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 Amritha Parikh
Dear Sir/Madam,

The serial Uttaran, which is shown at 10:00pm from Monday to Thursday on colors channel, was initially a good program for children to watch, but from the recent few episodes they are showing a complete wrong behavior of a child, which can affect the children who are watching the program.

In one of the episodes the tapasya leaves Iccha in the jungle for which she gets punished but by sending her to hostel and without she realizing her mistake she is brought back home and continues to behave stubborn and bad and rude which is something that can disturb a Childs mind.

Please change the format and show something better so that children can learn something out of the serial instead of getting spoilt.

I hope this message is been passed to the relevant person who can look into it, we like the serial and would like to continue watching it but if the same behavior is shown of the child we will have to stop watching it.


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Dear Sir,

we are getting a call from airtel call centres for caller tunes any time any day.

we even get a call on sundays n holidays

these call disturb us too much when we ar in meeting ar when we are busy in some important work.

I hope this message is been passed to the relevant person who can look into it, we hope this is an serious problems which can be understood by u.

best regards

Dear sir/madam

The serial Uttaran, which is shown at 10:00 pm from monday to thursday on colors Channel is a good serial, infact I watch your serial from starting of it .I am from punjab(amritsar) and your serial has get most popularity in all amritsar.Every one is very intersted in watching your serial. But one thing which all we want, that you must married iccha with veer without any problem .

It is our suggestion to you sir, or a request that please marry veer with iccha not with tapasya.you can marry tapasya with any another smart man.

please sir pleasesir if you don't do this or marry tapaysa with may your serial get not intersted.
pls do not get veer married to that hot headed tapasya.let veer marry iccha
Uttaran is a refreshingly nice story and concept. The premises of the story has been that of how a poor girl Iccha struggles through life but always dreams of a better destiny. So far the story has been coming on well but as an audience I hope the novelty of the show isnt spoil by making it a typical saas-bahu serial or one with a vamp stealing another's husband.

So please let Veer n Iccha marry. All along in this story iccha has suffered from childhood, now is right time for her real destiny to come true. Otherwise whole idea of show will be spoilt. Hope the makers dont drag this story for TRP sake, but are bold enough to make this story closer to reality and make it an uplifting one rather than pass message that the poor can never find happiness. I really feel if Iccha n Veer dont marry, I will quit watching this serial cause then this story will be like any other serials coming on TV. Hope that wont happen. All the best to team Uttaran..
in the beginning i thought iccha will get married to veer. but from the last week i can see there are more twists in the story, i just dont want tappasya to get married with veer, you know it's very painful.let iccha marry veer, i think then only the story will move interestingly.i kindly request you that this tappasya should not get married to veer. if this is the case, i think i should stop watching uttaran.
Yes sir i agree with all the comments...i will stop watching the show the day veer and tapasya get married
we started watching this show after reading an article in which it says this show have some
positive message
while watching the show we also felt like tht
but by the last week wht happened to this show
we got the news tht its tapasya who is gg to get veer
so easily she is getting everything
sir please give us a break from routine stuff
otherwise we r forced to stop watching this
because creatives made us fools
will stop watching the show if tapu gets married to veer
Dont get veer married to tapu, your serial no one wil watch if tapu gets married to veer
pls stop this serial, its a rubbish wht u r showing, i like d show before but now i hate it because of tapasya jealousy behaviour, this serial is becoming worst because of tapasya, i think tht tapasya behaviour would be same in her real life also, tapasya d most ridiculous character of this serial is u...
Hi there, , I'd say that if tappu gets married to veer, , it would look very unrealistic and dumb. Lets not turn such a novel story into crap by geting tappu n veer wedded 2 gether!! And for heavens sake how can Iccha be so silly that she cant make out of Tappu's facial expressions and silly misunderstandings which she keeps cropping up every now and then... eeeeh i feel like slapping tappu n naani toooo!!!

i'd request the directors, , , plz don srew up the whole attraction of this serial, , let iccha n veer get married and keep tappu cribbing wid that stupid nanii!!!

waiting 4 iccha and veer's wedding ;) !!!

good luck!!
will stop watching the show if tapu gets married to veer

pls show this serial daily in computer cos my tv is not working. i hvnt seen 2 days shows

thnx n rgds
I have STOPPED watching uttaran and i would certainly continue to do so if tapasya gets married to veer.please don't convert such a sweet program into a nasty saas-bahu type.please its a request.let iccha be married to veer.
i used to watch even the repeat telecasts of the program but now i don't watch even once.
i am feeling so upset right now, really please don't get tapu married to veer.no one in my house watches uttaran anymore even my friends have stopped watching.pleaseeeee its my earnest request to the director please let veer be wedded to iccha
Of course, if I were the one behind the show, I would have only Ichcha marry Veer. Let the story continue on how Ichcha wins over everyone in Veer's house, rather than Tapasya again winning whatever SHE wants, as always.

Also, there is the locked door mystery in Veer's house, which supposedly has Veer's brother in the room who is mentally unstable. The story can proceed as to how Ichcha treats him very kindly and makes him normal, and thus wins over everyone in that family. Can there be any better way to proceed with the story?

Soaps are meant to entertain and relax the audience, not heap tension and stress at the fag-end of an already-stress-filled day. So, please keep the story line light and not totally against people's sentiments and feelings.

This is the ONLY soap I watch, and I would CERTAINLY STOP watching it the day something as stupid as Ichcha not marrying Veer happens.

Hope everything turns out for the best and that your viewership soars rather than diminishes.
I agree with Sou.I don't think I would continue watching this serial If Tapu gets married to Veer.
I'm fearing of this uncertainty.

I never miss any episode of Uttaran since Veer 's first entry.

I eagery waiting for Veer & Ichha's wedding.
And hope the serial would be happily ended, giving good message to our society.
please let sid come and ask thakur sahab for tapasya's hand.i think only he is the one who can stop tapasya from getting married to veer.
i think everyone would agree that sid can definitely help at this crucial point where sweet iccha's happiness is at a stake
yes sir icha should marry veer not tapasaya ...this time atleast tapasaya should realise that what is the real meaning of uttaran.icha also has a right to live her life happily.since childhood she is facing prob ...if icha wont get married to veer then i don think any one will watch this serial.n by doin this u should give a gud msg to the people arnd "KI JO GALAT KARTA HAI USKE SAATH GALAT HE HOTA HAI"not that "KI USKE SAATH HAMESHA ACHA HOTA HAI COZ HE/SHE IS RICH" she has suffered a lot plz no this time plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz n also do something for mausiji also she is the one guiding her in a wrong way.N most importantly no one comes to know anything whats goin on in their own house...what this is?????

plz don do this to her n if u want to marry tapasaya in bundela house then let her get married to veer's elder bro so that she can feel every pain n know that what she was doin was wrong n just coz of money...

seriously do think once
I completely agree with this complain.Actually It is very very stupid serial, It shows all time jelousy of Tapasya.Who ever see this serial, wastes his/her time.

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