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Citibank N.A., P.O. Box No. 4830, Anna Salai Post Office
Chennai District
Tamil Nadu
India - 600002

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Registered Post:
Citibank N.A., Mail Room, No. 2, Club House Road, Chennai - 600 002.

24x7 CitiPhone:
Ahmedabad: +91 79 2642 2484; +91 79 2640 4653
Akola: 1-800-1802484;1-800-1802484
Aurangabad: +91 240 663 2484; +91 240 663 4653
Baroda: +91 265 232 2484;+91 265 232 4653
Bengaluru: +91 80 2227 2484; +91 80 2229 4653
Bhopal: 1-800-1802484; 1-800-1802484
Bhubaneshwar: 1-800-1802484; 1-800-1802484
Chandigarh: +91 172 508 2484;+91 172 508 4653
Chennai: +91 44 2852 2484;+91 44 2858 4653
Coimbatore: +91 44 2852 2484; +91 44 2858 4653
Dehradun: 1-860-4257000; 1-860-4257000
Faridabad: +91 124 254 2484; +91 124 256 4653
Gurgaon: +91 124 254 2484; +91 124 256 4653
Hyderabad: +91 40 6666 2484; +91 40 6666 4653
Indore: 1-800-1802484; 1-800-1802484
Jaipur: +91 141 237 2484; +91 141 511 4653
Jalandhar: +91 181 506 2484; +91 181 500 4653
Jamshedpur: 1-800-1802484; 1-800-1802484
Kanpur: 1-800-1802484; 1-800-1802484
Kochi: +91 484 404 2484; +91 484 660 2484; +91 484 402 4653; +91 484 660 4653
Kolkata: +91 33 2283 2484; +91 33 2288 4653
Lucknow: +91 522 220 1022; +91 522 223 1044
Ludhiana: +91 161 501 2484; +91 161 501 4653
Madurai: +91 44 2852 2484; +91 44 2858 4653
Mumbai: +91 22 2823 2484; +91 22 2834 4653
Nagpur: 1-800-1802484; 1-800-1802484
Nanded: 1-800-1802484; 1-800-1802484
Nandyal: +91 40 6666 2484; +91 40 6666 4653
Nasik: 1-800-1802484; 1-800-1802484
New Delhi: +91 124 254 2484; +91 124 256 4653
Noida: +91 124 254 2484; +91 124 256 4653
Pondicherry: +91 44 2852 2484; +91 44 2858 4653
Pune: +91 20 6601 2484; +91 20 6601 4653
Surat: +91 261 653 2484; +91 261 653 4653
Trichy: +91 44 2852 2484; +91 44 2858 4653
Trivandrum: +91 484 404 2484; +91 484 660 2484; +91 484 402 4653; +91 484 660 4653
Vapi:+91 265 232 2484; +91 265 232 4653
Visakhapatnam: 1-800-1802484; 1-800-1802484

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Customer satisfaction rating
Good news! We have a good connection with the company and they're good at resolving user complaints.

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Citibank Credit Card — credit card statement [Resolved]

 venkata uday sankar jonnalagadda
I started using my credit card from oct 2007, I didnot get a single statement except the first month by mail....


 Sourav Sagar Panda
I am unwillingly writing this as I have been forced by the situation Citibank has created for me. I DO NOT expect such an unprofessional and unethical behavior towards a loyal customer of Citibank. This space is actually too small and impractical to narrate to you the kind of harassment that I have experienced. However, I have managed to find little time from my busy schedule to summarize the bad weather at my end.
I am using an Indian Oil Citibank credit card ([protected]) from about more than 4 years. On march 2006 I received a call with an offer from your bank of Rs.1, 47, 000/- loan on this card. I took the loan and started paying the EMIs. After about 10 months I started receiving calls from the bank reminding me about the outstanding amount and forcing me to pay the minimum amount payable as soon as the statement generates (which means in the first week of every month). Whereas my last date of payment is on 21st of every month according to the statement I receive. Also it is important to note that from the beginning I have given a standing instruction to my CitiBank Suvidha account for the payment. I was getting these kind of calls in every 2/3 days. I was trying my best to make them understand that I have given a standing instruction to my Suvidha account and they don’t have to remind me all the time. But all my efforts were useless. It was clearly understandable that they wanted me to pay off the total loan amount in one shot. I had taken the loan for 4 years and it was quite impossible for me at that point of time. In due course, I was offered an additional loan of Rs. 99, 000/- on the condition that they will close the previous amount and I’ll have to bear the interests and EMIs of the combined amount (the previous amount + currently offered amount i.e. Rs.1, 15, 380/- + Rs. 99, 000/- = Rs. 2, 14, 380/-).
And, now I get calls from Citibank almost every day (Ph no.[protected] for ref), asking me for the payment knowing the fact that all payments are in the form of standing instructions. This has become so irritating that I am losing my reputation amongst my family and friends or co-workers. This is a serious matter for me now and I DO NOT want such calls anymore. Why does anybody have to call me when I am paying EMIs on time? Why should I explain when I am going to pay through STANDING INSTRUCTION? – This sounds so foolish! Or Citibank has hired tele-callers to harass people who are somehow associated with the bank. They have called me uncountable times. This kind of behavior indicates that Citibank wants me to clear all the remaining amount at one go, which is unfair and against the law.
I don't know whether it makes sense mentioning it here... The complain section in the Citibank website is something which I think is for fun. Any complains made through this never reaches them... some irritating link error is popped up at your face - seems like they don’t want to receive any complains from you.

Such a response forcefully makes me conclude that if this is what they offer in terms of complains then what would be the level of seriousness and professionalism offered to Citibank customers.
I need suggestion on this…….

Sourav Sagar Panda.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
The Manager,
Citibank N A
Global Consumer Bank,
2413, Kumar Capital,
East Street, Camp,
Pune – 411 001.

Subject: Fraud regarding repayment of loan.
Applicant: Mr. Ravindra Pal Singh Bhasin

Dear Sir or Madam:

With reference to the above subject I am requesting you thru this letter regarding the loan, which I have taken for my business purpose Rs. 3, 55, 000/- (Rs. Three lac fifty five thousand only) that I was repaying regularly to Citibank branch Pune. A month back I received a call from Citibank regarding my balance loan to be repaid amounting to Rs. 1, 51, 800/-. As a received the call from the bank, I personally went to the East Street branch and submitted the receipts (photocopies) against which I have paid the said amount.

Bank official has informed me that the said receipt amount is not reflecting in the books of loan account in bank system. Then I went to Citishelter Bank premium point, II nd Floor, M G Road, Pune and met with Mr. Peter, Manager who asked to handover originals for verification purpose. So I submitted the required copies to Mr. Yogesh Tendulkar for verification purpose and photocopies were retained by me. The whole case have been carefully listen by Mr. Peter and advised me to call him back after 10-12 days on his Mobile No. [protected].

When I called again after 10 days to Mr. Peter he gave me a new number [protected] as this matter was escalated to higher authorities and also informed us that he will be on leave so the matter should be referred on the above given number. When I called on this number I have been informed that the matter has been taken up for approval however after two days this number was just ringing. Finally I once again visited the branch and met with Mr. Yogesh Borate who informed me that I will get back the receipt amount which I have paid i.e. Rs. 60, 000/- & Rs. 40, 000/- however I will not get back the remaining Rs. 60, 000/-. When I asked the reason of it I have been informed by Mr. Yogesh that I should do what ever I want and even Consumer Forum / Court could not do anything against us.

When I asked for Loan Account Statement that times my account was still reflecting that Rs. 1, 51, 800/- is still outstanding. I once again call Head Office Manager on[protected] and talked to reception Ms. Surabhi who checked on her system and informed me that the entries are not seen in loan account and gave me a complain number[protected] and requested me to call back after 5 days for taking feedback.

Next day I got a call from Mumbai of Mr. Paritosh[protected] saying that Rs. 1, 00, 000/- will be approved however for remaining paid Rs. 60, 000/- could not be traced hence could not get adjusted against outstanding. The reason given was as the original receipt is not with me hence could not be taken into consideration that means based on photocopy of receipt alongwith date / receipt number / signature etc. bank is not ready to given credit to my account.

For your kind information please note when I have taken repaid the amounts fully against the outstandings following figures have been seen in my account statement details are as follows –

Sr NO Receipt NO Date Amount
1 1120 11/10/2007 60, 000/-
2 31185 Not available 60, 000/-
3 2015 27/11/2007 40, 000/-

On dated 12/06/2008 when I have taken statement from Bank I got outstanding figure as Rs. 1, 51, 800/-. After that on 21/06/2008 I got outstanding figure was Rs. 99, 800/- and lastly on 27/06/2008 statement shows outstanding of Rs. 51, 800/-.

Now can I know why still outstanding are seen in loan statement after repaying the whole amount of Rs. 1, 60, 000/-. I am even not able to understand the behavior of Bank employees / officials. When I am producing the receipts why can’t simply they go thru the dates of the receipt and search / reconcile the statements verses receipts, dates wise, amount wise and receipt number wise and why a client should suffer so much for the misdeeds of the bank official. For a simple matter there were many calls, visits, discussions, and meetings and finally outcome is pathetic. This is not expected from a bank like Citibank who has big name in the market however internally it is worse then any co-operative bank.

Before I highlight this matter with your higher-ups & into Consumer Forum / Court, Press, I like to give a fair chance to your branch to take the necessary steps in this matter and resolve it at the earliest. I have relationship with big business lobbies of Maharashtra and don’t think that it is a kind of warning however the cruel reality is before doing any action against you legally take it as a opportunity and revert with confirmations.

My Email ids are –

[protected] & [protected]

(Ravindra Pal Sing Bhasin)
A/c No. 903420
City: PAA
Loan Type: PPTL
LOC : 13675
I am a citi bank credit card holder. I was using my credit card from last 8 month, everything was going normal. One day I got a call from Citi bank credit card department, they offered me some Insurance Plan. They gave me the details regarding the Insurance through call. I denied to accept the policy but they forced me to listen it. I have told them to call me later once I take my family permission, but they din't gave me the chance to cut the call and at that movement they have clearly informed me that they will send a documents regarding the policy in your mailing address and if you are interested accept it otherwise call us within 15 day after receiving the document to reject the policy, this was the pre-condition kept by them in front of me. In this condition, I have given my few minutes to them.But I din't receive any documents from there side.
After few days I came to know that something around 9000 rps has been Charged on my Credit card. When I came to know about it, I gave a call to them and have canceled the policy. At that time they din't informed me about any charge for the cancellation. After few month, I came to know that there is a 5800 amount outstanding in my Credit card. I again called them and denied to pay the amount but they are forcing me to pay the amount. They say's that flow doesn't work like this, we dont send any documents. Whatever we do we do it in call. In every 2 day they calls me regarding the same. I want to say that when I was not interested then how can u people start such Insurance and charge for it.
Before I highlight this matter into Consumer Forum / Court, Press, I like to give a fair chance to your branch to take the necessary steps in this matter and resolve it at the earliest. My uncle use to work with Times of India group, it will not take much time for me to raise the complaint regarding the same. So please take the neccesary step at the earliest.

My Email Id :- prakash.h.[protected]
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    I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


     Krishanu Maitra

    I, Krishanu Maitra, resident of Flat#2, Shibani Sundar, Garia Gardens, Kolkata-700084, (DOB 8th March 1974) would request you to kindly issue a No Objection Certificate/No Dues certificate against my Credit card no.[protected].

    As per my knowledge all dues are cleared by last transaction from my citibank savings account no.[protected], amount Rs 18954.72 on 22nd July, 2005.But i am really disheartened to know from reliable sources that this amount still lies as overdue and I have been termed as a defaulter, which by no means is true and it creates a dent in my image in the society.So, my earnest request to you is to issue the No Dues Certificate and also remove my name from the defaulters list.

    I shall be waiting for your mail/reply at the earliest.

    Krishanu Maitra
    Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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      I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


       vikram chauhan
      Dear Sir/Madam

      This is in reference to hutch citibank card # [protected], ref # 79603013. I want you to know that I had been offered this card in my company premises via promotional campaing, on the condition that any kind of service would not be activated without my instructions.
      I had paid my Vodafone bill as usual by cheque # 430398 on 24th jan'08.However, I came to learn that the same bill was also paid through hutch citibank card in my name.
      I had not given any standing instructions to either Citibank or Vodafone to pay my mobile bills.
      I have also launched complaint at the Vodafone Store to cease accepting payment through card in my name.

      I will continue to pay my bills personally through cheques and do not want to avail any credit card facility.

      Kindly deactivate this card as I will be paying my bills personally and will not entertain any of such services.
      Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
      My name is Saikat majumdar and I am working in xavient software solutions, greater noida well I would like to
      Complain regarding my Citibank credit card status that few days back I got a call from Citibank credit card department
      And after that one of the executive came and collects the document. After that I got the ref no-[protected].then one of my
      Colleague in my office had applied for the credit card online and he got the card within one week, but still I am waiting I have an Citibank suvidha
      Acc no-[protected] and I am also maintaining HDFC credit card, but still I am receiving such bad experience from Citibank. On 22/4/2008
      I spoke to customer care executive of Citibank her name is sharda of gurgaon branch and she was unable to give appropriate reply or
      Feedback. On 22/04/2008 I have again applied for Citibank credit card online and this time I suppose that I will not face such kind of problem.
      Its my request to please take step on this matter
      I have perchased a n hcl laptop by citibank card and want to see the bill.
      sir actully i want my bill summary and please give me my call detail outgoing and incoming of my connection [protected] my email Id :- [protected]
      I had a similar experience. Citibank Hutch card paid my mobile bill amount without my consent. I had paid the bill via a cheque at the same time. Citibank recovery cell is now chasing me for the bill amount whereas they should be recovering the money from Hutch (Vodafone). The the issue is not settled and they have added me into the CIBIL defaulter list.

      Please be aware of Citibank tactics.

      Fraudulent Credit Card

      I have never taken any credit card from any bank. CIBIL report says I have taken credit cards and used. It badly affects my credit score and if I cannot avail the loan due to this. Please help on this
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        I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

        Citibank — Credit Card Issue [Resolved]

         Nidhi Narang
        To whomsoever concerned:

        Respected Sir/Madam,

        I had a credit card with Citibank since 2004,...


         Abeer Nagi
        There have been numorous debits from my account from Citibank.
        One fine day I find that more than 500 Rupees have been swapped out without my awareness, I call the citibank Customer care adn they reply saying that its the "renewal Fees" for my card, I told them that I dont want to use the card, and I want my money back, they then stopped my card and did not return the money now they are saying that I have to pay additional 500 rupees to get another card!! this is rediculous!! one I have already paid the renewal fees, they are not ready to issue a card on that money...
        I spoke to MR Ashok Kumar from Citibank Customer Care in Gurgaon
        Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
        Hi Citi Bank

        I M Anil Kumar My Suvidha A/C no. is [protected].
        I Hv been writing you mail since around two months but i didnt get any positive response from Citibank. The issue is that i have two credit cards of Citibank, their last four digits are 6003 and 6019, bcoz due to some personal problems( my father expired two months ago ) i could not give c/card minimum amt due on time bcoz of financial crisis in my family. Instead of showing sympathy, Citibank has blocked/ debited my Suvidha A/c no.[protected] Rs- 6894) without my Authorisation Now when i called up citibank officers Mr Ish guleria ( floor supervisor)and Mr Brijender( floor manager) they told me that there are some standing Instructions stating that if i am unable to pay my minimum amt due for c/cards then Citibank is gonna deduct that amt from my suvidha a/c.

        Is that kind of behaviour does a Citi customer should expect from CITIBANK ???

        For your kind info. I have not authorised Citibank to debit that amt from my Suvidha a/c I have not signed any document regarding that. In addition to this when i was opening my suvidha a/c in feb 2007 i refused to take any c/card from citi but still citibank made it why???

        Now that I M already very tensed and if something happens to me psychologically, Only Citibank will be responsible for that and thats why i m writing you this mail for my future records
        For ur info i m the only person in my family who is earning right now and if citi keeps on debiting from my a/c how will i run my family

        For now as my salary is gonna credited in another one day I want You to normalise my saving a/c with immediate effect and i promise to pay the amount for c/cards and if you dont then i m gonna file a police case against Citi stating that you deducted my money from my a/c without my authorisation also I may file a case of harrasment and claiming amount in reverse from CITIBANK bcoz of the torture that Citi gave me and my family

        Plz take this mail very very Seriously and Revert back


        Anil kumar kashyap ( [protected])
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          I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

          Citibank Credit Card — status of delivery of credit card [Resolved]

           shivang nigam

          I am Shivang Nigam and i have applied for a credit card that is student credit card but till now i have...

          Citibank — Citibank Fraud [Resolved]

           Prageti verma
          Dear Sir/Ma'am,
          I have a savings bank account (No [protected]) with Citi Bank having a cash balance around Rs.19,500/-....

          Citibank Personal Loan — Fraud [Resolved]

           Gaurav Gandhi
          Citibank personal Loan Dept took the ECS amount of Rs 2350 out from my HDFC bank Account while I already Deposited the same...


           Naresh Shivnani
          I have got a home loan (Loan no 119610) running since 2005 with this bank.It was a home saver loan in which a 0 balance current account was opened in parallel.I was told to trf the funds in this account every month which I was doing .In the course of time the rate of int went up from 8.75 to 11.25 but my instalment remained the same.Then in the month of Nov 2007 I delayed the deposit in account and I deposited 8000 on 28 Nov and 9000 on 29 Nov which I should have deposited by 15 Nov.But instead of treating this deposit as an instt for Nov the bank took this amount as towards OD account which I am not clear.Then I deposited instt for Dec in cash and their executive took it.I was given a receipt and this instt for Dec was set off against the instt of Nov .Thus by this way even now I am back by 1 month instt although I have deposited for every month.There is no hearing anywhere and I am still not clear where the instt has been adjusted to.I wanted to personally visit the branch but they dont want to entertain me on this .Now they have ruined my image in the credit market and I am not able to borrow the other loan.I want a strict action to be taken against them.
          Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020

          Citibank — Policy given without request

          I have this card from Citibank on which they have given me a "Good Health Policy" without any request from my side. After a few months they levied charges on that. And then on they kept leving service tax and latepayment fee every month. This is happening since 2005. I have sent then couple of registered posts to their post box no. telling them the issue and that I am beign asked to pay all this amount without my using the card even once.
          I have this card which has never been used and has so much amount attched to it. I don't know how to close this whole thing with all the money waived off. Please help.

          The same this has happened with me.I am going to consumer court for the same.
          Dear Citi bank officer,

          I have been a citi bank credit card holder during[protected]. I had paid all my dues during my association spanning over 4 years. My statments can be reviewed .

          I write to bring to you that the credit card relationship that was severed with citi bank in 2005 merely for levying a meagre Rs 175/-, penal charges for non payment of dues in time during 2003.I had a requested for a reversal humbly, citing the facts that the statment was not received by me in time hence the resultant delay.
          Those were the days, when system of telecalling/ internet banking was not very popular.

          I did not get a resolve from a bank that Claims "it never sleep."

          Finally after harrassing calls, repeated request for reversal during[protected], I stopped using my card as a protest wef 5/2005 and paid my last purchsase thate were megre Rs.47/-. A relationship with a banker who does not vallue the integrtity (for mere Rs 175/) of a client that who has enjoyed a credit worthy relationship running into lakhs, was to end and it did in 2005.I have even prepared the break of the cahrges and by purchases that have been debited to my account during[protected]. I had even requested one of the caller agents that the breakup of my sttament of account could be provided to them which will show that these charges have been mistakenly leveied on my account and are nothing but the build up on interest thereon. Only way to resolve would be to reverse it. Seems this is a good case of mountain out of molehill.

          During[protected] I received umpteen harassing calls.Statments that are just churning our figures day in day out without somebody bothering to look at the fine print of the base of these figures.

          I have been away from India for past many years.

          The amount was at continuesI gather that the outstanding amount per these statements that now show figure in thousands keep being mailed to me randomly.

          I just once again request someone to look into the facts of the case, and look at my sttaments during my association and after it has been severed to resolve this issue once and for all.

          Seema Khanna Ahluwalia

          I am order Jaipuri Razai

          I m order jaipuri Razai but I m not interested plz refund my money in wallet I m all ready return requested
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            I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

            Citibank Credit Card — Statement is not on time, Bank is charging extra money as late payment [Resolved]

             Pankaj Kumar Gautam
            Hello Sir/Madam,

            My Self Pankaj Kumar Gautam is a Credit Card Holder of Citi Bank.
            I have some problems...


             arun kumar sharma
            Citi financial G-239 ,nariana vihar branch , new delhi just make me fool. First they calls me to my cell and say u r eligible to get loan amount somewhere around 35 to 50 k in rate of interest 18% to see ur previous bike loan. Den i get sometime after mine hectic schedule i find there nobody care to customer. Even i spend two hours just freely. My question to u that what u think about us. Are we beggers?

            Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
            daer sir
            my ref no.12323728
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              I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


               suresh anandrao pendharkar
              i'm not getting the statement of my creadit card
              Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
              I am R.K.Gupta , my addressis A-42 Sen Colony Power House Road, Near Rly. Station, Jaipur. My Credit Card No. is
              my date of birth is 10 November 1937.
              I got a bill on 12th March 08 in which
              interest charges Rs 277.96
              late payment fee Rs 108.52
              overdue amount Rs 213.89
              have ben charged, which is requested to be corrected, as firstly I
              received the bill quite late, secondly on getting information of
              depositing the amount required, I immediately deposited the
              desired amount but it was with all these above referred charges
              which are charged from me for your mistake of not sending the bill in time, and even when on demand on phone I immediately
              responded and deposited the full amount desiredby you.
              Now kindly wave off all these unwanted charges levied on me and inform me else I will surrender this card.
              15 mayuresh bulding, 509 madacolony, near pmc bank, poonam nagar, andheri east 400096

              dear sir i am narendra i am apply for the citibank credit card card is dispatch from citibank by address is chenged the card is return to chennai office i already updated my address pls resend me my credit card visa gold card pls do me need full my account is salary account in citi bank
              i received so many calls from chennai citi office all people are asking address but they are not send me the card
              pls pls pls psls psl i request u send me card i am citi bank customer

              sir pls sir pls pls sir
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                I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                CITIfinancial — Citi Financial - Incompetence and unprofessional [Resolved]

                 Loan Applicant
                Do not approach citi financial of the citi group for any kind of loan. They are run by a bunch of incompetent imbeciles and...


                 Pooja Khanna
                This is in regards to the an ongoing issue (since NOv 03,2007).

                It pains me to write to you about this but since the day I’ve applied for an India Bulls account and chose CITIBANK as my bank, I have faced nothing but inconvinience .

                For opening an account with INdia Bulls, I had provided a citibank cheque .907738 for Rs. 50,900.

                The amount was debited from my Citibank account ending with 4226 on November 3,2007 however was not credited to my India Bulls account .
                The amount is lying in India Bulls suspense account ever since due to a signature mismatch .

                I have been in touch with my RM Rahul( INDIA BULLS ) to get this rectified .
                I’ve been patiently waiting for this issue to be resolved, but I must say that even after waiting for more than a 100 days now my problem has not been resolved .

                Rahul wanted me to provide a transaction proof on the Citibank letterhead , which was duly provided .
                After escalating this matter to India Bulls , I was asked to wait for 48 hrs before I get a response .

                Durga prasad from India Bulls called me and very bluntly stated that unless I get the statement from citibank stating that this cheque was deposited in some India Bulls account Number they would not be able to help me . The money will be in the suspense account forever if I don’t submit the same .

                I spoke with citibank , unfortunately in your records it shows that this amount was credited to Pooja Khanna , India Bulls name or account number is nowhere to be found .

                I requesed citibank to send me a proof of payment which was promptly sent however the name in whose favour the cheque was written is incorrect .
                I requested for a copy of the cheque to be sent to me so I could provide the same to India Bulls . I spoke with 5 diffrent reps regarding that and was given a brush off saying its against CITI's policy to provide copies of the cheque .

                I called again and spoke to another rep who assured me that i will get the copy in a week's time and was provided a refernce # : 6473 , another ref # : 7563795 .. and so on .

                After several phone calls, complaint reference numbers and hours on the phone my money is still missing .
                I've been a citi customer for the last 8 years and this is not wha I expect for being a loyal customer .

                Please help me as I am totally at your mercy now . It is not a small amount and is my hard-earned money .

                My Contact information is :

                Pooja Khanna
                Phnone # : 91-[protected] / 91-[protected]
                email : [protected] and pooja.[protected]
                Address : House # 83, First floor, Ganapati Appts , Gautam Nagar , New Delh 110049.

                Waiting for your response ,
                Pooja Khanna
                Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
                I have applied for 2 PF Accounts money created in citibank but i got some ammount, is it posiable to know what pf number amount creadited in citibank .
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                  I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                  Citibank — Not delivered add on card [Resolved]

                   Hitesh manocha
                  On 8th Dec 07I requested for an addon card from Citi Bank in the name of my wife Shailaja Manocha.
                  The request was...

                  Citibank — Spam Calls/ Fake Customer Data Creation [Resolved]

                  This is how Cititbank responds to a Customer complaint. They make you go round and round till you give up completely


                  We have received a lawyer notice today for the payment for RS 487133.16 aganist the credit card dues which was closed in the year 2000.we maintain a copy of settlemet letter with us. There is absolutely no correspondence from the bank either by call or by statements it is a shock and an harresement to elderly people like us as it is not fair .Request you to kindly address this injustice on us.Please contact us on[protected]/[protected]
                  Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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                    Citibank — unauthorised debits from savings account [Resolved]

                     Quintina Noronha
                    i am an account holder with citibank for almost 7yrs now. i had a suvidha account which means it was a salaried account. I...


                     R. Chandra Mohan
                    I had taken a loan amounting to Rs 40,000/- and Rs 15000/- 2 yrs back and i had allready sent out the cheq amounting to the same 2 yrs back and stating clearly that the cheq is against the loan number so and so. Insted of closing the loan they have put this amount to excess payment and have been deducting the emi from this amount. now i get a statment stating that i need to pay the 2000 rs which is the emi for the loan which is taken. When i called up they told that i had to pay up 19000Rs. which is outstanding.

                    Please let me know how should i go about this.

                    Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020

                    Citibank Credit Card — card blocked since june 07


                    i am having citi bank credit card [protected] in the name of
                    harmeet mahendru.

                    i just want to clarify that why my card has been blocked since a year
                    i have already discussed the matter with customer care executive but
                    of no use.

                    and one thing more i was asked to pay the amount and i paid the same
                    on the same day when asked for but why my card is showing a Late fee
                    charges of Rs 700 in this statement and also in the previous
                    statements also. and also there is a over limit limit charge of Rs
                    1206, and same in the previous satement also.

                    please look into the matter and revert bank and also make my card
                    operative so that i cann operate the card.

                    thanking you.

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