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Tata Indicom Customer Care
Tata Teleservices Ltd.
Customer satisfaction rating: 1%
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Tata Indicom Customer Care

Tata Teleservices Ltd.

D 26, TTC Industrial Area, Sanpada, Turbhe
Navi Mumbai
Mumbai City District
India - 400703

Customer Care Phone Numbers and Contacts


+91 22 6660 5335  

Customer satisfaction rating
Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

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Tata Indicom Complaints & Reviews

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TATA Indicom Plug 2 Surf — poor internet connection / poor customer care

Hi all,

I would like describe my bitter experiences with Tata indicom internect service - "plug...
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I am using Tata Indicom Broadband for last 2 years and has made over 200 technical complaints. (I do not have any other ISP available in my locality) And now, without swiching computer ON, my broadband is utilized and when I call customer service, they just say "Recharge it, we will take care of it". Ofcourse, No action is taken, but I have to keep recharging my connection for keeping it alive.
On 26th Apr 08, 1GB of data was utilized at night thought my machine was off and moreover I hardly use more than 30 mb of data in a day.
we are not reciving the broadband connection speedly
it is very slow ...
plz check our connection
my login id's vinnu_net and [protected] 2connections.
no service engineers has come to my cyber cafe why should i pay the monthly bill. once i complaint connectivity problem engineer has come after 1 weeek . no response please tell me .
in my complaints call centeres i no of complaints no manager no incharge sir
I ve Sent following email to dsl.[protected] I am sure..nothing will change...

Hello Team,

I am a DSL service user from past one year. ( Acc No.[protected]
Due to the intolerable technical issues and careless attitude towards the end customer service I request you to disconnect my service ASAP.

Details are as follows-

Customer Service Request No.[protected]Given by the call center agent)
Account Number:[protected]
Tariff Plan: Ds206 Advantage 399 Unlimited Plan.
Contact Number: 9890760*** (Not Available in office timings)

Reasons of the Disconnection-

1> Unable to get committed data transfer rate (CIR)

2> Unreliable and unstable service.

3> No proper resolution from the call center agents. Every time I call the Helpdesk & agents come up with some weird answers/resolutions.

4> Apart from lack of technical knowledge, the agents do not even know the way of speaking with the customer.(Specially the agent who logged request number[protected].

This indicates--

A > No proper Agent Training Provided.
B> Carelessness towards Customer Satisfaction.
C> Carelessness towards after sales service.

4.1> Every time the Agent replies as if he/she is doing a favor on the customer.

5>Unable to escalate call from agent to respective supervisor. ( Every time when I ask for a supervisor, the agent places the call on hold and the call drops after a long wait time)

Recent Conversation with the call center.

Date: 28 Oct 2009 time: 8.00 AM Customer Service Request No.[protected]

From one of my colleagues I came to know that I can purchase Zyxel WI-FI router from TATA @562 Rs. So, Today morning I called Customer Care regarding the inquiry of WI-FI Router.
A lady agent answered the call & was unable to give me the correct information. i.e; She was not sure whether the Router price is Rs 562 or if this is the installation charge / cost. After some time she told me that Rs 562 is only the installation charges (Router is not included in that) and after cancellation of the connection I have to return back the WI-FI router to TATA. ( Rs 562 installation charges non-refundable).

If this information is correct... I would like to ask you, WHAT KIND OF A DEAL IS THIS ? &

If this information is wrong then WHAT IS THE USE OF THAT AGENT & CUSTOMER CARE CENTER?

The worst part of the call was she
sounded very rude on the call.

So, taking all these experiences in account I have decided to disconnect the service right away...

Shrinivas Joshi.
Sr. System Engineer ( Linux )

tata indicom wifi router — not working

I had purchased new wi fi router from tata indicom one month before, as they promise internet speed upto 3mbps, i am not receiving even 128 kb, till today i have been calling & mailing the authorities but no one is listening.

prem prakash

i want security key and password of my broad band connection, for my new laptop wifi.

My account no is[protected]


dr sameer naik
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    I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

     Abhishek Kumar
    I am abhishek kumar using tataindicom broadband from last 1 year. Now i shift in new house. when i apply for shift my broadband connection they reply me that area is not feasible for them. But when i applied for a new connection than they say "YES" they can provide a new connection on that place.

    I only want to know why they don't want to change my existing connection.

    Abhishek Kumar
    The Manager,
    Tata Indicom Broadband Servieces,

    Sub: Application No:1556148 Dated:22.5.08, for Broadband Connection.

    Dear Sir,
    With reference to the above application, please note the above connection has not yet been installed crating inconvenience to our office. Your Mr.Manas had not Adequately inform to us regarding the formalities for installation of the service there for Your kindly requested to treat the matter as closed and return our cheque No:744863, Amt:4496/-, drawn on Indian Bank and treat the matter as closed.

    Thanking You,
    Yours faithfully,

    For, Nataesh Batteries

    Authorized Signatory
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      I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

      Tata Indicom — i have lost my mobile.i want to retain the sim

       yadagiri pulipati
      Dear Sir,

      I have lost my mobile on saturday evening.I want to retain the sim which is in my name only.kindly...
      Complaint comments  Comments  (58)

       satyapal singh
      respected Sir/CEO,

      i am a customer of tata indicom my phone no is [protected]. an executive (Mr. Shiva & pradeep) told me that if you will change your plan from prepaid to postpaid you will be get the several benefit. They said me you have to deposit Rs 600/- wide customer application no Dl 00969560 dated on 23 feb till now i have neither received my amount nor change my plan
      I therefore request to you kindly take necessary action in this record

      thanking you,

      your sincerely
      satyapal singh
      ph [protected]
      wz 42-A, Naraina Village
      new delhi 28

      TataIndicom — change of plan

      ref account no[protected], mob no[protected] under cmo indian army plan.
      inspite of taking plan of rs 224 initially in which it was promised by the coy rep that a free talk time of rs 200 will be given the plan has suddenly be changed to 319 without any intimation .
      there has no response given by the customer care centre regarding the clarification asked.the request for termination of no has also not been dealt properly.

      TATA Indicom — CHANGE THE PLAN

      R/SIR, My name is Naveen Rohilla the Tata indicom company harrased me .my tata indicom Prepaid mobile no. is [protected].the company changed my plan without any information to me, deduct amount and give no solution

      TataIndicom — Change in Billing Scheme

      I am a post paid mobile phone customer with no.[protected]

      Initially, Tataindicom used to tell unbilled amount by dailing 121 and the same was updated every 24Hours.

      Now they have stopped such service and are indicating the same only when free usage is exhausted, that too after 48Hrs., thus indirectly cheating customers.

      Even in dial-up internet plans they are telling that internet usage is updated within 48Hrs and the same is not actually done thus causing excess usage and paying more to Tataindicom

      Hope Tataindicom will change its current practice.

      TATA Indicom — change planning

      sir my tata indicam number non stop planing but next this change monthly 600min tata free.and other mobile 50p. but now changed what reasons.i am risk the problem now the offer....


      For my home use internet plan of 3 gb @ Rs. 599/- I was excesively charged 2323/- I made the payment. Immediately I informed TTML and instructed to change plan to UNLIMITED plan @ Rs. 499/-
      For my utter shock and dismay i received a bill with a plan of monthly Rs. 8000/- and am billed for Rs. 4815/-
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        I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

         Tanuja Krishna Kumar
        I, like a , chose Tata Indicom (Bangalore)of all companies, as my Internet Service Provider and have regretted the same since day one! I signed up for their dial-up Internet connection service on the %th of December. I was told that I would have instant access to the internet from that very day!
        However I have never been able to connect to the internet, not even for a minute!I called their customer care staff, who i might as well add, are a complete bunch of . After making numerous calls to them over a period of one month, they finally sense a problem and say they'll have someone come over to my house to fix it. Needless to say, that never happened. I was already fed up by then, yet i made some more calls. Then these tell me that the modem i was given was faulty!!! This, mind you, is told to me after more than a month! The fools at Tata Indicom didn't even have the courtesy to help me out (after all it was their mistake), instead, ordering me to go to their office on Richmond Road and get another modem.
        When i went to that office, they firstly treated me like dirt, making me wait for over 2 hours with absolutely no one willing to help me! then when i tell them i've come to exchange a modem for something that works, they ask me 'Who told you to come here?' ... 'We cannot exchange a modem just like that!!!'
        that got to me and i started yelling, which is what i should have done in the first place. Then they offer me a chair and check out my faulty modem and replace it, telling me that the new one would work by midnight for sure. This was in mid-jan. It is now the end of April, yet i have received no service, my internet still does not work and i'm guessing the 'new' modem i got is also faulty! i'm fed up of dealing with these who i think should all be shot!
        I obviously refused to pay the bills that piled up over the months for a service that i never received. Religiously, the staff at Tata Indicom call every month to ask me to pay up. They're efficient when they call asking for money, but couldn't care less about whether their customers receive their service or not! Every month, i repeat my problem to them, they say 'OK' and hang up the phone!!! i was even told in February that my internet connection would be cut!!! i said go ahead, what connection they were talking about i don't know!!!
        now they send me a letter threatening legal action if i don't pay up!I'm ready and willing to counter charge and sue them for damages!
        i would welcome any advice on the same!
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          I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

          This is my humble request to you that I am a Tata Indicom Walky Prepaid Connection Holder holding the Number as[protected] ESN # [protected] / 1043881 since ffrom 10th June, 2006 but this time I am in great trouble while at the time of recharge I came to know that my outgoing as well as the incomming calls had been barred due to non recharge at the schedule time. I contact the customer care cell and Mr. Manoranjan a customer care executive told me to contact the True Value Hub at Ultadanga which is 20Km away from my house which is very much difficult for me to reach. More Over after knocking True Value Hub I have to pay Rs. 100/- as a Reactivation charge. My Question why I have to pay Rs. 100/- for Reactivation when there is no dues against my Number, and if I am paying this amount why I have to Travel such a long way and why the recharge option has been barred. To recharge my Walky is my foundamental right when I have paid Money for Registration at the time of Purchasing. If Tata Indicom is obstructing me to restitute my Foundamental Rights please file up this as my Complaint and do the needful.

          Hope you will do the needful and take the necessary steps against this sort of misdeeds.

          Thanking you

          Yours' Sincerely,
          Banani Burman Ray

          Arindam Ray Chowdhury
          plz connection my indicom no [protected]
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            I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

             M Talha Zamir
            I am using 5 tataindicom connections nos are [protected], [protected], 64540928,[protected], [protected], from the very first day I am facing problem in making out going calls as well as incoming calls. I have launched several complaints regarding call dropping and no network, but i think the tata officials are intrested in sending bills and in getting money only. They are not at all bothered how much customer is suffering from there improfessional behaviour and If i want to make payment by there website its working but when I want to launch a complaint regarding there so called best service I got "An error occurred while sending your feedback.Please try after sometime."Kindly help me out of this as I am paying there bills on time and no due of tata Is on me .

            TataIndicom — REAGARDING FAKE COMMITS

            HELLO SIR,

            TATA Indicom — No Network on TATA indicom

            Hello Hello Hello
            I have been making complains to TATA indicom from the past 2 years to tata regarding no network in mumbai, Lohar Chawl area, the company keeps on telling that within 1 or 2 months the problem will be sorted out but from the past 2 years nothing has been done about it. They are giving false promises and also misguiding people saying their network is the best and no one has to say hello hello, it is misleading ads as their is no network in my place.

            TataIndicom — NETWORK COVERAGE

            Tata Indicom’s coverage remains poor compared to other mobile operator .
            I just failed to see a signal usable enough to make a call on to other mobile.
            My tata indicom cell shows 2 bars once and next minute it shows no signal coverage.


            TATA Indicom — About Network

            i am Ravindra Ananda Bhangale use TATA 1*USB Modem my problem is to i have not getting network in my area so i am requesting you to take action of problem and solve the problem of me in very shortly time period. and downloading speed is also very very slow and pages error is occurs during the opening of web sites
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              I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

              Tata Indicom Broadband — My Connection is down

               Srinivasan R
              Pathetic Tata Indicom Broadband service in Chennai

              HI i am R.Srinivasan from chennai am using Tata Indicombroadband....
              Complaint comments  Comments  (37)

              Sir, i am the owner of the preplaid plan (go max) of mobile number [protected].I was continously recharging my account with recharge voucher of Rs 200-.and my plan was going smoothly, but this time when i recharged my mobile with same voucher they changed our whole plan to lifetime plan.
              Before doing this tata indicom company didnot warned or conveyed us about the change in voucher and plan.after this when came to know about fault in recharge voucher we tried to complain to tataindicom office they are not bother to take our complain.
              due to the change in our plan(go max)we suffered the loss of Rs.5000/- which hurts the middle class family the most.
              With the great hope we are complainig you about the reputed company tataindicom.And expect you will help us.

              Thanking you.
              please new plane std card
              please new plane std card
              I have a recharge with 2000 Rs for five years tata to tata free .My question is i want to call 50paisa or 49 paisa for other phones.which way i have to take the card.(for not destrubing for 5year tata to tata plan) .is there any option for me...or not...?

              Another Question is i have to take life long connection RC:149 offer is there or not?

              Plz send me replay...

              I am Getting Hello Bol SIM card new Connection date-27/1/09 I am Submitted my Whole document to the delers at the time purchasing sim card. from 27/1/09 to till date my sim card is not activate i am also talking with customer care they told me you do not submite the document & i am asking the deler then deler said 1.document submit kiya hai ho jayga, 2. aaj sham tak ho jayega 3. chalu ho gaya hai. this type of answer getting from deler. my no.[protected] this no. is not activated. so please confirm all details & activate my card. & that type of deler co. do not give delership bcoz it is the loss of customer. so as early as possible give me the favorable results from you.
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                I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                Tata Indicom Vdata Card — HUGE BILL AMOUNT

                 T K MATHEW
                Customer Care
                Tata Indicom
                New Delhi.

                SUB : HUGE BILL AMOUNT OF Rs.2, 203/-

                Complaint comments  Comments  (23)

                Tata Indicom — blocking the sim card

                 anantrai n. raval
                my cellphone is lost so i wish to block my card to avoide misuse of the card please do the needful in this regard and oblidge...
                Complaint comments  Comments  (50)

                Tata Indicom Postpaid Connection — my tata indicom connection is not active in 45 days.

                 ujjwal Bannik
                Dear Sir,
                I goat call from Tata indicom call Centre and they told me that my pree Paid conection will convert into...
                Complaint comments  Comments  (11)

                Dear Sir:

                I took a wireless Internet connection (USB modem) from your company some months ago at Delhi. My account number is[protected].

                For the last ten days, I am being harrassed daily by a lady who calls every day to enquire if I have deposited the bill. There is nothing pending in my account and I have paid everything. In fact, there is a credit balance in my account.

                Still the call comes everyday on my mobile phone number and when I start speaking the phone is slammed down by the lady immediately. The next day again the same thing gets repeated. After four or five calls, I became tired of explaining that I have already paid the bills and told her to first check up the customer's account before calling to enquire if the bill has been paid.

                Now she calls up everyday, asks "Sir, have you paid your bill?" and the moment I start speaking she slams the phone down. Next day, she calls up again and the same thing continues.

                What kind of behaviour is this, and what kind of louts have you hired? What kind of training do you give to your staff? Do you actually record the conversations your customer staff is having with the customers (like other companies do) or is it a free for all, with nobody having any idea what is going on?

                I am tired of harrasment by this lady and please do something about it, otherwise I will surrender the connection and take Airtel's where the customer service is way beyond what you people offer. I will also record the conversation and sue your company for harrasment and provide the recordings to TV channels (this kind of news will make their day). I have been a journalist all my life and run a popular blog. I will also write a story about this on it to make the whole world know.

                I remember in HP and other companies, the managers keep eavesdropping in the conversations randomly that the support staff has with customers, to keep them on their toes and ensure that this kind of harrrasment does not happen.

                For the record, today too I got the call on my phone from number[protected] at exactly 2 pm. The same thing happened and the lady slammed the phone down the moment I started speaking.

                Could you kindly look into the matter and tell her to stop this behaviour.


                Sanjay Choudhry
                Pocket-E, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi.
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                  I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                  I am Tejash Shah. I have applied Tata Indicom broadband connection and land line connection on 28-Mar-2008.

                  Initially I got problem with not getting verification from Tata Indicom. Finally I got verification on 5-Apr-2008 which is positive.
                  I called sales guy Mr. Ram And Mr. Sachin on 7-Apr-2008 and they told me that I will get line next day. Next day afternoon my wife called Mr. Ram he told her, he will come in the evening for installation. No body come in the evening. Next day (9-Apr-2008) again my wife called Mr. Ram as well as Mr. Sachin they told her that today they will defiantly install. But nothing happened no body came for installation. Till 12-Apr-2008 my wife keep calling them and just got the same answer like this.

                  On 12-Mar-2008, I asked Mr. Sachin and Mr. Ram for Tata Indicom head office contact details or new connection help line number they provided me none of them. Finally managed to get tata indicom new connection help line number I called over there, the executive over there is also not ready to register my complaint. She just told me that I have forwarded the request on hight priority and it will be installed on Monday(14-Apr-2008) and not given me any complaint no or request no.

                  Today (14-Apr-2008) also nobody came to install broadband and land line connection at my home. When I called Mr. Sachin, he told me that there is problem with another building's chairman not allowing him to enter to get access to Tata indicom instrument.

                  These way I am facing lot of problem with getting broadband and landline connection from tata indicom.

                  Please help me out to get broadband and landline connection from tata indicom.
                  not receivce the ring tone or dial tone in the land line connection. it mean the phone is dead. so pls check this problem is getting every time & make the problem clear my name vijay krishna prasad, sowmya agritech pvt ltd. ph: [protected]


                  MY OTHER CONTACT NUMBER IS [protected].

                  THANKING YOU,

                  Its always i am faceing the problem. go for BSNL which is good service you get but need to go to BSNL customer care office as they do not have sales person comming to your home.
                  Dear sir/mam.. this is rajkumar complaining regarding the ph, as the instrument u provided got dead.. ph num-[protected]
                  address- wz-1508 B, bagichi tulsi ram, nangal raya, new delhi-46
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                    I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                     Anoop Krishna
                    Hi Team,

                    I am a wi-max user and have taken this connection on 23rd of Jan 2008. I am sorry to say that till date I have not been able to connect to internet. I am a prepaid user and hence the validity of my wi-max connection will end of April 23rd, without me using the internet service and also been charged for the same. I have always received pathetic customer service from the customer care end.
                    - My connection was blocked after taking a Cheque paid by me was bounced, in spite of me asking them to present the cheque only on 2nd of Feb 2008 (That’s when my salary for the month would be credited and this was agreed by the sales team from Tata Indicom who came home to take all the required documents. Instead the Cheque was presented before the date. I had to call several times to customer care and no one would listen to me. Then I asked them to cancel my connection and then they agreed to unblock my account.)

                    - I have never been able to go on line ever since they had unblocked my connection. I had called the customer care troubleshoot for long time to fix and they decided to send an engineer from Tata Indicom to my home to fix the issue. Till date several engineers have come home and they could not resolve the issue. Finally they agreed to the fact that the Area where they had connected the antenna could not receive any signal for me to connect to internet. They Changed antenna and still the same fault. Finally they had to connect the antenna in my balcony and they had little reception. They were able to get to the Tata Indicom main login page, But again my user account was blocked. When I contacted the customer care they told me that they had blocked the connection because I did not pay. I told them that I had paid the amount and provided the required reference number and the cheque details. They denied to have received any cheque from my account. Finally I had to send them a scan copy of the my account and the required cheque details to the sales Manager Mr. Fayaz Ahmed who helped me in getting my connection unblocked ( At this point of time It has been two months without any connection). I have attached the mail that was sent to Mr. Fayaz Ahmed regarding the same. This is absolutely unacceptable not to believe you customers. None of the Customer care executives I spoke to had any previous reference of my call or had any details of my account and was willing to believe that I had paid the amount. This shows the level of customer service and the customer experience that is been focused in Tata Indicom Customer care department.

                    - The account was now unblocked But I was still not able to connect to internet as the original technical problem reoccurred. The Engineers from Tata Indicom have now agreed that the Antenna could not receive any good signal for me to connect to internet. I did not worry much because I was about to shift my house. Hence I was asked to contact the customer care and request for change of address and I was told that Engineers would come in 48 hrs to shift the equipment and fix it to my new house. But when I called customer care I was asked to log in to Tata Indicom website and raise a request for change of address. In Spite of informing them that I cannot log in to raise they would not agree to do anything and was urging me to log in first and raise a request myself. I have been hung upon couple of times by the few customer service agents as well. After a long argument with one of the customer care executive he agreed to raise a request for me from his end but I was asked to pay Rs 500 for the service. When I had taken the connection I had specifically asked the Sales person if I would be charged for any change of address and I was told no extra money would be charged apart from renewal of the account after every three months. The Customer care executive agreed on this and agreed to send an engineer in 48 Hrs to have my connection fixed. Honestly I have never heard from any engineers till date. It’s going to be 3 months now and the validity for my connection is almost coming to an end. I have sent a mail to Mr Fayaz regarding the same, after which I received a call from Tata Indicom asking me to send a mail to customer service. Hence I am writing this mail to you.

                    Honestly it’s been a nightmare having a Tata Indicom connection. My only request now is to please cancel my connection and refund my amount that I had paid for this connection. I do not wish to continue with this connection. My User Account is ( [protected] ). Request a real help in this case.

                    Kind Regards,

                    S. Anoop Krishna

                    Tata Indicom Walky — regarding internet excess charges


                    Im having the telephone no.[protected] in the name of BIMLA DEVI, R/o N-16, Udai vihar part II, Nilothi Extn., Nangloi, Delhi-41.
                    Inspite of my repeeted request to rectify the internet charges nothing is been done. My internet is free from 10p.m. to 6 A.M., i donot start my internet before 10.30P.M..
                    During the month of Nov.2007, I was chargedRs. 1286.80 as internet charges and when i complent about the excess charges to your customer care, the explanation given was that i have started my internet 5 or 10 minutes earlear than 10p.M. So in the month of Dec.2007 I very particularly started my internet after 10P.M.. Again the same excess charges and the same explaination and I was asked to give tata indicom one more chance in the month of Jan.2008, in the bill received today for Jan.2008, the same thing has happned again. When I complaint in the customer care I was rudly told by the lady officer to get my watches repaired.
                    In view of the above circumstances i can't ready to continue with your phone. Hence disconnect my phone immediately, and refund my initial security deposit of Rs.1122/- at the time of taking the connection.

                    Thanks & regards

                    BIMLA DEVI
                    I found tata indicom and tata sky recharge voucher available in . you can get it easily
                    Those who think of going for any Tataindicom connections or services...PLEASE DONT. They are not prompt in ANY. Be it Services, Billing or their Customer care. Everything is horrible. Even for a single simple service request they take months together to respond and at the end they wont solve the issue you are stuck with.
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                      I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                       Duggu. Kiran Kumar
                       RID:[protected] & FOS code:PBH003nd0387

                       Ph no Alloted :0172 XXXX687

                       Applied on 17 /03/08 – Installed on 19/03/08 – Applied for Cancellation on 22/03/08 through Customer Care 121.

                      Myself Duggu.Kiran Kumar, a frustrated customer with Tata Teleservices for 6yrs never had any problem and we own 6 phones overall that are being used by my family. Off late I have booked a WALKY through a representative – who has given the misleading information about the scheme and promised that I can book a fone for just 561/- while it was for 1122/- after consulting his manager a dealer on Rolls of TATA INDICOM Mr.Jaipal with telephone number : [protected].

                      I would recommend the Senior Management of TATA INDICOM to go through Complaints with an immediate effect before there is a spike in Cancellations.
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                        I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                         Vijay Narayan More
                        Dear Sir,

                        We had disconnected the tata indicom phone. Also we have surrendered the phone long back in December after paying all the dues
                        Also the TATA indicom person had assured us that the pending deposit will be paid and now the connection is invalid.
                        However there was nothing in writing except for the reciept.
                        Now on 20th Feb 2008 they are sending us a bill for the period of January for Rs.718/-. On writing mail to thier collection.[protected]
                        there is noone paying heed and they are again sending reminders harrassing us to pay the bill.
                        This is purely due to lack of thier system for tracking customer information.
                        Hi Vijay,

                        I agree 100% to this. I too had this experience.. after cancelling the connection, they still send the bills. They do not proper systems...

                        i am ganesh c. i am missout my phone.but my phone use in one girl.she not give me my phone.
                        pls stop my phone services.i am stay in virar(thane).
                        pls can you send new card to my address...

                        ganesh c

                        TATA Indicom — disconnection for a long time

                        my phone is disconnected from 6th april 2011 due to re verification of documents.
                        and i have submitted the document on the same day and at nearest TATA INDICOM service station. and assured that the line will be connected as soon as possible by customer care.

                        but till now i am not allowed to make outgoing calls. the customer care officers are also behaving strange. I am very much disappointed with TATA INDICOM'S service. As it is usually selling its CDMA hand set. It better knows that customer's can't change the service easily. So it is neglecting customers as much as possible.
                        dear sir,
                        as per your comment on consumer forum i am providing you my details..

                        name : khursid allam khan

                        father's name: Allauddin Khan

                        phone num: [protected]

                        email id: khan.[protected]

                        connection details: the phone is in my father's name;
                        i.e, Allauddin Khan

                        i have given the documents at M S TELESERVICES, PANIKOILI
                        the documents given are
                        passport size colour photograph
                        electric bill
                        votor id

                        thank you
                        Very very urgent, i am mr rohit ruke residnig at charni road mumbai my tata ac no is[protected] and i am facing lots of problems from tata docomo services.A long time back i was approached by a tata representative name hari om at my home saying that you would get the connection done at a low price scheme and if you are not satisfied with the connection inside 15 days it would be removed and you will not have to pay any charges for that i wasnt satisfied with the speed of the net as i also got a cdma phone with that too i asked hari om to remove the connection he told that it would be done in few days time, then i got a bill regarding the connection and i was not happy and contacted that hari om ( tata representative) he said sir dont pay the bill i will adjust that but still i got another bill next month i was surprised. Then again i contacted hari om and asked him abuot this he told it was a mistake by the bill dept next time when he came to my house he said everything has been solved and your connection is discontinued so he took out the net connection wire and also took away the cdma phone. but still bills were comming regularly, i went to the fort outlet and told them about this person hari om who is misguiding me and also made a complaint against him, unfortunately i had to pay the bills for that things which i havn't used. just few days or a month ago i settled the final bill and was asked to call to the call centre after making the final payment i did so and was relaxed after that i confirmed this with the call centre representativ he said sir now you will not get any bill in future but now again i have got a bill from you with a notice from advocate saying your bill is pending please please help me out of this as i am a middle class person and i am not able to pay this ammount of money again and again for that which i havent used.please contact me on this no [protected]. as soon as possible
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                          Tata Indicom — Duplicate sim card

                           Sabyasachi Banerjee
                          I have lost my old sim based motorola handset with tata connections. After losing my set I contacted to the Tata True Value...
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                          This is with reference to the Ph No :[protected].

                          As i have requested long back to cancel the subscription for the above mentioned no, till date no one has turned up to take responsibility to take the instrument and cancel my subscription.

                          Also they keep sending monthly bills, i was able to use this phone only for 7days. I request you to make the charges for the days which i recieved the service which is about 7days after which i was never been able to use the services again.

                          Initially, i had both out going and incoming, then after a week i decieded to get the internet connection, so i picked up a lan cable from the TATA franchise.

                          But the modem in the phone was bad (as said by the technician who tried to resolve the issue) THe technician conviniently changed the instrument after which both the incoming and out going was not working. i waited for about 3days so that the technician can resolved the issue, but the technitian turned up only on the 3rd day. I decline to co-operate with the technitian stating i am returning the phone.

                          Then alternate day i went to the Richmond Rd branch to cancel the subscription. They convinced me to keep the connection so that they can fix the issue in 30mins, but later they said it will be done by evening, then it went to the next day. This went on.

                          Finally i gave up and on the 2nd day, when the technician who came to my door steps to replace to the instrument, i said i dont want this phone, i wanna return it. The techician promised me it will followup and cancel the connection, but he never turned up.

                          Then i got few calls from TATA for bill inquires, i also sent an email to the customer care to cancel the subscription and provide the refund for the deposit i paid. But no once turned up.

                          Finally i got the bill which says i need to pay a bill of Rs 300 plus which was funny . I have never seen a bad service like this.

                          This would be my last email. Please cancel the connection, deduct the 1st 7days c all charges and provide rest of the refund .
                          Else i will be forced to look for an alternative.

                          Approximately i expect to get about Rs 400 plus of refund. If any issue please feel free to contact me.

                          Sameer T I
                          I know.. this is the worst service. But money matters !!!

                          Ratan Tata
                          Dear Sir,
                          My company name is Vishaal International.We are into manufacturing and exports of incense sticks and spices.We are using tata indicom land line and we have three landline numbers.The numbers are1.[protected].[protected]. 65056830. The number 66750914 is a fax number as well as international number.Our office timing is from morning 10.30 to evening 6.00.Recently we asked tata indicom for the itemized billing statement for our numbers and when we got the itemized bill we were shocked to see that there had been unlimited calls made from our international number 66750914 when our office is closed. The numbers on which the calls were made are from Bihar, UP and Patna.We launched an official police complaint as well as a complaint was given to the tata indicom vigilance department which is in turbe navi mumbai.The vigilance officer Mr Baby Jones assured us that he will look after the matter.There has been more than 1 month but they are not responding? It is really a shameful thing for such a big company.Now i dont have any choice but to sue tata indicom.I really dont want to do this thing but i dont have any choice left.It is a case of fraud, cheating and misuse of my phoneline by a tata indicom employee.
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