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HDFC Bank Limited

Branch 542, Trade World, A Wing, Ground Floor, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel
Mumbai City District
India - 400013
Landmarks:Opposite Kamala Mills Compound

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Andhra Pradesh

+91 99 4949 3333

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+91 99 4616 0616

Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi & NCR, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune

+91 99 6160 6161

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+91 98 3107 3333

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1800 345 3333


+91 99 5719 3333

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+91 86 0266 6161

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+91 98 9060 3333


+91 99 9624 3333


+91 98 9827 1111

Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh
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1800 180 4333


+91 99 4586 3333


+91 98 9566 3333

Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh

+91 98 9360 3333


+91 98 7500 3333


+91 99 3790 3333

Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry

+91 98 4067 3333


+91 98 1533 1111

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Customer satisfaction rating
Good news! We have a good connection with the company and they're good at resolving user complaints.

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HDFC Bank Meritus Scholarship — regarding 3rd round of scholarship [Resolved]

Dear sir,

I like to know when did 3 r round of meritus scholarship will started.

Please give...
Complaint comments  Comments  (37)


 Khan Altaf Ali

Commissioner of Police
Pune City

CC: ACP of Pune

Sub: Complaint against HDFC Bank & Their recovery agency.

Res Sir,

I Altaf Khan, Res:Pote Building, Kharadkar Nagar, Vadgaon Sheri, Pune, want to complaint against subjected matter, the concern is as follows:

1)Recovery against by the Name Mr Amit has visited our residence befor 7-8 month approximately, when I was not at my residence, he has used very harsh words & abused my Mother & wife about the recovery of money. Due to this incedence my mother got shok & in this tention she fell down from the bus & due to this we have admitted her in the Jahangir Hospital & we have to do expence around 40 to 50 thousand.
2)After this incedence one of lady by the Name Ms Ankita has called on 18/5/2009 up to my elder brother & shouted & scrolled on him & told him that Bank will through us on the road.
3)After Point no 1 & 2 incedences the recovery person visited to my residence 2 times more & asked my family to send me or bank will held me in the lockup.
4)After considering all these incedences & due to my mothers ill health also we have kept quit.
5)On 21st May 2009 I have personnaly visited to HDFC Bank, 2nd floor, CyberNxt Building for the talk with Manager. I met up to the manager & informed all the situation & shown my willingness to pay the amount once we will see our financial condition (I.e. Due to resation we were lost the job & due to mothers medical expences.)
6)On 23rd May 2009, we have again received call from the number[protected] & the HDFC representative has again shouted & abused me on call. We had informed him that we had conversation with Bank Manager & we will be paying the money back once we will see our financial condition & we will inform the same to manager.
But the representative has not listen to that & told us that they will use their power rather going in to Court of Law.

Hence today 25th May 2009 we have decided to lodge a complaint against this & we went to Shastrinagar Police Station & 3.30 pm, but these people have refused to take complaint by saying, we need all people, you have not paid the money now lodging wrong complaint and all.

So we are sending this complaint to you via R.AD on anticipation that some one will lodge our complaint.

Anticipating your support.

Altaf Khan
Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 23:28:52
Hi, Mr Khan,

We read your complaint against HDFC bank, i would like to say regarding same matter, we have to pay my credit card due and loan to bank and same thing we are also loosing a lots of business due to rescission time period, we are having a few bank's C.C and since more than 5 years we are paid a time to tome all due but since a few (4) month we are unable to pay our due because of resation.

I would like to request to Altaf Khan, Pls. contact us to assist how can i solw this kind of problems with bank.

Kind regards,

Hardik N.
91 [protected]
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    I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


     Sanjay Chandrakant Dhuri
    With reference to the earlier several communications with HDFC customer care for dispute in the transaction carried out thru my above mention credit card there has been no proper reply as yet.

    I would like to give brief on the entire occurrence of the event for better understanding and prompt action to be initiated.

    v On 5th January 2009, I got the SMS and call from HDFC call center stating the debit transaction took place in my said credit card. It was online net transaction on 5th January 2009 thru Bharati Cellular amounting Rs. 25000/-

    v On the hearing on the incident, I had immediate wrote letter and faxed[protected] to HDFC customer care stating dispute in card transactions.
    v After which I had requested to block my credit card & requested for further investigations.

    v On 9th January, I received email from Reejesh K.R (Customer Service Officer) who gave assurance of investigating and intimating there are looking into the fraud took place.

    v After which there has been several email and telephone follow up done from my end,

    v After this incident, there are monthly statement for the outstanding was received but every time the response were matter is still under investigation and there was interest and penalty imposed for non payment.

    v I have been chasing your team for prompt reply, but on 11th April 09, the email of investigation still under process was mentioned.

    v On 8th May 2009, I get to know there has been amount of Rs. 27136/- has been blocked by credit card department for non payment of outstanding dues. I have immediate reported the incident to the HDFC Manager in Kamala Mills Compound were by they asked to get it resolved thru credit card department only.

    v On 8th May 2009, after several follow up with Credit Card Customer Care department for unauthorized blockage of the saving account, finally the amount was released.

    The entire story narrate to you shows my concern toward immediate closure of the dispute fraud transaction. If you refer to all my communication, there has been several follow up from my end were as there has been no communication given except we are still investigating the case.

    I have been harassed from HDFC recovery department for outstanding dues, when I call up call center the response is we will get back to you shortly.

    All said and done but my card dispute transaction is still unresolved, because of which I would request you intervene and help me to resolve.

    Thanking you

    Sanjay Dhuri,

    Mob - [protected]
    Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-14 01:35:48
    i'm also facing almost same problem, anybody kindly give a solution for this.
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      I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


       Vinod Pawar

      I have employee reimbursement account with HDFC bank and branch is Laxmi Road.
      From this account RS 15000 is debited on 02 April 09 from my account but this transaction is not done by me.

      Very Important: Bank is dont have details from which ATM its withdraw

      For security purpose I blocked the debit card and applied for new one.
      Kindly do the needful to get this amount back.

      Account No # [protected]
      Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-14 01:35:47
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        I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

        Hdfc Bank — - Local cheques clearing - I never knew it takes 3 days for a bank to clear a local cheque with the technology we have today [Resolved]

         Nathan Santosh James

        I have an account with HDFC bank Koramangala, I had deposited a local cheque of ICICI on Monday morning...
        Complaint comments  Comments  (7)

        HDFC Bank Bank Personal Loan — HDFC Personal Loan not disbursed [Resolved]

        my name is karthikeyan chennai,

        I have applied for a personal loan in the month april, they have collected...
        Complaint comments  Comments  (2)

        Two Wheeler Loan — After clearance of loan not received noc [Resolved]

         Mahesh G.
        I Mahesh G. took a Hero honda splendor loan from your ICICI bank near mayhall bus stop branch my loan no is...
        Complaint comments  Comments  (2)


         Ketan Shah
        Dear Mr. Datta & all concern,

        Re: Credit Card No. [protected]

        As per our meeting at your office on 25th May 2009 hereby I am sending this letter via email to lodge official complaint for MR. Dharamraj for Harassment & threat I had received from him.

        The whole episode started for about 6 months back when your collection department started calling me for my overdue credit card amount. Firstly Ms. Kirti (. Manager) started calling me & I was answering as well as paying my dues when & whatever is available with me. I also explained Ms Kirti about my financial problems.

        Sometime I was not able to make payments as I could not arrange money. Then I started getting calls from Mr. Dharamraj. He used to talk to my family members very rudely even though I was not in India & my family member has nothing to do with my Credit card dues. On one occasion he send his Executive at my home in my absence & then when he called he started abusing my family members.

        When I come to know about the same from my wife I called him from South Africa & he started abusing me as well. When I complaint the same to Ms. Kirti I stopped getting the calls. After about 2 months again he started calling from Mr. Dharamraj under his senior officer Mr. Jayesh (. Manager) and same story started again. So I called to Mr. Jayesh but I think there was no action taken by his senior this time.

        During this time I made once or twice payments as well despite my bad financial position due to the threat from him of harassing and abusing my family. During all this time I do receive calls to my South Africa’s Mobile no.: +[protected]. He kept calling there & abused me there in all his calls. I fear that this all happens in the presence of MR. Jayesh as I heard him in the background. But no one is stopping him. When I made complaint to Mr. Jayesh, instead of stopping him he was asking me to pay the money that’s all.

        I came back from South Africa on 16th May 2009. And again on 18th May 2009 I got call from HDFC bank from Tel no[protected] from Mr. Dharamraj. This time he started his phone conversation using abusing words called “a Bhikari Paise kab dega”. This phone call was keep going until Thursday & I tried to avoid his calls as he was enjoying these abusing calls to me and my Family. Until this I was not taking his calls & abusive language seriously but when he called me on Friday 22nd May 2009 at about 8.00 Pm & started the same way & then started threatening me that if I don’t pay him he will take my family members from my house & auction them. Then I got worried and annoyed by his such language. So I called HDFC Credit card call centre & lodge a complaint (ref no. [protected]) over the phone with Mr. Anil. After lodging a complaint with him I received call from your end by Ms. Roshni (Tel No.[protected] promising me to take action against Mr. Dharamraj & concern person. She also apologized on his behalf and told me that your bank will send me an apology letter. Then I also lodge one complaint (ref no.[protected] with Ms. Viji) at your grievance cell office in Chennai.

        I am writing you this email so that you can take appropriate action against this person. I hope you take this complaint seriously as this is a question of my Family’s security & your bank’s repute also at stake. I have never expected your bank can be so harsh and rude to a person who is already under financial problems. I never refuse your bank to make payment.

        So on your instruction I am planning to lodge a NC with local police station, but I will wait until you take Strict action against Mr. Dharamraj or if you are not capable of doing so, I have to take some action against him what every is possible by law. His conduct and behavior with clients will not only harass us but will spoil your banks repute also.

        At the same time I am also worried that if you take some strict action against him, something might happen to my family in my absence. Mr. Dharamraj has all my personal details of me, whereas I have never seen him. If any such action creates any reaction and if any unexpected incident happens to my family, I will hold HDFC Bank responsible for the same.

        I don’t want this episode to go from bad to worst so that I will urge you to take immediate action. In our meeting you keep assuring me of the same, but with my previous experience with other manager level staff from your bank (Mr. Jayesh & Ms. Kirti) I have no more faith in your words. I need strong action as this is not an acceptable behavior of your staff as far as my knowledge.

        I further accept and assure that all my outstanding dues will be cleared as and when time permits me. I am not delaying it purposely but forcefully. But at the same time I urge your bank to please understand my problem and try to resolve my problem by giving me breathing time and if possible some relief on my dues. If your bank does the same, would be of great help to me and my family.

        Also request you to make sure that any of your action against Mr. Dharamraj does not harm me in any ways, as this quality of staff are not trustworthy and loyal to anyone & they may harm any employers repute for their personal gain and frustration.

        Also please advise me, should I really lodge a written complaint with local police station against your staff and your bank for my family’s safety. I am waiting for your advise on this & will accept your suggestion with full trust.

        I hope above clarification and complain suffice your bank to take precautionary action to prevent my family and also at the same time take action against your staff, to prevent your repute.


        Ketan Shah
        Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-14 01:35:28
        This is really shameless...MOSTLY ALL THE COLLECTION AGENCIES AND EXECUTIVE ARE SPOILING BANK'S IMAGE..but isme sirf collection agency ki galti nahi hai...dekhnevali baat to ye hai ki bank kya soch kar inko collection ka kaam deti hai...ya i m sure ki unko bhi pata hota hai ki ye log is tarah se collection karte hai...but bank ko to sirf paisa mil raha hai usi se matlab hota hai..wo koi strict action kabhi nahi lenge...wo bas tumhari mafi mangege aur kuchh karna hai tumhe hi karna hai mere dost...
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          I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

          HBL Global Pvt Ltd. — Not received PF as yet [Resolved]

           Shiv Kumar
          The Manager,
          HR Department,
          HBL Global Pvt Ltd,
          Kamla Mills Compound
          Senapati Bapat...
          Complaint comments  Comments  (6)

          Hdfc Bank — REPAYMENT OF CAR LOAN A/C No. 1095246 [Resolved]

          Complaint comments  Comments  (1)


           sujoy sinha
          Dear Hdfc Team,
          I have a HDFC personal Loan a/c no 12568688 which i have paid in time but some may have delayed. But your collection agent from Gillander House(Kolkata)which is your collection back office has been prejudice and arrogant with me.The Number from which they called is[protected] and they have been disturbing from past 7 days.They have said that to me and my wife some humilaiting words which cannot be digested at all.They have hurt my ego and sentiments because they are son' and daughter's without there father.They have treated me like a slumdog and said that i am incompetent to pay your debts which i am regularly paying.But i will take an severe action against them to prevent FAIR DEBT COLLECTION ACT.Please Suggest where should i go to resolve my issue.Go to a political Influence, Consumer Forum, Banking Ombudsman or Media.If i go to anywhere, i don't need to pay a single peny to your bank which i am reluctant to do.But your collection
          agent has been blindfolded in achieveing there targets and hurting human sentiments.The audacity has been provided by the Bank which is indecent and bleeding .Please be proactive rather than reactive.

          Sujoy Sinha.
          Mobile no-[protected](Call from 4 pm to 7 pm)otherwise i am busy
          Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-14 01:35:22
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            I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


             Love Jain
            I am having two loan accounts with HDFC Bank Ltd. Meerut. I have a good track record of paying my EMIs in time. The loan Account Numbers are :1586312 & 2941002 having an EMI of Rs.5270 and 3615 respectively.

            Last month April 2009 I deposited a cheque of Rs.15000/- in the bank keeping in view my EMI loan payments. The bank took 7 days to clear a local cheque of ICICI bank Meerut. The bank is giving us the reason that due to elections holidays it took them seven days to clear the cheque and by that time on 7th April my EMI was due for which they applied charges of Rs.450 each on both loans EMI.

            My stand is clear that due to bank negligence or unforeseen holidays like elections, I must not suffer as my intentions were to pay my EMI in time which could not be met either due to bank negligence of taking more time in clearing my cheque OR due to reasons beyond my control like elections holidays on 6th, 7th and 8th April in Meerut.

            In one of similar situations sometime back this bank reversed my EMI cahrges just beacuse of their own negligence of not clearing cheque in time and putting double entries in my account that created confusion and later they had to reverse the charges. This time they are refusing clearly not to reverse the charges even when they are at a fault.

            I need justice over such rash and uncaring one sided decisions. I need your direction in filing a case on HDFC bank. I also want to stop my further EMIs till the bank reverses charges.

            Love Jain
            Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-14 01:35:20

            HDFC Bank — LOAN CHARGES

            Respected sir,

            i have loan for two wheeler
            i have deposite my monthaly premium 1612
            at 5.1.11 date
            but hdfc bank employ says me to you have to pay other 450 rs changes because your payment is 1 day late also in my shedule of payment by hdfc bank, in 5th date every month pls guide me for my problem
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              I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


               Brijesh Devani
              An executive from the collection department of HDFC BANK - CREDIT CARDS devision is calling me on my mobile phone and landline since morning. She has called me today for more than 25 times. She uses harsh and rough language. She is not ready to listen to me and goes on talking in loude voice.
              This feels very abusing.

              There more compliants for other executives of Collection department. But since I have forwarded their compliants to HDFC Chennai office and they said, they are taking some action on those issues.

              Please guide me, what should I do?

              Thank You,
              Brijesh Devanii
              M - [protected]
              Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-14 01:35:16
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                I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment



                This is Mohammed Azharuddin, I got my salary into my savings account and hdfc credit card department helded my account balance which i was due for Rs 4176/- they withhold my salary of Rs.18800/- and no proper response from their end, all my hard earned money for the month has been snatched by HDFC, If they dont provide my money back within 24 hours, HDFC bank is responsible for my death, i am submitting a copy of the sucide note to customer court and a copy to supreme court and one to my nearby police station, because i am left with no money and i dont even have the amount to get milk fir my baby. THIS IS ON A VERY SERIOUS NOTE THAT I WILL COMMIT SUCIDE IF MY AMOUNT IS NOT RETURENED BY THE BANK. i am survived by my wife and a daughter and my old parents.

                Thank You.
                Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 18:41:45
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                  I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


                  I had taken a home loan from HDFC Limited more than 2 years ago. As part of the contract I was required to pay 2% should I wish to pre-pay my loan. When SBI came up with a new scheme of 8% fixed interest for one year, I decided to swap my loan to SBI. I took a final loan account statement from HDFC to pre-pay the loan. The statement showed 2% pre-payment charge.

                  However, when it came to actual disbursement HDFC increased the pre-payment fees to 3%. Even thought the statement I had says 2% charges, I was made to pay 3% charges. I am now going to take whatever actions I can against 3% because I believe this is clearly a restrictive act on behalf of HDFC to stop customer to going to abother competitive bank.

                  I would urge evebody to reconsider your decision to take loans from HDFC Limited because they can increase charges as and when they need.

                  Dinesh Jangid
                  Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 18:02:56
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                    I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


                     Jude Soares
                    On registering 5 billers through the Billdesk portal of the bank website, details of three registrations out of five were wrongly reflected by the bank. Even though the confirmation screen showed correct data, the hard copy that I received showed the discrepancies.
                    The bank even allowed a transaction with one of the wrongly reflected accounts and the amount was debited from my account.
                    On complaining to the bank, the process was even lengthier. I had to de-register from the service (only possible by personally visiting the bank branch) and come back and register on-line, but then again I have the fear that again my registration details would be wrongly reflected.
                    Till date I have found that the service of the bank is good. But, if the bank provides services through third-parties, I believe it is the duty of the Bank to ensure that the service is good & maintained. Even minor deficiencies in such third-parties could devalue the image of the bank as here we are dealing with on-line transactions, and everyone has extra fears with on-line frauds being so rampant in the past (and even existing today)
                    Best Regards,
                    Jude Soares ([protected]
                    Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-14 01:34:58
                    today i paid my postpaid bill but transaction was for two times first time it reflected with the error message but amount was deducted from my account. hdfc need to repay 1000 Rs/- back my cust id:38042132.


                    03 Oct 2011 POS [protected] VODAFONE-BILLDES[protected] Oct 2011 1000.00 18215.04
                    03 Oct 2011 POS [protected] VODAFONE-BILLDES[protected] Oct 2011 1000.00 19215.04
                    i need some feedback from HDFC
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                      I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


                      Hi Pehredar,

                      This is in reference to my HDFC Card Number : [protected].
                      There was few fraudulent charges on Credit Card on 03/05/2009 by the Merchant name of AUTO CARE-PETROL FARIDABAD Rs 1107 & Rs 1025. I was out of town in that week with my family. Once I get to know the charges on my credit card I called Customer Care for the same & request them to close my card.

                      I spoke to customer services manager Kavita & she said the charges will be investigated n will be taken off from my account if found incorrect & told me not to make further payment on this bec this process will take maximum 45 days.

                      Days were keep on passing but there was no clue for my complain lodge to them.

                      One day an executive visited my place & asked me to filled a form.

                      I did that & gave him the copy of my credit card with the written letter too.

                      But after few days I called CC but they said they didn't received any of my information.

                      So I again faxed them the proof.

                      It was more then 6 months & nothing happen till that day.

                      I was keep on getting collection call from the recovery department & bad people was frequently visiting my home for the amount.

                      After few months I got the statement from the bank showing that the charges has been reversed to me but they were not ready to take off the Late fee & Finance Fee.

                      I wanted to pay off the balance which I used without LC & FC but they were not ready to cooperate with me.

                      Then what most shocking happened was that after few months whose charges which was reversed was again charged in my statement.

                      Now I am getting regular call on this & they are ready to settle my account for Rs 2000.

                      But I want you to please help me in this because if I will go for the settlement then my credit history (CIBIL) will be effected.

                      If you could help me out in resolving this issue via getting my LC & FC removed from my account so that I can pay Rs 2619.24 for my usage then it will be a great help for me.

                      Aashish Verma

                      ----- Forwarded Message ----
                      From: Aashish Verma <[protected]>
                      To: [protected]
                      Cc: HDFC Bank <customerservices.[protected]>
                      Sent: Sunday, 28 September, 2008 4:00:30 PM
                      Subject: Re: 'HBL=[protected]' Fw: [protected]

                      Hi Mr Giridhar,

                      I got a letter from your department about my outstanding of Rs 4644.69 on my credit card ([protected]). Though i got a credit for the fraudulent charges on my account but as it was instructed to me by the Customer Service Manager for not to pay ANYTHING on my card till the time investigation is going on. I did the same. Now as the card is permanently suspended so i want to clear my outstanding balance done by me for Rs 2619.24.

                      So in that regards please review my account my process the waiver of all the Late Charges & Finance Charges levied on the account & send me a new stmnt so that i can pay.

                      OR ELSE U WONT GET A SINGLE PENNY !!!

                      Aashish Verma

                      ----- Original Message ----
                      From: Aashish Verma <[protected]>
                      To: HDFC Bank Credit Cards Support <customerservices.[protected]>
                      Sent: Wednesday, 27 August, 2008 12:46:08 PM
                      Subject: Re: 'HBL=[protected]' Fw: [protected]


                      I spoke with Risk department & they r saying to lodge a complain again so that the case can be refereed to risk dep again.

                      Plz do the needful

                      Attention : Kavita (CS Manager)

                      Aashish Verma

                      ----- Original Message ----
                      From: HDFC Bank Credit Cards Support <customerservices.[protected]>
                      To: Aashish Verma <[protected]>
                      Sent: Tuesday, 26 August, 2008 12:14:48 PM
                      Subject: RE:'HBL=[protected]' Fw: [protected]

                      Dear Mr. Verma,

                      We thank you for writing to us.

                      We observe that you have been greatly inconvenienced and we sincerely regret for the inconvenience caused to you.

                      We understand your concerns regarding the fraudulent transaction. We would like to inform you that we are looking into your query sincerely and will respond to you shortly. We request you to kindly bear with us in the interim.

                      Incase you seek further assistance or clarification please feel free to contact our Customer Service Executives at any of our 24 hour Call Center telephone numbers mentioned in the below URL.


                      Assuring you of our best service at all times.


                      Customer Service Officer

                      Disclaimer :
                      The information contained herein (including any accompanying documents) is confidential and is intended solely for the addressee(s). If you have erroneously received this message, please immediately delete it and notify
                      the sender. Also, if you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any disclosure, copying, distribution or taking any action in reliance on the contents of this message or any accompanying document is strictly prohibited and is unlawful. The organization is not responsible for any damage caused by a virus or alteration of the e-mail by a third party or otherwise . The contents of this message may not necessarily represent the views or policies of HDFC Bank Ltd.

                      ----- Forwarded Message ----
                      From: Aashish Verma <[protected]>
                      To: HDFC Bank <customerservices.[protected]>
                      Sent: Saturday, 23 August, 2008 11:22:25 AM
                      Subject: Fw: [protected]

                      Any Updates on my credit card ?????????????????????



                      ----- Forwarded Message ----
                      From: Aashish Verma <[protected]>
                      To: customerservices.[protected]
                      Cc: [protected]
                      Sent: Saturday, 19 July, 2008 7:35:26 PM
                      Subject: Fw: [protected]


                      This is to inform you that its been more than 3 months i have still not got any revert abt my Credit Card Fraud Status & ur collection agency is calling me harassing /abusing me & my family. I would request you to let me know the status ASAP.

                      Collector Name # Shyam Lal Chaudhary from Connaught Palace(New Delhi)
                      Phn Numb #[protected],[protected],[protected]



                      ----- Forwarded Message ----
                      From: Aashish Verma <[protected]>
                      To: HDFC Bank <customerservices.[protected]>
                      Sent: Sunday, 22 June, 2008 7:43:14 PM
                      Subject: [protected]


                      This is to inform you that i have already reported fraud on my credit card ([protected]). I have also faxed you the proof but now i have got the new statement in which there is Late Charges & Finance Charges.

                      People from your collection department are coming/calling me & harrasing me.

                      Plz review my account and let me know the details abt the same ASAP.

                      Feel free to revert on [protected] from 4 PM to 4 AM IST

                      Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 18:23:38

                      HDFC BANK LIMITED — Non receipt of statement and still charging late fees and finance charges

                      Dear sir,

                      Ref: Credit Card No. [protected]
                      I had been using HDFC bank credit card since last 3 years. As per record and statement send to bank problem started from June 2008. I never received the statement for June 2008 and August 2008. I have paid all my dues regarding purchases done by me and i had called their toll free no several times regarding non receipt of statement right at the start of the issue. The response received by me was not at all good from their toll free no and they were also reluctant to give me the reference no for the conversation. It started with mere Rs. 560/- as the interest amount and it has reached to Rs.8734/- as per last statement. I have also given the copy of the statement to the person who came to collect the amount from me.
                      I have even cancelled the credit card sent to their chennai office
                      Would highly appreciate if you can solve this issue as i am really tired of calling and mailing HDFC Bank.

                      Pravin Patil
                      I am Ruthirakumaran, Working in USA.Last two weeks before i lost my credit card.And today i called customer care and blocked it.Customer care says last day some transaction made my card about RS.3000 ...something..Please consider my complaint and take action.Can i know the information about the amount Rs.3000...who wil pay this amount.

                      I have applied for HDFC credit card a month before, all the process of verification has been done sucessfully.I got the Reference No. message on my Mobile too.
                      After 15-20 days when I enquired with the reference Number to Customer Care, they told me that the your request is Declined.
                      I asked the reason, they didn't told anything.
                      I asked them to return my signed documents they are not returning them also.

                      Reference Number:[protected]w2

                      So either you provide the reason and Issue the card or else please return my documents.

                      This same case happens with nearly 10-15 of my colleagues.
                      Dear sir,

                      I am using your card, but not satisfied with your services, you people are continously charging late fee from last 4 months and customer care not ready to give any weaiver this fake charges, i am continuously paying bill on due date, but customer care is saying this is not done, Please do needful, otherwise i will have to close this card. Please find some attachment of bill payment on due date


                      Anukul Kumar
                      M- [protected]/[protected]
                      Card Number - [protected]
                      Dear Sir,
                      I have a credit card of HDFC Bank . Card No is-[protected] .
                      Sir i am facing some financial problems so i want EMI payment facilities in my card for my outstanding amount.
                      so kindly provide me this .i will thankful for that.

                      Amit Vikram
                      My Credit card no is [protected], I have spend Rs aprox 5000/ on this card due to some reason i could not pay the due amount in time,
                      But after that I have paid RS 10000/ against the spend of RS 5000/, the last payment I have made on 25/01/2014 of RS 5000/ by cash, the executive told me that this is the full and final payment but still i have received the bill of RS 2819 dated 4/02/2014. I also would like to mention that after due date were over for the first payment, my card were block even though i have paid rs 10000/. I have lost my faith on HDFC bank,
                      In near future i will never keep any relation with HDFC Bank.
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                        Hdfc Bank — Harrassment of employees [Resolved]

                         maria george
                        me maria george want to make a complaint against Hdfc Bank ltd.the Employees in this bank are harrased and the life becomes...
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                         VIVEK SOOD

                        The Manager,
                        HDFC Bank

                        Sub: Misrepresentations and Malpractices of your bank on opening of Current Account.

                        Dear Sir,

                        This is in continuation of the various personal representations to your staff and yourself on umpteen occasions regarding the “AMB CHARG ”of Rs. 1000 being debited to our account every month along with Service taxes of Rs. 120.00

                        At the insistence of your marketing staff a Current A/c No. [protected] was opened in my firms name M/s Aditi Enterprises. At the time of opening the account Ms. Ekta Sood representing the HDFC Bank explicitly stated that I am required to deposit Rs. 75000/- and maintain this balance for 30 days after which this account would be a zero balance account and the sum of Rs. 75000/- could be withdrawn thereafter, No charges will be charged and there would be no need to maintain a minimum balance.

                        However, contrary to this, since the month of September 08 every month a sum of Rs. 1000 along with service charges is being debited to our account. I have constantly represented against this but each time have been assured that this is a mistake by the bank and will be rectified at the earliest.

                        Unfortunately six months have passed and no action has been taken till date, in spite of repeated assurances from all the bank officers. There seems to be a general attitude of misrepresentation without putting words to action.

                        You are therefore urged to immediately credit to our account a sum of Rs. 5600/- which has been illegally debited from our account and also ensure that these charges are not debited in the future, failing which we will have no recourse but to initiate proceedings and seek redressal in the appropriate legal forum.
                        Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-14 01:34:29
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                           arun kumar soni

                          HDFC BANK

                          SUB : Regarding CIBIL Status of My Credit Card.

                          Dear Sir/Madam

                          This is for your kind information that I am using HDFC bank credit card from last 2 years.
                          Till the date from my side there is no due is pending of card my card no is [protected].(Platinum Plus Card).
                          Now I have applied personal loan in Fullerton bank and then they have told me that HDFC BANK has given my name in CIBIL because there sum dues is pending of credit card on the date of 03/06/2007.
                          I have done so many calls to customer care services but I have not get any positive response now you tell me if I have done all payments on time why you had put my name on CIBIL.
                          And if you had not put my name in CIBIL than kindly send me the CIBIL status from your side on my mail.
                          Other wise I have to take help from consumer court and I have already discussed with my lawyer. He suggested me first write a mail to you.
                          Kindly provide me the detail of jun and july 2007 statement of my card so that I will clear my name from CIBIL.
                          Other wise I will to take a help from Court.
                          Kindly take is very serious.

                          Thanks and regards

                          Arun Kumar Soni

                          Sri Ganganagar
                          Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-14 01:34:24
                          They have done the same thing to me,

                          they dont send statements and then ask to pay a heavy charge,

                          Manager HDFC creit card.

                          SUB;-Regading removal of name inCIBIL

                          Respected sir,

                          I am Arun kumar, I was using credit card no.[protected] I made all due clear and I too receive NOC.when I applied for personnel loan then I was informed that my name is in CIBIL.please remove my name in CIBIL other wise I will knok the door of cutomer forum.I too in mode to go court with the help of lawyer.

                          NAME:ARUN KUMAR, CONTROL NO.[protected], MOB.[protected]
                          iam Harendra Singh Bisht, iam appling the creditcard last 2 week's, but there are no response their side, so what i do ref no [protected]N1.I think, your service is to late, plz tell me the status of credit card. other i[censored] late, i no need to your credit card.
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