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[Resolved] — Fraud and cheating

Dear sir/madam

I have paid $4.87 for for life long membership in
They have deducted $4.87 plus $39.73 in my credit card.
They registered me in two porn sites but not in file
They did not mention about these porn sites.
I questioned them through email, but i did not receive any reply.

I have pasted their add below.
Please do some favour to me

Follow 2 simple steps below to instantly access thousands of private downloads!
Follow the signup process below and in 5 minutes you will have full, unlimited, unrestricted lifetime access to a database containing thousands of direct links to games, movies, applications, tv shows, music, albums, ebooks, anime, documentaries and much more. you will have more than 145, 000 regularly updated files at your finger tips to download at anytime day or night.

This $4.87 special membership offer will expire on february 05, 2009, after this date the price will return to $39.73
Step 1: make payment
To create an account, you will need to signup for a 3-day trial with our payment processor (mega download pass) by clicking the checkout button below. this special offer $4.87 payment (usually a 3-day trial) will grant you lifetime unlimited download access to filefortune.

- $4.87 unlimited lifetime access special offer
- $39.73 regular price

Reminder: this $4.87 special offer expires in 1 hours and 12 minutes

Pay with paypaldon't want to use credit card? click here to view our paypal option
Step 2: generate account
When you are signed up, you will be emailed an order receipt from the payment the order receipt email, you can find your "member id" (may also be subscriber id) to input into our account generator page below. when you've entered the data, you will receive unique login details to login to

Congratulations! you are now a lifetime member!
Congratulations! you are now a lifetime member at! you can instantly begin enjoying our wide range of thousands upon thousands of full version direct downloads!

If you experience any problems with signup, please read this help page.

You can also reach us at: support [at] filefortune [dot] com

Note: if you email us, please be sure to provide proof of purchase such as your order receipt you received from the payment processor site. this way we can serve you better.

Please note that we do not bill for membership to this website. by clicking on the checkout button, you will be redirected to the join page of mega download pass, a website operated by our partners. membership to our website comes complimentary as a bonus with your mega download membership. we hope you enjoy our downloads ;)
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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I encountered the same problem as the other guy i thought i was receiving a life-long membership for software downloads but instead got a membership to a porn site, this is not what i wanted, nor am i happy with my purchase, Have you ever heard of Notice Of Tort Claim ?
I have upgraded to lifetime membership when i log in with ID and p/w it says welcome Tony. This is all good. I try to download a file like Malwareremovalbot and it sends me to about 10 other sites that send me back to Rapidshare and says they have 7 downloads. Yes rapidshare tells me not so. I looked through 100 pages of applications and did not find it. When I do fnd a file I want to download, it gives me the free or premium option. I select Premium and ask for Id p/w. I put it in and says not premium member... Then I go to send password forgot link and type in my email says I am not registered as a member... Why Please help me solve this issue. I have been a member before a life time pass member and just didn't get answers or couldn't download. This time I want this to work. Why does it not recognize my email. or that I am a premium member when It says at log in I am premium member and my name???? Thank you all and all help will be greatly appreciated.
This merchant is also appearing under
On 8 september, i do the same, and pay 4, 87 $ with my creditcard, i vas surpriced 2 days later they have taken 94, 60 $ from my account, so i closed my creditcard and contacted my bank. I can see on my bank the firms data is:
WWW. menmastur
I will contact the danish it police, so they can stop this site.
Few days back I wrote about this website that it has surreptitiously taken out money from my account on 21/07/2009 and 24/07/2009. Taking into consideration its time gap, I instructed my Banker to stop my account immediately on 27/07/2009. But to the worst of my luck, it has already taken out the money on that day itself. On 29/09/2009 I cancelled stop on my account with a view to enabling me to draw a cheque for an amount for personal use. I thought that the fraud has been stopped. But it again taken out the money from my account on 01/10/2009.

So many complaints against this website owner, but not any action against it till date. Is there no crime detection authority in the world to check it and safe guard the interest of the people. Has GOD started saving the criminals.

About this site, perhaps no investigating/police personnel take note of it.
but it says clearly not to use credit card use paypal account
Now people calm down...take a moment and a deep breath. If indeed you did use your credit card and noticed there was money taken out of your account without your consent, your bank will deposit the money that was taken before you can say bye, thank you! So what's the big deal again? Before coming comment online about your personal problems please execute every possible option before posting your personal problems online. All you're doing is blurting out words that you don't mean because you let your emotions speak for you. Take control of yourself or you won't be able to think logical or be a civil human-being. :) Okay, you're probably like, "okay, Mr. therapist, what is your point!?" Alright, here is how it goes and why. It's hard to understand why a tax paying, lay abiding citizen will get pulled over on the interstate for going 73 mph in a 70mph speed zone and get ticketed two hundred bucks. Three miles over the speed limit!! Wow, that guy's basically a killer, we(the cops) need to fine him two-hundred dollars so he can stop doing killer type things like ferociously driving 3 huge mph over the 70 mph speed zone! LOL, I'll make my point! I promise! Sorry! ;) I'm reading these comments posted here and I can't understand why people still to this day are completely utterly amazed when a situation they were involved in ended up not being fair. C'mon(pronounced come on - bare with me, I'm from the south-our Microsoft spell check has words "yall's" doesn't. See! Yall's. Don't worry, you will learn my sonny. Sorry I almost wrote a whole book in parentheses. I love it! Don't get mad b/c I get side-tracked. I have an excuse, I'm ADD!) people, life will never ever ever be fart. *Sorry I mean "fair". My backspace button just broke off! Also people, the grammar and spelling used the formulate these opinionated comments is completely horrendous! I can't understand half of the crap. I have to use my brain to fill in the blanks. Now that is just not right people!! Get dat edge-ju-kay-chun! Alright, back to this small problem, in which people are basically starting war with other countries over. I'm going to answer a couple of the questions asked in some of the comments listed before me. -What aren't the cops or any other authority worried about this website stealing people money? Well, let's see...Iraq, terrorists, murderers, child rapes, drug dealers, drug abusers, not enough money due to a "sick" economy to fund a team of internet nerd police to search the internet all day for tiny problems like this one and then actually follow through with punishing the people responsible for the horrible crime committed, hippies(crazy hippies), Willie Nelson(don't let him out of your site! if you do he might smoke a whole pound of weed! Oh no!! That's really going to hurt the people of America, lock him up!), I really have to keep naming why the authorities haven't got to these internet computer hackers. Look, don't go thinking I am sticking up for cops or any other authorities. After I read these comments I thought to myself, wow, these people really don't have a clue as to why the people behind this stupid website aren't getting in trouble for what they have done. I know, I think hackers are stupid nerds, and there's nothing that I hate more then a person that steals from hard working people that aren't exactly rich. Forty, sixty, or ninety dollars may not sound like a lot to you rich people out there but to us "middle class" people our 40, 60, or 90 bucks is like your 40, 000, 60, 000, or 90, 000 dollars. Now I know you would be mad wealthy people if 60 grand was taken out of your bank account without your consent. I know it sounds like I don't think this is a problem but that's not true. I know it's a problem and it needs to be dealt with but before you go complain ask yourself, "what did I do to try to stop this from happening again" What I mean by that is, the least you can do is call the cops or report it to the better business bureau and the rest is up to them. Actually, don't call the cops, that is really just wasting your time. Cops only do what they want to. Trust me, they are control freaks, they will not take orders from someone who's not there superior or a cop. Go with BBB. Chances are they won't do nothing about it but at least you tried and then you have the right to complain. If you call your bank and tell them what happened they will always 100% deposit the money back into your account not questions asked and they will continue to investigate what happened. If any body will catch this person and turn him in I promise it will be a bank, because a bank doesn't like to deposit there own profits into peoples accounts because of some nerd taking it. If you used PayPal rest assured that you are completely protected. I use PayPal all the time and they will straight up take the money out of the other persons account(where your money is going after it's stolen from you) without telling them and then they will send the person a message saying they are sorry they had to go that route but strict policies were broken and an account suspension has taken place. You guys should have known this was a scam the first second you tried to log in and all kinds of crazy things started happening. Don't give anything anymore "the benefit of doubt". Always remember what momma said, "If it's too good to be true, then it probably is!"

file fortune — fraud

this is a fraudulent site. I received an ad from file fortune that advertised "lifetime membership" for $0.99. First of all, instead of the $0.99. they charged my account $33.95. When I tried to log in I got a message that I was using the wrong password. In order to get your password, you must enter your email address. The response to this was that the email address was "not in our database"..Finally, in order to contact them,. you must be logged in, which s the problem. If you cannot log in how can you reach them to complain. This site is totally fraudulent.

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