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Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

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Food Panda — not delivered food/refund not processed

 Prabhu Natarajan on Apr 15, 2019
I'm Prabhu form Chennai. I have ordered food via Foodpanda app on 12 Apr 2019. The amount was 500 paid but the door was not delivered. I asked for the refund but not processed. They are really fraud people never order thru Foodpanda app. I ordered KFC food, they told me refund will be processed and credit with 2 to 3 hours but Foodpanda never processed. Foodpanda people cheaters, never order with them...
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Food Panda — attitude of rider

 afiqah on Apr 15, 2019
Today (15/04/2019) monday i had ordered food using foodpanda app.
Then when the food arrived, the rider call me to come down to pick up the food because he claim that during lunch hour time they cant went up to deliver to my office which is in level 8.
Usually the rider will deliver the food right in front of my office without any unlogical reason like i had experience today.
Moreover, the drink that came with the set of the food that i ordered had
Spilled which the amount of the water that i got only half from the original amount.
My advise please make an sop...
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Food Panda — order cancelled and refund

 Vishkum on Apr 11, 2019
I had ordered food on 06/04/2019, but after payment through online that ordered was cancelled by the corresponding restaurant. Now I am awaiting for my refund amount of 485 INR, still it was not refunded to my bank account.
I had never expected this type of service from Food panda, it's really a painful when refund shouldn't happened within 24 hrs . Kindly refund that amount ASAP...
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Food Panda — money Is refund not received of 255 rs

 Shaanya on Apr 4, 2019
I ordered a pizza from smokin joes on the 15th March 2019 and they cancelled on me since then i have been waiting for my refund from FOOD PANDA and yet nothing. Also all this after writing so many mails to FOOD PANDA and there is absolutely no reply. I had paid 255 rs which it shows has been refunded but there is no sign of it in my bank account. Even after repeated attempts there was no reply from them. And the customer care numbers of FOOD PANDA are misleading and wrong. Shame!...
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Food Panda — foodpanda online order service

 Abhishek Ner on Mar 25, 2019
Yesterday I ordered pizza from foodpanda aap and it was cancelled 6 times.Every time I order within 10 minutes they cancelled my order.I was hungry and because of this type of dump service of foodpanda I get angry.And after the order was cancelled they sent a message that they refunded the amount but actually no amount was get credited in my account.1 time cancel of order is ok, but 6 time?Is that a joke or the customers are joke for foodpanda.Take strict action for this type of service and suffering of customer.Thank You....
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Food Panda — terrible supporting service for partner

 Walter Kim on Mar 24, 2019
We are new korean food restaurant at hua hin in thailand. We have signed on partner ship with food panda hua hin but after signature on paper noone care for our problem that we have requested out our only five menu on food panda page for food panda customer but they published on our all of menus. The problem is that partner management and sale representative they are just ping-pong our issue to each other. Please who can help us let me know

Walter kim...
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Food Panda — my order was not received

 Chimmu Akash on Mar 17, 2019
My order done on 26th feb 2019 was not delivered at all, and the profile still shows track order. I even didnt get my refund. This is not acceptable and i will surely proceed with this complaint. The order was done at a hotel called redhot. I tried calling up the restaurant but they even refused to speak to me when they came to k ow my order was not received. I need an immideate action against the same....
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Food Panda — bad quality food

 mukeshnid on Mar 3, 2019
Date 1 may 2019
I ordered a burger which looked very good on their app. But when i received the order it was just 2 slices of tomato kept inside a bun with some.
When i complained they said the image is for reference purpose only and they cant do anything.
I was really angry but helpless.
I would like a refund and an apology from them for such behavior....
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Food Panda — didn't pay 2 lac amount

 Avinash Yenigalla on Mar 1, 2019
Vamsi brothers food court.. (Deccan fried chicken). My restaurant id is h3wt.. I shud get payment of 2 lac to my restaurant.. Food panda is trying to cheat me.. Im in full debts as i have to pay for my raw material suppliers.. The only option is to suicide leaving a note on food panda.. My family wil have to face many problems.. Pls help me get my payment.....
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Food Panda — complaint about the food

 ruchityagi on Feb 28, 2019

I have just ordered the food from food panda today (28 feb 2019), and it was worst and even bad. I have ordered the thali for the lunch and the food was really pathetic. You don't even imagine what i have seen was a small stone in my food (Dal).

This is what they are delivering to their customers. We trust food panda for a long time and every customer used to order the food from them for that same reason only (Trustworthy).

I didn't like the food at all, i would personally recommend others never to order the food from them. I have wasted my 110...
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Food Panda — food quality was pathetic.

 soni Anand on Feb 24, 2019
I have ordered chicken dopyaza yesterday, chicken was not cooked properly. It was not even half cooked and taste was awful. I had to throw it in dustbin. I tried contacting support through chat, but window is not opening since yesterday. So i posted this here. Could you please work on your chat support window. So that it will be easy to complain right away....
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Food Panda — money yet not credited for the cancelled order

 Premashis Mittra on Feb 20, 2019
I ordered a pizza from dominos through foodpanda on 01/02/2019 around 7:30 pm in noida. The amount got deducted as i made an online payment but when it took more than an hour i contacted the restaurant and came to know the order was not received. (Dominos noida sector 142). Since then i was triying to reach foodpanda through chat and they ensured me the amount would be credited in my account within 7-10 working days. It has been more than 12 days and every time i caht with foodpanda executive they tell me 7-10 days. When they debit the amount they do it in the blink of an eye but when it is the...
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Food Panda — doing fraud activities and cheated me and not refunding my even restaurant said already to refund

 Drgokul Raaj on Feb 14, 2019

I spoke to ovenstory restaurant and they said they wrote a mail to Foodpanda mentioning that Foodpanda can refund my money. I have a call record if you want me to share I can also share the same. Ovenstory restaurant has accepted their mistakes. For the proof I have attached a screenshot.

please don't directly blame on customers. First check where the mistake has happened. If the food is good why I'm going to ask you a refund?

Hope this will be a enough proof that mistake is in restaurant side. Ovenstory already wrote you a main so kindly refund...
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Food Panda — selling old food and not providing the resolution... looted my money

 Drgokul Raaj on Feb 13, 2019
I ordered a pizza from foodpanda in a restaurant called oven story. I received a pizza which is fully burnt and moreover the pizza is a old one. Rotten smell was coming from the pizza and tumeric powder smell was coming. I complaint to the foodpanda they are blindly telling they can't refund or replace the order. Foodpanda is indirectly cheating people and my money is fully wasted here.. Now i'm helpless and i don't know what should i do. I want foodpanda to refund my money back.

My order id is w8nn-2qo8tx
Call me in [protected]...
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Food Panda — ordered for chicken 65 biryani instead received some other order

 Rohith1813 on Feb 13, 2019
Received a wrong item and asked for replacement which they told not possible.No refund also provided as they told me i had received refund earlier for similar kind of issues. If food panda is doing this again n again, food panda should be liable for whatever times it may be. Why do customers have to suffer. I have shared the pics of wrong items too...
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Food Panda — i am complaining. refund my amount rs.155.62, i ordered on saturday that is 09.02.19

 Suganthi Sathish Kumar on Feb 11, 2019
I ordered food on saturday 09.02.19, on first i logon to net banking i put pin no and otp also on that time process and return back to transaction failed, then i was trying next time all the process is ok and the order successful. But i put one order and i receive one order, the amount debited my account 2 times. Pls kindly refund my one amount that is rs.155.62/-. Otherwise i am not use the food panda...
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Food Panda — foodpanda or food scam fraud

 iamgoog on Feb 8, 2019
Foodpanda or foodscam -

After zomato's rider was found eating food meant to be delivered, now we have foodpanda's rider escaping with your entire order

This happened last night when i ordered food from foodpanda app. I was excited as i got good discount. I could see on the map the ordered being confirmed, than being prepared and information about the driver who was suppose to pick it up. Everything was smooth. Untill i noticed few missed call from unknown number

Hence i called back assuming the rider is looking for landmark. But to my surprise the rider...
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Food Panda — poor food quality and customer service.

 Vikasgurlinka on Feb 6, 2019
Hi have ordered food from one of the restaurants served by foodpanda and got some rotten foul smelling food. I think they are serving yesterday's food. I have contacted costumer service and reported issue. They are just saying we are unable to process refund and thank you for feedback. Even their delivery executive is saying food quality there is not good.
I've reported the same. They abruptly terminated the chat. I'm extremely dissatisfied, disappointed with their service and they are looting public money....
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Food Panda — spoiled order

 Tinku0 on Feb 5, 2019
The order they delivered is unsatisfactory and spoiled when i initiated a complaint they said that they would contact me but they haven't taken any measures yet they are delivering loose quality items and that too of spillage by taking huge amounts. Please help me in getting my money back as we didn't even get satisfied for the order it's high amount order of 1000+. Hope my complaint gets resolved soon...
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Food Panda — my account blocked

 Loveraj Ranga on Jan 30, 2019
Foodpanda blocked my account without any specific reason and now no response from them. Receiving only system generated mails and messages.

The order was undelivered so i used the coupon again and they are sending the note of unfair and misuse of coupon which actually is not done.

Company is not willing to unblock my account it feels like. Please help me unblock and resolve my issue....
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