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Travel ventures International have given a package of 7days/ 6 nights at five star hotels worldwide in 50 countries for which they charge 250 dollars and one can develope a chain and earn more.I want to know wethere such company exist in real or its a fraud .If its a fraud then lakhs and lakhs of people are caught in this scam .
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Aug 14, 2020
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My good friend told me about TVI and she has a degree in net work marketing, her friend just cycled and got paid $$$$$$, seeing is believing. I am hearing from trusted friends this is real.
I was interested in the discount travel deals they offer, I read that several people did check this out and it was real good and saved them alot of money on their travels.
Is their anyone out there that checked this out for themselves and anyone who has used their vacation package yet? I am interested in knowing about that.If it is.You can't lose.Somebody let us know. I havent received mine yet.
I do mission work and could use the discount airfare and the extra cash.
I am on a winning team and if this is fraud they wouldent be involved . Come join our team of winners and make plenty of money, I have made plenty of money working with this team in other things. in the past.The vacation package is worth the $250 you invest, where can you get a weeks vacation for that these days. You can't lose, come on . It is worth a me at [protected]
if you are serious about making some real money.
Sounds like a good company to me. My up line has cycled and made big money in one month.
seeing is believing. has anyone collected their money from cyceling ? How is the vacation package ?
is it worth $250 ?if so you cant lose.
If I'm correct in my findings the money is sent to a company called TVI Services Limited created by a company called Fletcher Kennedy Limited operating in the UK. Fletcher Kennedy is a company that develops companies for people outside the UK to appear as though they are in the UK. TVI Services Limited is owned by Rahul and Anita Khurana from New Delhi India. The money you send is deposited in an account in Cyprus.
My questions are "has anyone taken the 7 day 6 night vacation or has everyone just received the voucher and believed it was valid?" AND "have people actually received the $$ promised or are they saying they have to get more people hooked only to find out down the road they've all been had?"
Does anyone have any further information about his? Why are we sending our $$ to TVI Services when we are joining TVI Express?
Total scam, do not trust any of the feedback on this site saying it is genuine they probably work for TVI.

typical fraudulent pyramid scheme.

I am based in Australia and joined TVI because I personally knew people who were earning good money with this company. Thank goodness I did and also thank goodness I did when I did as everything in life is about timing, especially Internet based businesses.

Oh this may help you with your decision. When I was first presented with information about TVI and asked whether I was interested I said “No”. When asked why, my response went something like this,

“I just don’t know if it will work.”
The person I was speaking to said, “Sure I get that. Let me ask you this though, can you be 100% certain it won’t work?”
“No but I also can’t be 100% certain it will.” I replied.
“Exactly there is a 50/50 chance either way. I am just wondering why you would choose to go with the option that will definitely mean it won’t happen when you could go with the other option and at least strand a chance of it happening?”

Hopefully that will make you re-consider taking your time and being too late with this. I just want to say one last thing... while this is a great opportunity it still has to be marketed. You have to know how to market and if you don't you won't be successful. If you are serious about getting the most out of this opportunity as fast as you can, join my team and you will be given all the necessary tools like marketing to help your success. Email me today. Don't delay. It will soon be too late.
UmmmI have absolutely no clue what to think. My aunt presented this with me and I'm just on the fence...because it does sound too good to be true. What are you selling? Why would you get a discount? It seems as if most of meat of the company relies on recruiting that not a pyramid?!?!? I'm just confused.
There isn't a company that I know of that everyone loves. There is always going to be someone who will try and discredit the company you might be involved in. The number one reason is to prevent their downline from leaving their opportunity. All I know is that TVI is paying out huge commissions and everyone is getting paid. I have not heard a single complaint from anyone that is relying on TVI for their income. If you want to know more about the opportunity, you can contact me any time. We have one of the fastest growing teams in TVI and will offer training and support to everyone.
To Your Success!
I haven't joined yet and have a few questions.
1) Is there a money-back guarantee?
2) How good are the travel discounts?
3) Is the 6 night, 7 day sign up travel bonus at the 3-5 star hotel for the member only or are family members included? Also, does this include airline tickets?
I hope someone answers. It does sound good.
I haven't signed up either. Im a bit skeptical to send off $250 not knowing if ill ever see it again. I'v done some research on the web and have yet to hear a justified complaint but I also dont know if these are real people making money. Let me know because DAMN i need money!
I am member of TVI Express it has and is working for me, I don't really care where they are located, our team had made some unreal money paid to us in an instant! Without tvi this wouldn't and couldn't have happened, if and when we've had an issue we gotten it taken care of by tvi support very quickly! Yes they have moved and in transition opening additional locations due to the massive and quick growth! It's amazing to me that all of these complaints are made from people that ARE NOT members!!! TVI's channel partners being just about every major airline, rental car company, Cruise line, and 5 star hotel, I would think these well known and reputable businesses would do some investigating before involving themselves with tvi express! So with that said I would say that TVI EXPRESS would be biting their nose off to spite their face to fold up and disappear.

Michelle R
From Michigan
Basically, this kind of business is really NOTHING.
Why? Maybe the server of TVI is in Beijing not in London. Nobody knows it.
TVI pays the distributors as form of E-Vouchers.
People buy and sell the E-Vouchers. E-Vouchers are invisible.
Where you can change the E-Vouchers or Electronic Money into REAL Money?
Is there anybody who received ACTUAL money from TVI?
All is electronic money.
Always, E-money is nothing when the web-site is closed.
The web site can be closed in seconds !!
Do you know any actual personnel of TVI Express? How about at thir web site?
Never gaurantee the company to your friends or neighbors. You will be sued from them.
Is there anybody who had chance to talk with a REAL person through TVI Express company
phone number?

I tried more than 20 times, But I coud not make success even once.

Always, disconnected, automatically.

The phone number was (44) [protected].

Make a phone call, then you will realize what the company is alike.
Possible to earn ...not big deal if it is software based ... travel is the product they have added.
All I can say is that a friend of mine's daughter booked a flight through her mother's TVI back office to Florida and she already took the flight and stayed in a 3 star hotel. She loved it. So at least that part is real. I am having a grand time working with people and making money. I too will soon be taking a trip. Watch this short video. if you want to find out more.
Yes, My sister called London and talked to a TVI customer service person and so did my upline. I do know that they are opening up a large customer service center in India I believe very soon.
John, I can answer your questions:

1) Is there a money-back guarantee? No there is not. You are purchasing a vacation and a life time membership with TVI. You will get what you purchased. You can make a great income with a monthly residual if you choose to follow the plan.

2) How good are the travel discounts? Very good. Your stay will be in a 3 to 5 star hotel and your get travel agent discounts even though you are not a travel agent. Another friend of mine checked out how much it would cost to go to Brisbane, Australia and found it was much better than the discount travel companies that most o[censored]s know about.

3) Is the 6 night, 7 day sign up travel bonus at the 3-5 star hotel for the member only or are family members included? Also, does this include airline tickets? You are paying $250 for one person's stay and a flight back anywhere in the world. So that in itself is worth the money. However, should you choose to work the business, and make it through the Travels you will get $250 cash and a voucher worth $250 and you can use to book another Trip if you want, or sell it.

Watch my video:
I can answer any other questions you may have. K

Jeremy, This is direct sales, and we are distributors. We sale memberships to our TVI Travel club with a vacation. You are making a purchase. This is not an investment. To work the business and make money with TVI you need to follow a simple plan. I have and it works. My sister has made $20, 000 and she is not a big networker. I am so happy for her and for my friends that have also made $10, 000 and $30, 000 over and over and also a monthly residual. Remember once you get out of the travelers you do get your money back if you want it. So not only is the company giving you a great deal for joining this travel club they also make it possible for you to make money. None of the other discount Travel companies offer that now do they.

Tanaka, Yes, People can sale their vouchers because it is the easiest way to purchase vouchers. However, If your upline does not have any, you can purchase them through Liberty Reserve the payment processor of choice. Also, Many people have had their money sent to Liberty Reserve once it shows up in their back office and had it wired to their back account. I asked a friend of mine: When was the last time she was paid. she told me that she just got her residual income check sent to her bank account. I hope this has helped a bit. The company has not been in the US very long but

Here is a recorded call that I find very informative. Lots of questions and answers. It is quite long.

Send me an email if you are interested to know more.

My comment is on the validity of the TVI Express opportunity. I am a member of an aggressive team of TVI Representatives and can tell you the program is real. I had looked at all sides of the program before making the decision to join and will.briefly define what I discovered below.

First as a discount travel group, one of our group was planning a trip to the Charlotte area for the holidays
1) Staybridge Suites Ballantyne
$804 per person on TVI $869 per person on Expedia ($110 savings)

2) Hampton Inn Uptown
$766 TVI $959 on Expedia ($286 savings)

3) Hyatt Place Arrowood
$652 TVI $902 on Expedia ($500 savings)

As an income opportunity, some of our reps cycled out of the $10, 000.00/$5, 000.00 bonus board within 45 days of joining the program. Another has cycled out 3 times in the last 9 weeks for bonus earnings totaling $30, 000.00 in cash + $15, 000.00 in travel voucher credit. It would be important to note the figures above do not include the members residual income commission checks as those are counted separately and would be in addition to the bonuses paid.

In conclusion: I don't know if the program works for everyone, I just know it is working for us. We are an organization specializing in home based business and MLM opportunity team building. Our methods are simple, straight forward and highly effective. Our business environment is one of mentoring, collective resourcing and vast experience. We are an aggressive team and have done well by helping those who join our group to succeed.

Should you decide to join TVI, you must be committed to helping those who join you. The TVI program is built on the "Join, Learn, Share, Train, Assist, Repeat" model. We expect the best from our people and work hard to give them the best tools, and training, available to that end.

TVIexpress is an obvious pyramid scheme.

The "company" tries to pretend that the business is about selling travels, but if you read their web pages, in particular the FAQ ( ), it becomes obvious that the whole thing is about recruiting members who will pay in 250 US dollars, and the members are promised that they will thereafter receive money when other members are recruited; In other words a classic pyramid scheme, and clearly illegal according to the laws in most civilised countries in the world.

The company claims to be "a leading multinational conglomerate headquartered in London, United Kingdom", but you will not find it in the UK telephone book ( ), and the company does not exist at the address stated on the web pages (office building Marble Arch Tower, 55 Bryanston Street, London). You can check this by doing an "advanced search" in the UK directory for businesses at 55 Bryanston Street in London.
Additionally, you will not find this "company" if you do a search in the UK company register ( ).
So much for a "leading multinational conglomerate headquartered in London"!

One of the persons behind this pyramid scheme is named Ken Russo (see ).
This person Ken Russo has run, or has been pushing, a number of Ponzi- and pyramid schemes, which is easily seen if you google "Ken Russo" + scam.

Conclusion: An illegal pyramid scheme and guaranteed to collapse. STAY AWAY!!!
Do you even know what a pyramid scheme is, an a classic one at that? TVI is not a Pyramid scheme. People ahead of me that didn't work received their vacation and life time membership with TVI that is the product they paid for, and some have even received their money back with a travel voucher worth $250 and $250 cash with out even doing a thing. There are people below me that are making more money than I am, Now how can that be some kind of illegal pyramid?

You stated:

"The "company" tries to pretend that the business is about selling travels, but if you read their web pages, in particular the FAQ ( ), it becomes obvious that the whole thing is about recruiting members who will pay in 250 US dollars, and the members are promised that they will thereafter receive money when other members are recruited; In other words a classic pyramid scheme, and clearly illegal according to the laws in most civilised countries in the world."

Here is a Q&A from TVI's website:

3. Do I need to sell any products?

No. You don’t need to sell any products. TVI Express is a unique e-commerce opportunity allowing
you to build the Business around the globe sitting at your home. However, we do support leaders who take initiatives to promote the opportunity offline conducting seminars and workshops about the Opportunity.

There are no promises as you have implied only that you don't have to sell and you do get a vacation and an opportunity should you choose to take advantage.

Once you purchase your product you are not required to sell if you don't want to. You can take your vacation and your life time membership to use when every you want and say good bye too if you want.

However, they offer a lucrative business opportunity should you choose to sell the club vacation membership package to others. If you do decide to take advantage of the opportunity you really only need to find two people that you would like to work with and help them get their two and teach your team to do the same. It is not required of you to do anything at all if you don't want to.

You don't loose any money here. You get what you paid for. Your product and an opportunity should you choose to move in that direction. Plus it is only one time out of pocket purchase. If you don't it, sell it.

Here's a scenario for you. Let's say you wanted to book a flight that cost you $300 with a discount travel agency like Travelocity or Expedia, plus your booking doesn't offer refunds should you miss your flight, now that is all you get for the $300. No life time membership just the flight, oh that's right, no hotel stay or rent-a-car either. You have to get those separately, but that's ok because you got it through Travelocity. And because they don't offer you a way to help them by selling memberships and a way to make money with them, that's fine and no questions asked.

But here is a company that you can purchase a vacation, you have a year to use it, you can use anywhere in the world and stay at a 3 - 5 star hotel and get a flight back plus a life time membership of discount travel club plus have an opportunity to become a distributor and representative of this travel club, all for only $250, You want to call it a illegal Pyramid. Now does that make any since?

Like I said you don't loose any money. You make a decision and you have a year to use your vacation or sell it. If you didn't want the package why did you purchase it? Is Travelocity a pyramid because you decided you didn't want to take that flight you purchased for $300 and couldn't get a refund. NO

Oh as far as Ken Russo, He is not behind TVI. He is just a member like me. Don't care to work with personally but, hey you don't have to either. You don't need a boat load of people to do this business either. I am very happy to be involved with TVI and so is my team. Hope this helps
Hi everyone, Just got off a call with Top Distributor in India that has communications with the Main office of TVI and is in on their meetings.

There are going to be 5 TVI offices. 2 are already completed and one will be completed in a few days. All three are in India. One in London and Cypress and future office expansions in Australia, US, Russia, Pakistan, Asia, Hong Kong, and South Africa. He could not give a time line. So there are going to be 5 offices right now.

There will be an invitation for the inauguration very soon. They will be letting everyone know the address soon. They don't want to give out the address right now because one address got leaked out and over 100 people came to the office. This is why right now they don't want to give the address out because of traffic jams.

As far as the US and it's legality. They are working with their attorneys so they will be able to establish a presence in US, but there are huge complexities with the US, There are strict rule to be compliant that have to be in place, though they realize the US is a huge market, It has been much easier in other countries. The Asian market is another country that has strict rules also.

They are recruiting people for customer service and they all have to be trained. There are over 400, 000 distributors already and thousands coming in every day. The suggestion as far as contacting Customer Care is it to go to upline Leader so they can contact customer care for you for now.

There are new announcements on the website concerning the confusion about the $10K and the $15K So that everyone can understand that better.

They are working on other options for paying for vacation packages. One is Solid Trust Pay. There are other options they are working on also. One will be a Visa or Mastercard Debit Card so you can get your commissions that way. They are hoping that will be in place in about 30 days. However, rules have changed so time line is not solid.

Major events for the Express Board graduates will be postponed until the peak season is over with. There will be different locations to be announced.

If you have any questions please contact me

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