently in pain thinking 'why can't my parents understand & sending me to school?', feeling ashamed, embarrassed.He wakes up with nightmares, crying, saying 'Im scared of the teacher'.Krupali agreed to co-operate.After reaching home, he told me 'Didi's slap me on cheeks & Mouth' I wrote a note about this.The head mistress wrote a note back saying there are many students & pls don't write big notes.
In every PTM, both the teachers always praise my son on his abilities to learn & good behaviour.on 1st aug 2014 the recent PTM, Neeta teacher mentioned the same except that he has become mischevious.
Considering all these, I called up the principal's office for an appointment & met her on 24th july.She assured me that she would help after going through the CCTV camera footages & call me up.She called up the next day saying they watched the cctv footages of 21st july mon & a couple of days at random & didn't find anything.I was expecting this answer since anybody who is doing this to my child is well aware about cctv cameras & the blind spots.There are places where the cameras can't reach. The headmistress interrupted a lot during this meeting.She wasn't allowing me to talk saying that my son is so naughty so obviously his teachers must be shouting at him and thats why he won't like attending school, how can a 3 year old talk about this so clearly, etc
I started dropping him & picking up from the school so that he is at ease.My husband being out of the country at the moment made it a bit didn't go ahead with the police complaint.Also my son & myself were unwell.We thought since we've put it across the principal, they will do something about it.I realised on the 1st aug 2014 PTM that my son's class was changed.It was next to his previous class but Neeta was his teacher.
But was horrified yesterday i.e 5th Aug 2014 .Upon pickup from school, my son again hugged me & said "went up the lift, the door opened'.I asked "did you go for dance class?".He didn't reply.He was quiet in the rickshaw & told me "mamma, Krupali teacher & Neeta teacher touched me down there(his penis)."I couldn't believe it & told him its not true is it?"I asked him "didn't you tell them 'DON'T TOUCH, POLICE/ I'LL TELL MAMMA, NO, DON'T DO IT'.He said" I did & Neeta Teacher put her hand on her face & said "O my god! " & slapped me on my cheeks because I didn't allow them to touch but they still did".He mentioned they said"Are iska toh operation hua hai(oh he has been operated)" My son was circumcised & has never heard the word operation before.Then he said"Are idhar wi-fi hai (there is wi-fi here)" I asked him where did they do it, he couldn't explain the place & told me it was done after 'eating Tiffin'.After reaching home, I was undressing him & was shocked to see his diaper was half torn.I asked him whether he was taken to the washroom, he said"No".He's been crying & very angry, sad.
I have been teaching him all this while that 'don't allow anyone to touch you down at the penis, bum, don't allow anyone to kiss you on the lips or touch you on your chest because everyday he tells me rather gives me inputs on this issue eg- one day he held my lower lip, closed his eyes & kissed me on my lips.I asked him 'where did you see this baby?". He replied, "Krupali teacher does this to me". Another day there was some kissing scene on the TV, I saw him watching it & changed the channel, he tells me"Mamma, see krupali teacher does this to me".He is unable to forget it.He says he wants to go to his dad to another country.I told him that he will have to go to school even if its another country.He is ready for that.But doesn't want to go to this school.When asked about this happening to other students in his class he says 'yes'.I called up other parents to ask their children however most of them are 2 1l2 or still not 3 yrs, unable to talk properly even if they can talk they can't describe properly.
Just called up the school for the principal's appointment & also to meet the board of trustees, was told that the principal is busy & cannot meet till the 14th of aug 2014 inspite of knowing the seriousness of the issue.
We got our child admitted to this school since it was highly recommended.
I am sure we get JUSTICE and the board of trustees, the school authorities look in to this matter with urgency and take appropriate measures against this since this is a serious matter and can happen to any one-not only to my child but to other children in the school- for the sake of hundreds of those innocent children whose parents send their children thinking they will be safe in school.what message does this incident convey to the children specially my son, how will he have faith in anybody /anything in life, how will he cope up dealing with teachers in future?"Gurur Bramha Gurur Visnu, Gurur devoo maheshwarah, gurur sakshaat parabramha tasmai shri guruvey namaha"if this is what we have learnt from childhood, what do I tell my child?

Bhairavi Prabhu
Hi Bhairavi...whatever happen is very shameful..i wld like to help..can u pls contact me on [protected]

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