TV channel E24 — Guess The Celebrity on E24 : The pain in my neck

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 Debasis Das
Now a days there is a program called Bollywood Dhamal / guess the celebrity is being telecasted on a channel called E24. The time is some time after 10 in the evening. The theme of the program is they show u some scattered part of some celebrity and what you are supposed to do is guess the name from the million dollar grin and call them back on the number flashing on the screen. And guess what, what you get in return is 10000 bucks. Yes you read it right, you don’t have to go and sleep with someone to get the amount just give a correct answer. If you could simply identify the megawatt smile 10k is yours.

But my problem is with the phone number flashing on the screen. That seems to be a land line number which is invalid in the area I live in. So all those who want some quick money just add a digit to its left to call the number. And unluckily that is my number. Once it is 10 I am bombarded with hundreds of calls. All are ready with their own version of the answer and may be expecting me to give them the cash at that moment itself. Some even don’t care to know who is at the other end of the call. Some times I pick the call and say the answer is wrong irrespective of what the answer is. And the callers (most of them young gals) try to convince me that their answer is correct. Frankly I have no idea whose photo is displayed on the show. I have neither viewed that show nor that comes on my disc.

The show charges 10 and 12 bucks for SMS and calls respectively. If I am getting all the calls then I wonder how the show runs. Recently while discussing this with my couple of friends I came to know that , the show is a complete fraud show and no one is ever able to call them on the actual number be flashed on screen. They say every time the same person or the persons from the channel keep on answering the wrong questions with different names from different locations. It is a cheap and worthless program going on the air. It shows all easy jumbles and puzzles. However no one is able to answer that simple questions. Even out of 100 callers not a sing can make a right answer. Its the same person that get connected and answers every time with wrong answer. It must be their own people making that call. You can hear the same voice every time. Rest of the country never get a chance to answer this simple questions. Sometimes it takes an entire episode to guess a simple celebrity.

At times I get irritated with the callers and warn them not to call the number again. But all in vain. I even can’t ignore the calls because those might be my personal ones. Now I have asked all my contacts not to call on that number. I put the ringer on min volume and just ignore the calls. Later I complained the same with my service provider and they asked me to give an application to change the number. I am waiting for any action from the service provider for six months now. I finally hung up on him still the guy was unable to understand it was he who was slaying his own money by calling not me.

I have received calls far from 1000 miles away for the same show. I don’t understand how the trunk calls end up at my end. Once when I asked a caller why is he calling this number as the number being flashed on the show is a different one ,he told as the number is invalid he must add a particular digit to the show, when I tried to explain the truth instead of feeling sorry he started arguing with me.

A couple of times I also used foul language while someone called for the show after mid night. I am really really sorry for my act, if it was you. It was really frustrating. I urge all the easy money makers please try to understand the reality and do not call my number at least. Do not kill your time and money and do not irritate me.
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rani mukhaji
E24 channel display a show of dhamaal bollywood, it is a fraud show.
In last week i was seeing a TV, at the time of changing the channel on my tv i found
E24 channel which was showing "guess the celebrity" programme.
In this programme vidya balan face was showing in this programme.
So i was called on number which is given in programme.
these number was younange and call rate was Rs.10 per minute.
I waite for five minute, fone was younange but my Rs.50 was lost.
So this programme was a fake programme.
My request is if anybody having a address or phone number of channel E24 which is showing on DTH free channel please give address or phone number of thse bastered.
This show is total fcuk. I want to tell its producer and director "if you dont have money go start beging but please dont fool inocent peoples"
I have come across all the complains against this show and of course no doubt that this program they are fooling and cheating people to make money, all the network are cooperating for this because they need business for them, but one thing I can say is there is nothing going to happen writing complain here of course people may read this and perhaps be careful and avoid trying for this, but to stop this stupid fooling game and cheaters we need all to get together and join and lodge a legal complain on this, seriously this will only can help stop this program and cheat innocent people who are trying to gain some money, but this program runs still so long because there is surely support from Govt itself or else definitely this would have been banned by now as its openly showing its a fraud and everyone knows it after they are fooled after trying it. And in other way the Govt sizes and bans it if any other ordinary company or man does this. so this should be better publishing in leading news paper and in TV News, which will be effective and could make many aware of it and get rid of this stupid cheaters, its not only this channel but its in many names like guess the celebrity and many other titles, and also similar program like Nazar suraksa kawach (NSK) etc. money looting and cheating programs, so I kindly request if some one can come forward and attempt in doing so and we all of course can join them. also please try as far as this information to make awake others who never know this and also try as far as they can spread this in TV news and newspapers. This is my humble request to all Thank You
In the programme 'MAHA STAR'-seen on 31st July-Mohd Rafi-0ne of the song is not by Rafi but it is by MUKESH.It has been wrongly shown.Please correct it-Song is picturised on Rajendra Kumar and Hema Malini-from the film Gora aur Kala.
I also believe that the people who call are the one that are working for the channel itself. The faces of the celebrities are so simple that even a kid can guess but the answers we hear is sucking. Its totally fraud and need to be closed as soon as possible.

just few days back we call on the show guessing the celebrity and no doubt we won but we didnot got the money whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? or how may we receive it please tell

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    TV channel E24 - Guess The Celebrity on E24 : The pain in my neck

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