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Food Panda — delivery of incomplete food items

 Devarshi Thapa on Jul 13, 2018
Food Panda is a cheater. they do not check the orders and deliver incomplete items. to complain immediately, there is only a chat through app. Food panda doesn't bother as they have already received the payment.

while complaining on chat, Food Panda simply delete the chat instead of resolving the problem.

I suggest everyone not to use FP, better you order directly from the restaurant, at least they find solution and satisfy you....
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Foodpanda — stealing food

 rkg1234 on Jul 13, 2018
I ordered dal and khamiri roti from Karim on foodpanda app, the delivery guy got me home food chapati and arbi ji sabzi, I told him this is not mine, he told me to talk to foodpanda, no way u can reach them except chat on app, I hanged on the chat for long no solution, he asked me to send pic, sent 3 times he said not received, I asked for Whatsap no or mail I'd, he said I can't share with u, u can't do anything when u have already paid, I deleted the app...
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Food Panda — expired cream product

 Hela yarteh on Jul 13, 2018
Hello Sir
I bought cream yogurt from panda Aziz mall
It is poisonous .
This morning I started to get my break fast when I tested it ..I start vomiting. ..
There are so many spot in the cream and they are black horrible to see .
I felt sad and angry at the same time

It is so bitter tasting ..
I am not ok ..and I fell so sad ..

Please find u way to stop this product to be sold in Aziz mall.
Shat supposed to get out of it is just sicknrss and sad feeling you get in this is morning. ..
Away I am not ok right...
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Food Panda — not satisfied with the quality of food..

 SibasishSg on Jul 12, 2018
Yesterday I ordered for a plate of Dum Gosht Biryani from Behrouz Biryani. The dish which I received, had a very small piece of mutton. No one will say this preparation is a Biryani, to me, it was combination of a small piece of mutton+gravy+rice. No taste of Biryani... quality and quantity were very poor, the only good thing was that I received the hot parcel on time..

My friends, whoever read this post, please never order this dish again. neither I will do..

I will try if I can take proper action against this vendor if I get help from the administration.. these cheaters...
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Food Panda — my order

 Pavitra Annadurai on Jul 7, 2018
My order yesterday got cancelled but my money has been deducted from my bank account. I couldn't order again because I was scared to pay again. this is not the first time each and every time I order from food panda it happens. I think they are taking the money and rotating for 7 - 10 days and then giving back to us. I want the money to be transferred. And if we contact their customer service they only have chat facility, they are worthless, they don't even bother to reply....
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Food Panda — incorrect order delivered

 Sreeharijs on Jul 6, 2018
I had ordered one American burger, two chicken maharaja burgers, one chicken crispy burger one large French fries and four chocolate lava cakes from burger point Chandigarh. However I was delivered a veg burger in place of chicken crispy burger. The rest was correct. On contacting the restaurant I was told that nothing can be done about it. There is a differce in value of order however the restaurant is unwilling to do any corrective measure....
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Food Panda — non delivery after payment

 Soumyendu Ghosh on Jul 3, 2018
Ordered crispy chicken from china world mumbai costing me rs 189/- for which i made the payment at 21:30 hrs dt 02/07/2018. Now it is 12:40 hrs the next day. The delivery status is showing 'delivered" and i am still awaiting my parcel. Neither am i being able to contact mr mohammed shaikh (Mob [protected]), your delivery boy, he is not picking it up. Kindly make sure that the order is being cancelled and assure a refund of the entire amount i paid by tomorrow, otherwise the complaint will be escalated to the higher authorities....
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Food Panda — food panda not delivered food on Jul 1, 2018
Foodpanda - not delivered food for 3 hours
Value: 0

This is regarding one of my foodpanda order placed with order i'd s0cz-50uj. I placed an order at 30 june 2018 at 9:12 pm and waiting for it whole night.

These people are unable to reply me with correct status when the food would get delivered. I was discussing via chat the issue with one of customer care representative zia for one and half hours for my exact order status, but she was unable to provide the exact reason. At last suddenly order cancellation message popped up at night 11:53 pm. After that i was...
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Food Panda — delayed delivery

 Shrutisingh22 on Jun 30, 2018
I ordered a dahi ke sholey from punjabi terminal (Order no. U8du-i4is) at 9.24 pm and the delivery time shown was 60mins.. But it took 1 hour 36 mins for the order to be delivered at my home.. Worst experience.. I was badly embarrassed in front of my guests due to the the same. I request for some strict action be taken in this regard so that this type of embarassment shall not be faced by other prospective customers of foodpanda. Also request you to kindly arrange for the refund of the order placed as by the time it was delivered it was mere waste for us. Our guests had already left by that time!...
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Food Panda — ripoff

 Kailcha on Jun 24, 2018
Yesterdays, i ordered food. I received soya chap biryani that was worst. The mistake i did that i did not taste it when i got. I kept that into refrigerator thought it is fresh and will have after sometime. When i served to eat it was so bitter i could not even eat and thrown into dustbin. Immediately i contact to foodpanda but they were stupid not ready to listen anything only explaining the policy, which seems the company foodpanda is fraud. I am never gonna use this website....
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Food Panda — delivery

 srisaisuri88 on Jun 23, 2018
At the time of booking the order it shows as 39 mins for delivery and delivery charges were deducyed
Even after one hour no delivery
Even after chating wirh the customer care no response except receiving the message please wait for the delivery.
Why should i wait beyond the time i was given for which i paid the delivery charhes....
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Foodpanda — non refund of payment even after delivery got wrongly delivered.

 AASHIMA CHHABRA on Jun 18, 2018
This is regarding the order id w2ct-4tll from karol bagh pune hinjewadi phase 3
The order was about to be delivered in 60 mins yet after it we waited for 10 more minutes for our order delivery.
The restaurant or the food panda team did not call us that the order would get delayed by another few minutes.
According to the food panda team as it got discussed on the call the order was delivered at door step without even handling it to someone or without even someone opening the door.
We called the food panda team after around 1.5 hrs for the order issue. The order was prepaid....
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Food Panda — order wrong delivered

 Sweta Sahaya on Jun 17, 2018
I have ordered chicken and they delivered veg with the same amount of chicken. And instead of recorrecting that order those people were asking me for the leftovers of veg and when i said i have thrown it they blamed me that it was a rule to return back the leftover if you want the right order. You people should shut down you app and stop pissing off the customer...
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Food Panda — product did not deliver to me for a prepaid order

 Deepika Shridhar on Jun 10, 2018
Highly disappointed with your services. I kept hungry for 4 hours even after placing the order. Called, chat did everything but what am i getting in return. Refund after 2.5 hours??
It was one of the worst experience with your application. Had it been zomato or swiggy i would have got it within 30 mins. Never gonna order anything from foodpanda....
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Food Panda — my order is not placed

 Sagar Sood Ssd on Jun 7, 2018
First it take 55 min to deleiver and then my order is being cancelled n u don’t have riders then why u take francise of it. Moreover when u have to place an order u jst quickly charge everythng and when it comes to talk about refund then u need 7-10 working days to give my own money back. I won’t place any order from u now it’s better to use zomato....
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Food Panda — order not received and refund details

 prajwal bangera on May 31, 2018
Chat transcript with food panda for reference #3890141

I have ordered chilli egg and palak panner from one of my locality i. E btm 1st stage. Order id u3wx-zb7z. Even i have done the payment. I have waited for 10-15 mins for confirmation. Later i got a call from one of the food panda team stating that order has been cancelled. So later he has ordered the same thing with another restaurant. I have waited for more than 50 mins later i got a call from the rider where he is 20 km far from my location. See this order was ordered one of the food panda team he must check my address. I has...
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Food Panda — order not placed but money not refunded

 Irina Banerjee on May 28, 2018
On 26th of may, i had placed a order with foodpanda and used paytm as option to pay. I should mention that i have previously used paytm wallet to pay and didnt face any issue.However this time my money got deducted twice but order was not placed and after several mails i did not get any response. My Rs 347 is not yet refunded by food panda. Screenshot of paytm wallet is attached for reference....
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Food Panda — ordered 3, received 2. must pay delivery charge again for the 1 not delivered

 Syieda Busu on May 27, 2018
Order number m5ko-rkcm

Ordered 3 items, received 2. Wanted the missing item delivered but must pay delivery charges again.

Voucher for missing item can only be generated in 24 hours. How bad is this system?

If you dont remember to chase them, you wont get your voucher. Happened to me a couple of times.

Why must i order and pay for delivery again for their screw up?? No integrity. No ownership. Bad company.

Their problem with vendor, customer has to pay....
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Food Panda — rotten food from foodpanda

 Niraa on May 27, 2018
I ordered food from food panda they delivered rotten food and when i took the help of chat support, they clearly said they will not help, they dont trust customers as restraunt was saying food was good... Ridiculous service as money is wasted on rotten food never ever order anything from foodpanda.After paying so. Much of amount we are getting rotten food, is this the way to serve the customers... I will never ever order anything from this app....
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Food Panda — foodpanda delivered unhygienic food

 vs82786 on May 26, 2018
Order food from food panda and received food with a big insect in chicken korma and hair in paneer.
Provided with the attached pic for it
This is the service from food panda
And after that they are telling the refund will be done in 7-10 days
Really we customers are really fool
1st we pay then we don't receive food service and for the bad service we need to wait for the refund for days
Such a good customer service from food panda
In this situation it's really the customer who suffer...
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