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Awesome! This company provides an awesome customer support service, responds to our every notification, and resolves most of the user complaints.

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Sathya Agencies — hitachi aircon [Resolved]

 sugan44 on Aug 26, 2017
I am supplied a hitachi a. C by your nagercoil branch without a remote control for bill receipt no.143 dated 18/08/2016 to my residence at 19/103a balamore road, thittuvilai in kanyakumari district. Till today i have not received the remote and could not use a. C. Several calls made to nagercoil branch to nithia and jegan but not addressed till now.
There were three a. C bought from them. One o general and two hitachi air conditioner. Out of two hitachi airconditioner one had the remote inside the box. The other didn't have.
One of the hitachi a. C was fitted in upstairs which is...
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Sathya Agencies — sakthi ac stabilizer [Resolved]

 Arun shanmugaraj on Aug 5, 2017
Dear sathya team,

I am buying all electronic products from sathya only. This time i bought blue starg ac along with sakthi stabilizer. The stabilizer is defect product. It is not working after installation. I want this product should be replaced by new one or exchange of some good stabilizers. If this issue is not resolved, i can buy new one but not from sathya agencies....
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Sathya Agencies — no bill given even after one month after purchasing godrej fridge & not taken back the old one [Resolved]

 Saju Menon on Aug 3, 2017
I have made an online payment through website on 10.07.2017 for the purchase of godrej single door refrigerator model : 240 liters rd edge pro ct 3.2 (Under exchange) and one v-gard stabilizer for the fridge under order no sbso-13515 which amounted rs. 18250. Even though they said within 2 days the above products will get delivered up on my continues request and complaints it got delivered to my address only on 17.07.2017. The product got delivered with out any bills in original or duplicate. So i found lot of difficulties for arranging the company demo because the technician came for...
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Sathya Agencies — supplying faulty products to customers [Resolved]

 joelpricilla on Jul 28, 2017

Recently i have purchased 1 ton inverter haier air conditioner in sathya agencies arakkonam branch. But after the installation i found that air conditioner is not working fine. I have informed to the technician who has installed but later i got a shock news that he is not a authorized technician they have hired him from outside for day basis.

He asked to complaint the same to branch, i have contacted sathya arakkonam branch and informed the non working of air conditioners but they are very lethargic and giving silly reasons and not responding properly.
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Sathya Agencies — washing machine/poor customer service [Resolved]

 Timoth on Jul 26, 2017
I booked a washing machine sathya agencies in avadi.
Next day they sent me the showroom piece telling that was brand new. V rejected it knowing it was not brand new.
V went to cancel the order. But owner ravi gave polite reply... And assured us new product if booked again..
So v booked a 6.5kg machine.. Having told one price during invoice/bill they have increased it... No response from them
Poor experience.....
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Sathya Agencies — wrong product [Resolved]

 Suresh T N on Jul 23, 2017
I was purchased tv (Sony led klv32r422e) through online, problem is i m not received tv which i seen from internet (Sathya portal) i revived different tv, regarding this i spoke with sales & store in charge they said its like that only. This my third order. I am very disappointed. Your cheating the customer like anything.

I never expect this kind off service from sathya. Kindly look into the top priority...
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Sathya Agencies — curved samsung tv [Resolved]

 Swarna Vairam on Jul 19, 2017
Bought a 49inch tv from satya kelambakkam on last sunday of june. Since it was gst transmission time original bill was not guven. But the item was delvered three days later even then bill was not sent. Yesterday i called the outlet and requested to send it àcross by post. Only to be answered very rudely that i have to come and collect it. I asked for the executive who attended and she so rudely asked for the name which i did not remember. Never again will i step into satya. A piece worth 1.5 lakhs sold no respect bad experience. Horrible to think i bought something there...
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Sathya Agencies — ac return [Resolved]

 sde097 on Jul 15, 2017
Hello sir,

Am writing this email with regards to an ac which i bought it few days back from you. I paid it in full cash and bought it but i was not explained by anyone about the product in detail hence i had to return it the next day. When i met sathya ageny manager, he was pretty rude and did not even listen to what i was saying. Being a customer and i bought a product from them which i had to return but they did not even have a courtesy to listen or see to what i was asking. Worst customer service ever seen in my life. I would recommend not to buy any products from them. They would...
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Sathya Agencies — Non response to customers after purchase [Resolved]

 Sudhakar Dhivya on Jul 5, 2017
I purchase Samsung washing machine and LG refrigerator 2 days before at kumananchavadi and am waiting for delivery 3rd day call to customer care several times non response so we went to shop for asking about delivery but there people treat very cheap like government office as like singular we totally absurd. actually we plan to purchase a godrej split AC their but we know about the customer care .. Thank God.....
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Sathya Agencies — Damaged piece samsung fridge delivery [Resolved]

 Bhaskar Ramamurthi on Jun 28, 2017
Samsung friddge rt 37m5538s9 inv[protected] dated[protected] the above refrigerator which was supplied to me on 27062017 at 10 pm when the same was opened by the customer service engineer it was found that the piece so delivered to me is one of the defective item - the person who called on us for installation promised to call back once he checks with availability of piece till 7 pm i havent received any such information - if in case 345 l replacement piece is not available i wont mind taking a good piece of same model 395 l but ensure a good piece is supplied and best price is offered for that -...
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Sathya Agencies — Non delivery of product [Resolved]

 Bhaskar Ramamurthi on Jun 27, 2017
Samsung fridge rt37m5538s9 0epg4daj500877 purchased vide invoice[protected] date & time[protected] amount was paid on 2606.2017 and promised to deliver within 24 hours - i am writing this after the time frame as u said - the fridge is yet to be delivered. None picks up the phone in customer care i get a simple answer that the product has been loaded but till now i am yet to receive the product i regret having booked an item from you if you are unable to deliver in time atleast inform the customer - i am in dark now will my product be delivered???...
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Sathya Agencies — Voltas ac [Resolved]

 ParuInigo on Jun 8, 2017
I have purchased ac in satya madipakkam branch before 5 days along with voltage stabilizer.
They have not delivered the stabilizer eventhough i paid the delivery amount

They have not installed the ac even after 5 days but promised to install by 24 hrs at the bill payment time. Worst behaviour and they are now questioning me like i dint say you to buy here.. Worst customer handling....
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Sathya Agencies — Television/not delivered

Hi i had purchased tv through online portal. They displayed the lg 43 inch tv in a discount of 54% so i paid around 40990 after discount. Next day morning they called and confirmed the order too. After some time they called again and asking me to pay the full amount without any discount to deliver this product one guy name david babu is the manger for this online purchase department. His response is ridiculous he is asking me to file a complaint for the same and denying to deliver the product unless i pay extra cost without discount. He is telling like a school kid that some people updated...
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Sathya Agencies — Defective product sent by online team [Resolved]

 Ramjee Panayur on Jun 4, 2017
I ordered pedestal fan in SBSO-12558

I received a damaged part and couldnt assemble the set.

Within an hour of delivery I tried all means to reach Sathya agencies to return the product and get a refund.

I tried calling the number that they have published on their website 91 [protected] / [protected] however no response from Sathya and a person called and asked me to call [protected]. But no one picked the other number. Such a frustrating experience

Please help in refund for the product from Sathya...
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Sathya Agencies — Worst response and not providing service [Resolved]

 balakrish666 on May 31, 2017
Before a two weeks bought a lg purifier from guduvanchery sathya branch. Initially they said while explaining about the product if the pressure is in not up to the level means have to fix a motor to fix that pressure. And the technician said to fix pressure pump. I have bought the pressure pump and said him to fix it. But now he is saying have to fix pressure pump for the tank. It will costs up to 15000. And i have informed to the sathya shop from which i bought the purifier they said after a talk with that technician. The technician haven't come on next day and in shop also no one has responded...
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Sathya Agencies — Received used ifb microwave oven on new purchase from sathya agencies namakkal branch [Resolved]

 geethailango on May 21, 2017
I paid Rs.23, 300 on 16/05/2017 for purchase of an Air cooler, a Mixie and a IFB Microwave Oven (MWO25BC4) by a DD in favour of Sathya Agencies Namakkal. I received the Air cooler and Mixie on the day of payment itself. But I did not receive the oven as they were out of stock and they requested me to wait and promised to deliver the product the next day.
But I went in person and took delivery on 18/05/2017 only since they failed to deliver on 17th. Upon returning home I came to know that the Oven is a used one.
I even found two dirty rags inside the Oven and there are a lot of scratches...
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Sathya Agencies — Product not delivered and No proper response to Customer [Resolved]

 vijay Kumar (Liquidmonkey) on May 18, 2017
I have made a initial payment on 1st may at Tambaram Satya Agencies branch to procure a LG Airconditioner and the finance got approved on May 7th.

May 8th went in person to collect the invoice, they said internet problem, same day i went evening and then said SAP connectivity.

After 8th i have been continuously calling to the show room, there is no proper response from them.

May 10th - two days they said no stock and they said they will update me back in 10 minutes, after that i've been continuously calling on 11th and 12th, they never picked up my call....
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Sathya Agencies — Worst service for faulty product [Resolved]

 Bagavath on May 10, 2017
I bought 3 ceiling fans before 7 months. All are having 2 Years warranty. suddenly 3 fans got fault. its not even working. I called Sathya agencies. they told they will registered complaint and they will come. But it's more than 25 days. They are not coming. I am calling them daily. they are telling they will come tomorrow, tomorrow like that.
They are too worst....
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Sathya Agencies — Not providing the bill for my purchase [Resolved]

 gssraja on May 8, 2017

I had good will about Sathya Agencies in the past. I have been a regular customer. However, after my most recent purchase Sony R42E LED TV, I was never provided a bill as a proof of my purchase. In spite of having so many follow-ups with the sales person Rajkumar of Porur branch, I was left wondering how come an agency be so lethargic in providing a proof of purchase. I am contemplating how to redress this in consumer forums. Are you guys evading tax by not providing a proof of purchase? How come your transaction is complete without providing the customer with the proof of purchase?...
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Sathya Agencies — Sealed pack component missing. [Resolved]

 Aritra Sur on May 3, 2017
I have made a purchase of a orient tornado ii model and a essential screw to hold the fan head is missing. They have installed the product but it is un-usable. Also, how the parts is missing in the new product.
The customer care is very poor and since today they are not receiving my calls.
As, i suspect there is something they might have opened the product and then scaled back, in that process the part gone missing.

Please, look into this issue as the product is un-usable till the screw is attached. At lest new product should be intact and not missing any component....
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