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Uber India — unethical behaviour by the driver

 sampanna249 on Jul 19, 2018
I had booked a share cab (uberpool) on 16th July, 2018 that was Monday from Koramangala to Hulimavu in Bengaluru. I was keeping a track on the route he was taking throughout using the route shown to me on my phone but later I realised that the driver had completed the ride long before even reaching my destination and was taking another route. When I pointed the wrong route he kept on driving without listening to me even though I tried telling him the correct route. He finally stopped the car at secluded place kms away from my destination and when I refused to pay him half of the amount because of...
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Uber India — I ledt behind my bag in the uber cab .

 Kavita K Bhaskaran on Jul 19, 2018
My bag was left behind in the cab, when i got down s heavy traffic and before i could pick the bag the vehicle moved away.
I have been tryinv to contacg teh driver desperately on the njmver provided agaibsg his name and also through the section lost item- contact driver
Number is [protected]
Driver name - bhanu
Vehicle number - DL1RTA1695
The driver has been constantku cutting the calls...
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Uber India — I hv taken trip but in app shows cancelled trip

 agarg9931 on Jul 19, 2018
On 8 July at 11.19pm I hv taken trip from Bangalore airport to Radha Hometel, Whitefield. Driver name Sanjay Kumar & car was Dezire. I paid appox Rs 1200 to Driver. But after few days when I gone to app to take receipt, I found that my trip shows cancelled trip. Later thru App I called Driver and he agreed to send me receipt on WhatsApp but he has not sent. After that he is not picking phone
Pl help me for my receipt from Driver...
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Uber India — your partners are cheaters

 Sankalp Singhania on Jul 19, 2018
Your customer service really sucks uber. Moreover your partners are cheater, I have paid the whole amount and still outstanding balance is showing and I have texted to the Uber customer care, they didn't even reply and I have the proof that I have paid for every trip I took. What type of customers service you are providing, it is the first international company in which there is such a poor customer service. Uber fix my issue on priority. At first the fare shows Rs 65 and after the trip ends it shows Rs 89 which I have paid to the driver but still outstanding balance of Rs 65 is showing. I have...
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Uber India — wrong charge & misbehaviour of the driver

 Jovial Jashmine on Jul 19, 2018
Totally DISAPPOINTED with UberCabs #UberCabsIndia #UberBengaluru #DaraKhosrowshahi I would like to understand what responsibility do you people take towrads safety of women???

I had booked a ride on 18th July 2018 at 9:32 am and was dropped at the destination at 10:40 am, and the driver definitely tried to misbehave with me by locking the doors and not allowing me to get out of the vehicle finding it a secluded place, he forced and asked me more money.

As it was Uberpool #UberBengaluru ride, earlier he had behaved rude with one of my co-passenger as well to which she gave...
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Uber India — blocking the account for no reason

 teddy sweety on Jul 20, 2018
I signed up and placed my first order on ubereats, it was all good.Whenever I try to use a valid promo code for Uber, I get the message “Promotion codes are not available for this account and all trips will be charged at full price”. It has been over a week but their customer service is hopeless.My mobile no is [protected].

I have signed up using another account and its gvng the same errror message .They should shut down thier operation in India

Its a fraud....
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Uber India — uberpool

 Shailja Patodia on Jul 18, 2018
This is regarding uber pool.The company has charged me for the full trip which I have not made.I had to get down before my destination because after picking me up from Worli, I was going towards Nariman Point and had reached Pedder road when a call comes to fetch a passenger from Tardeo A.c. market.Now if the driver has to pick up someone from outside the route then I am not going to reach on time.I would have been 40 minutes late if I had completed the ride.The pickup should be enroute and not from anywhere.I had got down and took a taxi to my destination....
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Uber India — payment made done from paytm but no notification

 Neelkamal donempudi on Jul 18, 2018
I have made an attempt to make payment through uber eats but it is saying the restaurant is busy and could not take order please choose another one and after the restaurant is free i have tried to make an payment but surprsingly the amount around of 700 rupees lost and it is shown that i have made 10 orders in uber of same amount of 70 rupees and it is showing on hold in paytm wallet and it lead to left me hungry at the time of placing order. i dont like the procedure you made to reaching the customer payment method. I want my amount back. My paytm number is [protected] and though i didnt got any...
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Uber India — uber asking me to pay twice

 Atul Panse on Jul 18, 2018
I, Atul Panse, had hired Maruti Suzuki Swift Dezire through Uber for trip from New Panvel to International Airport at Mumbai. Driver Gurunath accepted the payment of Rs 910/- in cash against the actual charge of Rs 904.11 for the trip. Now the Uber App is saying the payment of Rs 904.11 against the trip is due from me. I am not able to reach the Service Provide as it has not kept any phone helpline for car riders. I had posted complaint through mobile app a few days ago, but there has not been any action. Request you to take action for the resolution of the issue & the unnecessary harassment faced...
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Uber India — addition of peak charge to fare without fair notice

 Swrang on Jul 18, 2018
Hello, I have been a regular customer of Uber more than an year now. Today morning, I was charged an almost 1.8x surcharge on my fare when the screen initially displayed just a Rs. 384 charge without any indication of surge pricing. Rs. 593 (the fare I had to pay when the driver ended the trip) is an almost double increase without any fair notice. Incidentally, I had sufficient money, however if I didn't, I would have been left stranded with no money. My issue is not with surge pricing, my issue is with its completely random operation with zero notice to the customer to prepare for such a charge....
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Uber India — driver was rash

 glennjdmello on Jul 18, 2018
Hi, I’m Mr Glenn Dmello.

I write to you, to bring up this issue of rash driving by an uber driver.The driver of car no. MH-46-AD-2326 who was rash on the road and was rude while rectified. I have also clicked a picture of the driver.

Please let me know incase of any query.
He really pushed me to raise this up with the company. Are these the kind of drivers you hire/partner at uber?This is how you screen your people? Uber doesn’t have even a platform/ mail Id displayed anywhere to address these issues. No wonder the drivers are arrogant

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Uber India — charge levied on me even though uber trip was cancelled by uber driver and not me

 kaushikk_mukh on Jul 17, 2018
Today at about 10:30 am on Middleton Street, Kolkata, I booked an Uber (pool) from near 4/2 Middleton Street Kolkata - 71 to Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur through my mobile phone app. I was asked to wait for about a minute, the driver's name and the car registration plate number came on my mobile screen and a message kept on coming that the car will arrive in a minute. After waiting for about 6-7 minutes, another message came to my mobile that 'the trip has been cancelled'. The message also told me to enter all details once again in order to connect to another driver....
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Uber India — driver refused to drive and asked us to get out of the car at pick up location

 Sireeaha on Jul 17, 2018
Unfortunately Uber experiences are turning out to be awful. Driver booked from [protected] on 17/8/18 at around 9:05 from Gachibowli has refused to drive when he found out the destination location. He asked us to get out of the car. He also said we can happily conplaint. Shame on sich drivers who don't care about the customers.

And then in 10 minutes time another driver surprisingly called and said he is waiting outside the apartment and asked when we wpuld come out. We said 5 minutes and in 2 minutes he cancelled and went away.

What an awful experience....
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Uber India — unprofessionalism behaviour by driver

 Vikas Kanabar on Jul 17, 2018

I am staying in Ahmedabad and booking the cash on daily basis through your application, today i have booked one candidate for my destination i.e.new ranip and for that your driver had called up and then he switches off his mobile. For that time Uber has charges me something 38 for cancellation and then after i have booked the second can which was for the same location, repaditly the same things happened, driver had clearely deniend to come at the location and suggestion for the cancellation, please clear the thing why should people take cabs instead of auto as they are easily...
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Uber India — charged paytm without my consent

 Ssonalsharma1986 on Jul 17, 2018
I have taken uber share ride on 14/07 from CP to ISBT Kashmiri Gate and paid cash to the driver. Inspite of that Uber has charged my paytm account without my consent and are not replying properly to my complaints. My account is by default set as cash payment to driver names Rohit with mobile number: [protected] and over the call also he asked me if the mode of payment is cash then only if will come to which I have told him I will be paying cash only. Instead of checking with the driver Uber has without my consent deducted money directly from my paytm account. And since they do not have a call center...
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Uber India — charged two times for the same trip

 tsv1954 on Jul 17, 2018
On 26th May 2018, I traveled from Bangalore International Airport to Ramamurthynagar signal. The charges of Rs.686.20 were debited twice from my Paytm account. I took up with both and the issue remains unresolved. Uber confirmed that the one charge will be reversed but nothing happened. Paytm says only Uber has to resolve.

Screen shot showing multiple debits is enclosed:...
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Uber India — md fijuddin as01hc1795 maruti suzuki dezire

 Deepalee Barman on Jul 17, 2018
The driver purposely made me wait for half and hour ... mine was a registers location but he was waiting at a distance of 3min for d entir period saying coming... it was office time and I had to drop it for today just because of him...

We rely so much upon uber for daily life... truly disgusting. ... kindly take some action...

Details of cab: Md Fijuddin AS01HC1795 Maruti Suzuki Dezire...
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Uber India — uber pool mumbai service

 Francis Monteiro on Jul 17, 2018
Uberpool have become looters in mumbai .I booked uber pool from c46 yoghi star to my home .The map on app and direction route was correctly shown pick up from c46 yoghi star.After 15 minutes i received a call from driver that he is in Mira road though app showed 4 minutes .I told him to get in touch with uber and get new cab .Now I have received a cancellation bill though I had not cancelled the trip.We were waiting for ten minutes but no car seen, Please arrange detectives to study the mapping of driver .Now the headache is the app is forcing me to click cancel other wise I cannot go ahead Email...
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Uber India — no trip done

 Rohitash Choudhary on Jul 16, 2018
I was there on the road Driver called I waited for him he cancelled the trip I took another cab a went to the hotel NOW I CHECKED MY ACCOUNT AND MONEY HAS BEEN DEDUCTED WITHOUT TGE TRIP. CALL ME [protected] 1st deducted 47 rs and then 150 total 200 deducted from account without any trip kindly reverse back my money as I'm facing monetary loss without any trip...
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Uber India — driver's refusal to take me to my destination

 Fatsay on Jul 16, 2018
The Uber driver refused to take me to my destination the railway station, I had booked an uberpool on the 11 th of July around 1 30 pm for 2 people, the driver simply refused after picking up my ride and then even cited luggage issues though we had just one suitcase.
The name of the driver was ashok with a Maruti swift dzire his contact number was [protected]...
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