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Easemytrip.com — refund not processed for ticket # 1604665 [Resolved]

 Jyotendra Pallav on Sep 12, 2017
One should go through ticket # 1604665 which has been generated by sending an email to [email protected] and [email protected]

I am begging to get my refunds for my flight ticket that were canceled from airline on 12th june of my booking id bet[protected].

So far, i have not received any amount, and i am tired of following up.

Please do something about it....
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Easemytrip.com — rescheduling- id - emt22441366 [Resolved]

 AmitBasu on Aug 6, 2017
I have purchased Round trip from CCU-DEL-CCU but change of official program I asked to reschedule my ticket. But easemytrip demanded hi-price for rescheduling charges which is more than marketed available fresh ticket amount several times I have contacted with them but they do not wanted to consider any thing. I have forced to cancel both tickets. I have purchased fresh ticket from other site. Easemytrip has been deducted almost full amount against cancellation. I have lost almost Rs 5000 amount for both way cancellation charges.I requested to authority to refund at least one way fare where I can...
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Easemytrip.com — cancelled tickets by air costa still not refunded last 4+ months [Resolved]

 sumit6619 on Aug 3, 2017
I havent received the refund till now of my two tickets. Detail as under:
1) pnr no.- 02t5fq
Booking id - [protected]
Name - sumit bohra

2) pnr no.- 02t5fw
Booking id - [protected]
Name - ankit bohra

Both the tickets were cancelled by aircosta and full refund was assured. Payment is not still received.
Cancellation process is processed by travel partner ease my trip on 27/03/2017
But i havent received the full refund. Do i know why???
Please send the full refund amount in my account and inform me.
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Easemytrip.com — refund of taxes of the missed flight [Resolved]

 Kapish34 on Jul 24, 2017
I ashok kumar sahni, had missed my spicejet flight from hyderabad to delhi pnr no. Peqy2e on 5 th may 2017.
But still now the taxes of the ticket has not been credited in my account. I had also made the complaint to the spice jet, but they replied that they have forwarded my details to the source of booking and i must contact them.
So you are requested to take the necessary action and refund the amount as soon as possible....
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Easemytrip — Unethical behaviour and too much hidden costs [Resolved]

 Karan Kansal on Jul 11, 2017
I would never suggest anyone to book a ticket via easemytrip platform.. This is the worst site i have ever experienced in my life...

I booked a ticket from bagdogra to delhi for 8 sept... I was really happy initially to book a ticket at cheapest rate... But when i got a confirmed booked ticket i saw that baggage was allowed 0 kg.. Which is really #,... As of no passenger would be going just to roam about in a flight... Atleast some luggage would definitely be there... When i called up ease my trip... They were so rude to listen to my complaint.. They behaved as such as if they themselves...
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Easemytrip.com — Wrong booking done on online website [Resolved]

 ChinTurks on Jul 10, 2017
I had selected and booked the ticket for go air 15:25 flight delhi to ahmedabad. However, after making the payment, the ticket was generated for spice jet 06:20 flight delhi to ahmedabad.

Immediately, i called up the customer care on[protected] and told them about the error. They denied that their system is right and i might have made the booking mistake. However, i reiterated everything. I tried to convince them, but they say i am at fault. The customer is always at fault after making the payments.

However, everything is in vain. They are not ready to accept the...
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Easemytrip.com — Refund has not been provided [Resolved]

 Sowmya Suryanarayanan on Jul 7, 2017
I had booked a flight ticket on easemytrip.com from Bangalore to Cochin for 22nd June. However, easemy trip had issues the ticket on the wrong date, which was the next day (23rd June). I realised this at the airport and I booked a fresh ticket at the airport.

I had raised a complaint with [email protected] (Ticket ID: 1604941) on 22nd June and the issue has still not been resolved.

They are not providing any update on the issue even after writing to them several times. I would like to get a refund of the ticket and the extra money I had to pay on the new ticket because...
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Easemytrip.com — Refund not given [Resolved]

 Nair Prashant on Jul 5, 2017
On June 17 2017 I booked refundable return ticket from Bangalore to Mumbai for July 1 2017 for myself PNR TUBXZM (price of 6964). EMT took 6564 and go air took 400 for this refundable ticket). I cancelled the same on June 26 2017. They claimed to refund[protected]go air cancellation charges + EMT charges). Next day I received email that 200 additional amount shall be deducted as convenience charges. I fought with them for 4 days & agreed that 1614/- should be refunded. I called on July 1 2017 to check status, they said they have not processed it yet and asked to wait for 72 hours more. On July...
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Easemytrip.com — SMS [Resolved]

 kingrefineries on Jul 3, 2017
I am registered with DND but getting SMS from www.easemytrip.com frequently stating that they have the cheapest fare. I called them to stop sending SMS but of no use. They keep on sending SMS like get Rs.2000 discount on booking flight with them. Even my Dad also getting the same SMS from www.easemytrip.com. How come these people can send SMS even though we are registered with DND.
Please help...
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Easemytrip.com — Bookings of flight tickets [Resolved]

 vmahawar on Jun 27, 2017
My name is vivek, few days back on 18th of june we tried to book 8 tickets from mumbai to delhi from easemy trip, somehow transaction couldn't process and money deducted from my bank account. We tried calling customer care many times but no one picked the call. On the website they have mentioned services of 24x7 which means someone should have taken the call. We dropped them an email on the same day explaining the situation but they didn't bother to respond on the same day and they replied back on next day 19th june. Since my money was jammed with them and balance was low i couldn't...
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Easemytrip.com — Improper refund of my cancelled ticket as well as not addressing queries related to it. [Resolved]

 WinstonEllison on Jun 23, 2017
I was making a booking using easemytrip.com on 7th june night to travel from bom to chennai  at 05:20 am in the morning on the 9th june. When the ticket was issued it showed chennai to mumbai at 01:40 pm on the go air flight. Noticing the error i wrote to easemytrip.com and also immediately cancelled the ticket as the ticket showed ma that the airline cancellation charge was zero if cancelled 28 hours in advance and only a rs.250 charge as easemytrip.com cancellation fees.

To my surprise i was told by easemetrip.com that they processed my cancellation and the airline deducted rs.1500...
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Easemytrip.com — Booking of ticket [Resolved]

 SHABSHA DAS on Jun 21, 2017
Today at around 2:30 to 2:50 p. M. I was trying to book a ticket for two passenger (First time with your site otherwise i use irctc.co.in) but i couldn't as the payment was not matured due to network. The very next moment i received a call from [protected] from easemytrip.com office and the person guided me to book ticket. I found that the price of tickets shown on screen were changing frequently. I saw rs.2598/- for 6th july but when i wanted to book the same, it has become rs.9168/-. Again when i tried for 7th july 2017, the ticket price has become rs.2598/- on 6th july 2017. I observed it two...
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Easemytrip.com — Regarding refund of cancelled ticket [Resolved]

Airline ticket with pnr no:rjy9ue was booked & cancelled on 31.05.17 due to wrong date of journey.
Full amount refund was confirmed by airlines after other ticket with correct date of journey was booked.
But easemytrip has refunded only rs 1233/- on 07.06.17. After follow up, only reply i get that rs 2500/- is showing pending & we have forwarded the enquiry to the concerned department.
Can i know the reason behind such delays? This is certainly not a process delay but intentional delay.
Needful may be done immediately to refund the pending amount of rs 2500.
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Easemytrip.com — Refund delayed by more than 18 days [Resolved]

I attempted to purchase a ticket on 25th may 2017 as below:
Request number: [protected]
Payu id: [protected]
Bank reference no: [protected]
The amount of rs. 6242 was deducted and the screen froze at your payment gateway. I called up your customer care. It took me more than an hour to explain everything and the representative promised that i would get the amount refunded in 24 hours. This never happened.
I called on 5th june, and your representative raised an action:
Request number: [protected]
Payu id: [protected]
Bank reference no:[protected]...
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Easemytrip.com — After payment (net banking) the web page shows error and flights, were not booked even then money is not refunded [Resolved]

On 12 may 17, i tried to book two flight tickets from chennai to male. But after my transaction the web page showed error and tickets weren't booked. I raised a complaint to sbi for refund, but they said that transaction was successful and the money have transferred to easemytrip. Till now i didn't get any response from easemytrip regarding my transaction. Neither the flight tickets were booked nor the money have been credited. I tried calling the customer care, but they didn't pick my call. Pl do check and refund my money.
Transaction detail :
Id : igabhizvw8
Money : 16346
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Easemytrip.com — Refund not processed [Resolved]

I booked my air tickets via ease my trip for aircosta airlines on feb 10th 2017.
Booking id - bet[protected]
Airline pnr: 02st75
Ahmedabd to bangalore
When i found out about airline troubled i called aircosta on march 7th to process cancellation. At that time airline was still operational and they confirmed that they processed the full refund and will be credited within 48 hours.
I raised cancellation request with easemytrip on mar 10th.
Got confirmation on mar 10th that cancellation was processed transaction id[protected] cancellation executive name:rashmi...
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Easemytrip.com — Non refund of amount as per tc

We canceled our flight 15 (April 28) days before the scheduled travel (May 15 and may 19) from chennai to goa and return back to chennai. We are shocked to see the refund amount as not even 8% of the actual amount being paid. We did cancellation for 5 members initially and recieved the amount as rs.3850 and later cancelled the single passenger out of the boooking id. For the second cancellation i recieved the same cancellation request number and the refend reference number as 0. Also the refund made for that cancelled was rs 0. Apart from rs 250 for cancellation fee, we know that there will b penality...
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Easemytrip.com — Ticket generate issue

 Akhtar Bhat
I am a regular customer of easemytrip.com and do frequent bookings and it is nice but today came across a strange technical issue from easemytrip.com.
I booked a return ticket under booking number BET[protected] from Delhi to Srinagar on 13th May 2017 and return ticket Srinagar to Delhi on 21st may 2017. After completion of the transaction I noticed that the ticket generated shows vice versa information means it shows booking from Srinagar to Delhi on 13th May and Delhi to Srinagar on 21st which is completely wrong. For a second I thought may be I did a mistake while booking but...
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Easemytrip.com — Not attending calls [Resolved]

 Deepak Lohia
Before 4 days i have booked 2 flight tickets through www.easemytrip.com pf air asia.
On the date of departure i have got a massage from air asia that flight has been cancelled.
Then i have tried to contact air asia executives through customer care no. But after 10 call (On all calls put on hold) they have not attended my call.
Then i have decided to to contact my sellers to whom i have paid money.
They have not send any message or calls for cancellation of flight, but this was their duties to inform passengers for this unsuspected situation.
Then i decide to call...
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Easemytrip.com — Ease my trip cancelled my ticket without confirmation/information [Resolved]

I booked two tickets through easemytrip.com website on jan 13, 2017. Ticket was from varanasi to mumbai of march 19, 2016 for the two passengers:
1. Ankita sinha
2. Pran prasoon
Due to change in plan, we cancelled one ticket of my husband (Mr. Pran prasoon) on feb 14, 2017 through call. Based on the cancellation, i received revised ticket from easemytrip. Revised ticket clearly mentioned that my ticket was confirmed and my husband’s ticket (Pran prasoon) was cancelled. On the day of travel, march 19, 2017 i reached varanasi airport with my confirmed ticket. Spice jet officer...
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