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Whirlpool India Customer Care
Whirlpool India Ltd.
Customer satisfaction rating: 82%
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Whirlpool India Customer Care

Whirlpool India Ltd.

H.No 113/8 Model Town
Gurgaon District
India - 122001

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Customer satisfaction rating
Awesome! This company provides an awesome customer support service, responds to our every notification, and resolves most of the user complaints.

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Whirlpool India — Defective refrigerator [Resolved]

 Pradipta Sen
I have buy a refrigerator 15th of June 2008 from Great Eastern Appliances Pvt. Ltd.(290, G.T. Road, Kazipara More, Howrah...
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Whirlpool — Problem in washing machine- 650H [Resolved]

 Deepak keshri
I have bought your fully automatic washing machine (650H) but no body informed me that I will not get any service...
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 Kamal Kumar Wadhawan
Sir I purchased a washing machine of whirlpool fully automatic on 20.3.2010 from next India limited Sector 19 Faridbad. Sir, there is leakage in internal drainpipe, I have complaint for this so many times in Next India Ltd. and in Whirlpool, on complaint Tele. no. 60008558, but they are not responding. From Last one month they are replying that whenever the part will available than we shall change it.
Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 15:34:48
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    I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

    Voltage Stabiliser Recommended For Whirlpool Fridge — Stabiliser not working [Resolved]

    Dear Sir,

    We purchase one voltage stabiliser DURO MAX DX 1404 which was recommended by whirlpool service persons...
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    We have purchased Whirlpool AC 'The Whirlpool Mastermind Aviator V 1 Ton ' from Home Town - Ishanya- Pune on 31st March 2010. At the time of purchase we have been told about Reebok Scheme .On paying 350/- We get gift vouchor of 3500/ of Reebok within one week .Its one month is over and no Gift voucher given to us .Kindly look on this and provide us what the scheme has been told us at the time of purchase .
    Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 15:32:18
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      I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


      We've bought an air conditioner- Whirpool mastermind aviator 5 star series- the purchase details of which are as follows:
      Dealer Name - Jaiswal Brothers.
      Location – Bhawanimandi (Raj.)

      Pre Purchase Issues-
      Following are the issues we faced with the dealer-
      1. We informed the dealer of our choice on 20/3/2010 which happens to be Saturday and we were assured by him that our a/c will be installed on 22/3/2010 i.e. Monday, but he neither installed the unit nor he called and informed.
      2. We then followed up with the dealer and were assured that the unit will come to him from company’s side on 25/3/2010 i.e. Thursday but the same also didn’t happen.
      3. Again we are told that delay is due to wrong receipt of consignment from another dealer located in Jaipur to whom our dealer prima facie places the order. He has received all 3-star models instead of 5-star. He then assured us for coming Saturday.
      4. Again we followed up (i.e. no response from his side till we followed up) and the process continued till the date of invoice.

      Post purchase Issues:-
      Following are the issues or problems we faced / facing post purchase of the air con:
      1. The same very day on which the unit was installed i.e.06/04/2010 water started dripping from the indoor unit during night hours inside the room.
      2. We’ve posted repeated complaints against the same and even made visits to the dealer’s shop which is some 25 miles from our place but some action was taken only after a good deal of time lag i.e. on 16/04/2010 and the person who showed up, instead of correcting the very problem we were facing compounded our problems by breaking one of the locks with which the unit is tied to frame holding it.
      3. On 20/04/2010 the compressor or the outdoor unit ran out of the compressed gas and the indoor unit function as good as the fan mounted in the wall.
      4. On 26/04/2010 the same person turned up who installed the a/c @ our place and told us that there is some leakage in the pipe or the valve that the gas has leaked but he didn’t get the gas refill and assured us that he’ll service the entire unit on Thursday which happens to be today but yet there is no clue of his arrival.
      Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 15:31:56
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        I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

        Whirlpool Washing Machine T50 — poor service [Resolved]

         vikram singh
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        How irresponsible can a system be, Whirlpool customer care is the best example of that. At least you are best at something.

        I called Whirlpool customer care number[protected] on April 19, 2010 in the morning before 10am and registered a complaint for attending to my Microwave oven of Whirlpool make. The call was courteous and efficient. In the call I was informed that since the oven is about 5 years old, the same is not within warranty and the visit charges for techniccians visit will be Rs. 395.00. I was informed that this charge is valid for month for any problems that may occur. I agreed to this charge. Immediately after the call I received an SMS giving me the complaint No as mentioned in the subject. I was told that within 2 hours the technician will call my phone number[protected]the number that I provided at the time of registering my complaint). This is where our problem started, and here we go:

        1. Nobody called us ever since last 9 days from Whirlpool.

        2. Technician named Vijay came on April 21 afternoon around 3pm. We informed him about the problem (exactly as we had explained 2 days back while registering the call). He looked at the oven, switched it on-off many time and concluded there was a diode that needed replacement. He informed that he is not carrying this diode with him and will come back tomorrow (April 22) and fix the problem. He informed that the cost of this diode is about Rs. 200. We agreed for this cost and he confirmed it will take a few minutes to solve this problem.

        Since April 21 afternoon, we have note received any communication from anyone from Whirlpool about this complaint. I called Whirlpool customer care number[protected] many times to chack about the action and every time we received the reply that within 2 hours someone will call back.

        On April 25, I then talked to Amit (who identified himself as senior engineer) who informed that he has escalated the complaint to the head-office and definitely within 2 hours someone will call back. Nobody has called yet.

        I kept calling again and got same reposnse. On April 27, morning I again called 60008558 and when I asked to talk to someone senior, I was given the mobile number of Mr. Prakash Kumar, Area Manager for Faridabad ([protected]) was asked to talk to him directly. I asked them to connect me with with him on conference call but they said they cannot. I called this number and talked to Prakash and asked him the status of our complaint (gave him the complaint number). He was not aware of this problem. He asked me whether someone had visited us in last 9 days from Whirlpool. Obviously, he was not having any information about our complaint.

        INteresting again: he also confirmed to me that he will ensure someone will call me in 2 hours. I insisted that I would like to talk to the engineer who had visited us and he gave me mobile number of his technician Praveen ([protected]) who as per him was responsible for this complaint. After my insisting I asked him to hold on the call until I get Praveen on conference. When we got Praveen on conference Praveen mentioned he was not aware of this case. Obviously there is no system existant with the Area Manager to know who is responsible for what.

        Praksh then gave me another number of Vijay ([protected]) and when he came on line, I asked him why he did not come to repair the machine after he had promised to come back on April 22, he mentioned that the part was not available and he will ensure the problem is solved in next two days. The two hours and two days seems to be a standard slogan in Whirlpool customer care. I asked him why did he not call me to inform that he will take more time, he had no answer, but Prakash (being senior and presumably smarter or trying to be) instead of questioning his engineer for not doing his job well, came up with a beautiful excuse. He asked his technician how old was the machine and both of them concluded the oven was 12 years old. Accordingly, Prakash smartly informed me that we can repair the problem only if the part is available and he instructed his technician to check for the part and call me later to tell me that the part is not available. I asked Vijay to tell me the part number of the part that has to be replaced. He was not in a position to tell me. Obviously, because when he visited to check the oven on April 21 he did not make any notes, nor did he note the machine number etc. I can say this because he checked the oven in my presence.

        I want this message to reach the head of customer support of Whirlpool India and I need a response immediately from someone of highest authority in your organization in India.

        Is this the way you harass your customers. I will be initiating proceedings against Whirlpool in the Consumer Forum if this problemis not solved by April 28 morning and if I do not receive a response from Whirlpool India head on how you will ensure this kind of problem is not repeated again from hereafter with any other customer of Whirlpool.
        Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 15:30:15
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          I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


          We bought a 1.5 tonne Mastermind Aviator (Whirlpool) Air conditioner from Bajaj Electronics. MPM mall, Abids. While we went to buy actualy LG airconditioner, this model was recommended by the shop keeper and it is calimed to have more cooling capacity than LG in the same category. AC was delivered and installed within 2 days. But to the disappointment of my whole family, the cooling was not effective at all. You feel in AC room only when you stand right below the blower that to after one hour of running. Sometimes when the AC starts, it ejects hot air which I have not expereinced in any ac so far. When you operate the ac on energy save or in sleep mode, room becomes moisturous and you start sweating. Even after repeated compliants nothing has been done so far. I sunk my hard earned money in taking wrong decision to buy whirlpool.
          Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 15:29:48
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          youtube account: jarg5678

          whirlpool air conditioner mastermind — not cooling since purchase

          a.c. were not cooling properly
          work only starting two month
          many complaint but no... result
          i m completly agree with this complain. i think mastermind aviator is not effective and i waist my money on it.i[censored] do any thik than pls contact [protected] {girish chy}.wat we do ac open at long time but it cant cool our room .i think it save our money or not.
          me too also bought aviator 1.5 ton .its cooling is very low the room doesnt cool at all and you can compare it with aircooler not with ac . because you get cool air when you sit before it same as cooler but the room remains same.
          i totally agree with you. i have the same AC and same problems... it really sucks... :/
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            I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


            Sir,We are final year residents of H.B.T.I hostel (Kanpur Uttar Pradesh). We had purchased a water purifier of whirlpool company from LEGEND ELECTRONICS, 26/41,THAPER HOUSE,BIRHANA ROAD,KANPUR, UTTAR PRADESH(PHONE NO [protected] on 9 feb 2010 for Rs 22000. But since its purchase this water purifier has not worked . We are complaining daily since then to the dealers and company regarding its repairing. But they are fooling us by saying that they will come today surely . This has been happening for 1 month now. We have given them endless call in order to seek their help but we have got only false assurances. We are hostel residents and the water quality of supply water is not good here. As a result many students have fallen ill due to infection caused by impure water .

            Sir i want to u to take this matter seriously as these companies just manufacture defective goods and they are thus not eligible to be able to ply in the market. So there should strict inspections of goods of these companies by Bureau Of Indian Standards so that they are not able to fool the customers.

            Sir Plz do something in this regard.
            Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 15:27:00
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              I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


              We have a whirlpool Fridge which had cooling problem. A complaint was registered on Apr 10. Today is Apr 26. First time they attended and suugested the gast to be filled. It was done and Rs 2300 was paid. Still we had the same problems. Technicians have come more than 5 times after that. Still we have the same issue. No one follows up to if the issue is solved. The customer care service is too bad. I strognly suggest not to go for Whirlpool products out of my own exeprience.
              Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 15:25:15

              Whirlpool Refrigerator — NO COOLING AND NO SPARES


              I have purchased a Whirlpool Sumo Refrigerator bearing serial no: 2BR30054N. It went out of order on 26th November 2008 and I have registered a complaint at your Chennai call centre on 26th itself. As givem by them, my ID no: is 2536619 and complaint no: is C.[protected].

              Inspite of my regular follow up with your nominated service people, who said they are helpless for want of spares such as capacitor, relay etc from your cochin office. I have contacted Mr Dhinu, ( could not get Mr Mahesh) who told me that the spares are out of stock and will try to get it from Haryana within a week.

              Myself and my family blame ourselves for the trust we had in your esteemed organization and its image for this inordinate delay in your maintenance services. How sad we are for the last few days with your company who still ask us to continue to suffer for a minimum of one more week.

              I request you to please help us at your earliest.

              A line of reply is expected.

              Thank you.

              N K Alexander [protected]
              Chartered Accountant. Cochin, India.

              Whirlpool — cooling problem

              Respected Sir / Madam

              This is to put into your notice that I have purchased a refrigerator 'Ice Magic 220lt' with a 6th sense technology and purchased from Jamshedpur on 26th December 2004 . The same is under 7yr warranty. We are facing cooling problem since last 25 days. A numbers of complaints has been made against the same. Your engineers came and scrutinize it as a PCB problem.
              Now from last 3 week I am calling continuously & requesting your people to take some permanent action on the same, but we are not getting any positive response, rather they are only giving us excuses like: parts are not available and just refusing it.
              I request you to please take some action on this on urgent basis & replace the same if there is no cure to the present problem as the refrigerator is still under warranty period,
              I look forward for your support, failing which I would be forced to launch a case in consumer court against your company.
              Thanking you.
              Ashwani Kumar sinha
              cooling problem in my refrigeator

              Whirlpool Refrigerator — Not coming for services under Home Care Plan

              Dear Sir/Madam,
              We bought Whirlpool refrigerator 0n 26/6/2004 from shah home appliances in annanagar and we started home care plan on 22/6/05 from whirlpool company appliance serial no:INA[protected]/32307 & home care plan no:HG02010298 which ends by 22/6/2011 yearly 2 services we have got 9 services done by them .There is no service contact at all.please send us a nice feedback.We have changed our address to 227/1 rohini flats 7th avenue annanagar west no:[protected], [protected]. if there is no reply from ur company we register compliant in consumer court.
              Yours sincearly

              whirlpool/refrigerator — Defective Appliance

              The refrigerator that I had bought was a damanged one. A complaint was registered, Complain no: KL[protected] against the same against which went unheard of. After numerous follow ups and confrontations another refrigerator was sent which was again found defective but was running. Now this had also stopped functioning altogether. Again a complaint has been registered Complain no:KL[protected].

              Buying a Whirlpool refrigerator has turned out to be a bitter experience and a harassament from all fronts.

              Thus, I want necessary action to be taken against the company and compensation to be paid against the appliance bought as well as the pain taken towards the replacement of the defective product/delayed service provided.

              Bibhas Kumar Halder
              65/C, GT Road, Modadan,
              Dist - Hoogly
              Pin - 712 203
              Ph: [protected]/[protected]

              Whirlpool — Cooling Problem

              I have brought 180 ltr. Fussion Model Refrigretor from Satara Road Company Outlet
              Near Padmavati. There is problem of colling. there is some technical problem i observed
              already I have call your service center but there is no reply from your side
              Pl tel me to whom i will contact for technical problem

              Pl send your technical person for service

              refrigerator not working

              refrigerator not working
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                I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


                This is in reference to my complain no. PT[protected] dated 16-Apr-2010 at Whilpool India Ltd.
                I purchased Home Care Plan for the washing machine for maintenance contract on 28-Feb-2006.The details are

                1. Plancode: 1023216 for 36 months from 24-Feb-08.

                2. Appliance details

                a. Serial No. INB[protected]

                b. Model No. ******7101

                c. Date of purchase: 23-Feb-06.

                Since I have purchased washing machine worst service has been provided every time.
                The problem with machine is
                1) Water doesn’t retain in the washing tub and it gets drained of its own.
                2) I have been asking for lint filter for last one and half year and I am not able to get one. For this I faced problem in year 2007 and when finally when I lodged complain on email to company then I could get it. If the quality of Lint filter is so poor then why it is not readily available in service center in sufficient number.
                In brief this is how I am struggling to get the service for which I have paid in advance. The toll free customer care No. provided in company current web site is useless because it cant be contacted anytime. From Dhanbad by dialing std No. of Dhanbad then No.60008558, the number doesn’t exist. So I contacted 033 Code at Kolkata. There complain has been taken many times manually before 16-Apr-10 but no action was taken. Then some No. for Meerut was given from Kolkata. That No. didn’t exist. Again I contacted Kolkata. Then[protected] number was given. I contacted on this No. and above mentioned complaint No. was given on 16-Apr-2010. Then I contacted many times on this No. and every time false assurance was given to me that technician will be attending. I have been waiting for technician leaving my essential job. Lastly they gave me some No. of Patna [protected]. Person on this No. is irresponsible and least bothered to attend complain. They can only keep me waiting listening to their boring music and wasting my money on call.
                I think I will not be able to use the washing machine further. Lastly as I have been harassed so much that I am lodging complain.
                Surprisingly when I was drafting this letter two technician came at 6:55 PM 24- Apr-2010 and saw the machine. But again it was useless. They have just noted the problem and did nothing. For lint filter they told that they will not be able to provide it and machine can run without it without any harm.
                Sir, it is requested to help me out in getting justice.
                Thanking you.

                yours sincerely
                Dr. Suman kumar Choudhary
                Contact No. [protected]
                email- [protected]
                Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 15:24:58
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                  I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment



                  I had purchased a Magi Cool Air Conditioner on 17/05/2007, from Bajaj Electronics, Panjagutta, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.

                  Within two years of purchase, I had to change its remote control and Voltage Stabiliser. Now, the compressor has stopped working.

                  I have made several complaints to the dealer and the Customer Care, but it is ineffective.

                  Earlier, on booking the complaint, the Whirlpool customer care has sent Unqualified Technicians from Lakshmi Ganpathi Refrigeration, Seetaphalmandi, Secunderabad. The technicians took the AC and retained it for 8 days. However, they did not rectify the probem and replaced the capacitor instead. They charged me Rs 1200 for the capacitor. Before this, I have paid Rs. 400 as complaint charges and Rs. 200 for the technician's conveyance. The Stabliser and remote cost me Rs. 4500.

                  I have also tried to call the service engineer in this area, but it is of no use. The customer care is useless, and I have to repeat my story N number of times to them. I tried to speak to their supervisor, but again there was no reply.

                  I am very much disgusted with the customer service and am repenting on the purchase of this Whirlpool AC. My AC is still under the warranty period. Henceforth, I shall have to think twice before buying any Whirlpool product.
                  Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 15:24:44
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                    I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


                    Hi Sir,
                    I purchesed a whilpool refrigerator one month back and it getting heat on the upper door badly.your customer care people are not coming or responding even if i called many times.

                    Please look after this matter as soon as possible.

                    Waiting for your positive respond.

                    Thanking you.

                    Madhumathi MS

                    Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 15:24:34
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                      I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                      Whirlpool Ac — Bogus Free Reebok Shoe offer with Whirlpool AC [Resolved]

                      I had the most horrifying purchase experience on buying Whirlpool Mastermind 1.5 Tonne AC from Dawar Enterprises, Galleria...
                      Complaint comments  Comments  (14)Complaint category Electronics & Appliances


                       Pankaj Kumar Choudhary
                      I have given AMC of my Whirlpool Washing Machine to you. My Washing machine is NOT working from 4th April, 2010. Many times I had done complained in your call centre. But I am NOT getting any service from your site. If you are NOT able to sort out my problem, then please refund my AMC amount. My area is under “Western Refrigerator ” Noida. Complained Number is --- GB[protected] Dated 7th April, 2010.

                      On dated 23rd April, 2010 I called your call centre[protected] and had discussion with your Senior supervisor Mr. Amit. He consulted to Western Refrigerator and then told me that “Within 24 Hours you will get service” and now parts are with Western Refrigerator and they will allocate engineer for same. But today (24th April, 2010) morning, I had discussion with Mr. Manoj (Western Refrigerator), as per him “Still Parts are NOT available” and he has given Mr. S.K.Singh (Area Manager of Ghaziabad) number[protected]. Then I try to contact him. But I am not able to contact him.
                      Again I had called to your call centre. Then I had discussion with “Anchal”. She is senior supervisor. She assured me “You will get call after two hours, she will discussed with Western refrigerator”.

                      What I will do “As a Customer” ?
                      What is used of AMC in such type of service ?
                      Are this is method of providing service to customer ?
                      Are Whirlpool, NOT a position to provide / replace washing machine to a customer ?
                      Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 15:22:12
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                        I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


                         Mrs. Roop kumar Parmar
                        Respected Sir,
                        I would like to complaint you about the air conditioner problem. Actually, I purchased 2 new A.Cs from The Sunshine electronics LG 2 , krishna tower, 2/1, New palasia, Indore 452001 Ph:[protected] from Madam Charu on 15th of feb 10.
                        One of the AC is functioning normally but the other Ac is creating problems time and again. I made a complaint to service centre may be a month ago but with no response.They dont pick up the phone or the phones remain busy.
                        PROMLEM IN AC:
                        1)Our AC is indicating "CLEAN FILTER" after cleaning it is glittering again till today.
                        2)After installing AC it started making noise like whistle and crackling from the Indoor unit after 1-2 days and it is still making noise till today.

                        So, I complaint to Charu madam about the above problems but till today she sent no one.
                        We are troubled too much thats why I am complaing to the company. I trust Whirlpool appliance I already have Whirlpool refrigirator since 5-6 yrs.Untill now it is functioning very well. So, Kindly take the required actions and about our problems.Waiting for your reply please get to me soon.
                        Thanking you,
                        Mrs. Roop Kumar Parmar (BILL NO.- 2571)
                        5, chitranjan kunj Near Nandgaon App.
                        Anand kirana stores,Girdhar nagar Tilak nagar
                        Email Id: [protected], [protected]
                        Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 15:12:08
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                          I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


                           Vimal Kumar
                          I have purchased one Whirlpool Washing Machine for Rs 7400 and Rs 1000 of old machine in exchange (Rs 8,400/-) from M/s Om Electronics, Shop No 15, 18, DDA Market No. 3, Sector 6 (Pkt. B2), Rohini, Delhi – 110085 Phone[protected] on 24.01.2010 vide Invoice No.[protected]/3648 and I found that some manufacturing defect while using it.

                          The said washing machine is creating problem as under :

                          1 Vide complaint No DL [protected] dated 27.01.2010 made for Timer of W/M not working properly. The same not found working properly. While attending the complaint, the timer got replaced.

                          2 Again vide complaint No. DL[protected] dated 20.03.2010 for W/M not rotating properly, the complaint though got attended but rotation problem exist there and the said problem still exist. The W/M while using for some time does not rotate properly as it move only in one direction.

                          So the washing machine purchased is not working properly and I have requested number of times either to replace the said washing machine or to pay back cash amount of Rs 8400/- and take back the said washing machine, but my request not heared.
                          Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-14 04:05:11

                          Whirlpool/Washing Machine — Non-receipt of washing machine (Sensation Elite 6.5Kg)

                          I am compelled to lodge a complaint against your poor customer service regarding non-receipt of washing machine (Sensation Elite 6.5Kg under exchange offer with existing AWM310 model) from your side after payment the exchange value. Last three/four months my family is severely suffering without machine, the u/s not getting any co-operation from your side. Mr. S. Mazumder of Kolkata office handles the case, till date the u/s not getting any help. Few days before he agreed to supply the machine on 24.12.2007, but he did not. Today, after query he responds that the good machine is not readily available, he took 7-10 days more to supply the machine. Please ask the Kolkata office to take it as urgent and arrange to send the machine within this week.

                          With regards,

                          Sadhan Chandra Das,
                          Sejuti, A-402, Santiban,
                          7, Uma Kanta Sen Lane, Kolkata-700030.
                          E-mail address [protected]

                          Whirl Washing Machine (Sensational elite) — Machine is not working for past two months

                          i bought a Whirlpool wahsing machine (Sensation Elite - front lOaded) in pondicherry vasanth & co in 16th April 2007.Two months back my machine was not working. I logged the complient in the service centre(pondicherry). complient number is 16270. one of the service engineer(Mr.Mani) came and check the fault and he doubted that there was a problem some board. And he asked me to bring the machine to service centre by our own cost. Then i phoned to service centre and told the machine is still in warrenty period and why your are not take responsible for rectify the machine. then next day he came and removed the board from the machine and took it for repair. after a week i phoned and enquire about the fault. He said the board was not yet ready because parts are not available. Then i contacted one of the employee who is working in Thirubuvanai Whrilpool unit, Pondicherry and told my problem. He arranged one company employee to lookafter the fault. He identified Heater coils also go out, pend in the drum, etc. And he removed the heater coil and took it for service. By this way, two months is over. Last saturday i called the Service centre(pondicherry) and asked about the repair of the machine. One of the service engineer(Mr.Mani) and his supervisor said that the authority of servicing machine is taken by the Company (pondicherry unit) and said that they are not responsible for that. The way they repled, is very much hurted me. Till now my machine is not rectified.

                          I donot know why the service engineer people responding like this. If Whirlpool have a Brand vaule then 22days are too much for arrangement of any parts. Moreover the production unit is located in my home down itself(Pondicherry). For this case they are taking 2 months for identifying and repairing the parts, I am just wounder what about the people in the other parts of the india.

                          From this above, the whirlpool or service centre are not interested to continue the after sales service, so that company is harassing the customer.

                          I hope that you will look into this issue in another two days and rectify my problem.


                          Whirlpool Washing Machine — Not Working Properly

                          Dear Sir,

                          I have purchased Whirlphool Washing Machine Model No F65 from Spencer hydeper MArket, Mursheedbad on 28/03/07. the machine is under warranty for 2 year and we are compalining to company from 14/05/08 complaint no. HD[protected], again complaint HD[protected] dated 07/06/08 as it was a manufacturing problem and company has not fitted balance weight in machine and it was vibreting like anything from the day first. there technician Mr. Srinivas visted my place 07/07/08 to attend complain dated 14/05/08 after almost 75 days and said that we are fitting the weight balance as it was missing and not fitted by the company. Mr. Srinivas Cell No. [protected]. due to delay is responce from company to attend the complaint the plastic part of the body got damage to due vibration and for the same again we have done compalint No. HD/[protected] dated 07/07/08 the same date when Mr srinivas visited us.

                          Again the same complaint was made on 02/08/08 HD[protected] and the same is still opened no one has atteneded the same.

                          Now issue is the machine is under warranty and it stoped working since 26-11-08 and we have complaint to call centre phone no.[protected] and discussed with Mr.Krishna and he assured me to solve the problem by 29-08-08 at any how but today till 1st Dec 2008 no one has turnup. Today morning also i called up AP Head service Mr. Naresh on his cell [protected] and he assured me to check and reply withing 15 minute but he also not reply me back. it seems that company doesn't want to provide after sales service to customer.

                          I request Deccan cronicle New paper to print this issue and help me out.

                          With warm regards

                          Juzer Madarwala
                          1-33-67/T2 Mohammed Manzil,
                          RTC Colony, Trimulgherry,
                          Opp. RTC Bus Stand
                          Secunderabad 500 015
                          Cell No. [protected]

                          Whirlpool - Washing m/c — Not working properly

                          I have telephoned my 1st complaint on 03/11/2008.The complaint for Customer ID BG/C/0807/32973 dated 26/11/2008 was attended on[protected] after lot of chasing the higherups.Again the washing machine failed on[protected] & I have telephoned 10-15 times from 26/11/08 to till .The machine stopped rotating and again.The service engineers come and go without resolving the failure.For want of a spare part the washing machine is not attended.
                          The service engineers are not presenting the copy of the service report whenever they come for attending the failures .This creates a doubt on the genuineness of the service personnel and the quality of the service rendered by the service agency.
                          It is really a horrible experiance of having a defective washing machine in the peak of the rainy season.I would request the concerned authorities to look into this matter and arrange for a replacement as my washing machine is frequently failing and the service personnel are not able to attend.
                          Expecting your early favourable action.

                          With regards,
                          Land mark - SRI MANJUNATHA HOLLOW BRICKS
                          #107, 1st floor Nilaganga Nilaya
                          Nagadevanahalli, kengeri Satellite Town
                          Near St.Peter school.

                          Whirlpool Washing Machine — Washing machine Imbalance problem

                          I had purchased Whirlpool fully automatic washing machine from shiva enterprises, bathinda(Punjab). From the day one it had problem of imbalance during spin while running the full cycle. we had complained many times to the company service center. they were unable to solve the problem and started passing time of guarantee by saying that companies expert will come from chandigarh or delhi. now the machine has come out of guarantee period and they have turned deaf ear towards our complaint. now the machine has stopped working altogether and nobody is responding. please solve our problem at the earliest.

                          Whirlpool Washing Machine — Washing M/C not functioning

                          The Semi Automatic Whirlphool Machine Code: 10428 and Sl No: INB[protected] is not functioning due to non operative of washing blades i.e., drum is not rotating and not taking load. Hence, it is requested to attend the problem immediately. Call me back for the information.
                          My washing machine is not working, Fault in the control panel is suspected.Please send the concerned person to rectify the fault at address below

                          2C Parijat,
                          plot no. 6, RSC-21
                          Mumbai-400 091

                          Whirlpool/Washing Machine — not working properly

                          Sir,i have a purchase a washing machine dated on 31/7/2010 from more mega store at indore.i did a complain regarding box( affix in washing tub)on 28/8/2010, engineer came and see but complain is still stand,another problem was creat after some time related to washing and timing timer,again i registered a complain again engineer came and replace some parts but problem is still i did more than 6 complain but could not proper response.sir i have losses(destroy) many clothes during washing.irequest to more mega store kindly change the washing machine they reused.kindly help us and give the solution.
                          dear sir we are living in hyderabad.amberpet we bought a whirlpool washing machine in vishakapatnam one year worths {16, 500} after our shift to hyderabad we have a leakage problem. we purchased it in sonovision code:ABS PO1876035 can we get home service in hyderabad.
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                             Vinita Khatuwala
                            We have purchased Refrigerator 400 LTR ICE MAGIC ELITE FF INOX - 7123 on 6th November 2007.
                            Now we are facing some problem (water leakage from refrigerator) and have lodged complain twice, every time they send their representative but didn't resolve the problem. as per their representative, spares is not available as and when spares reach guwahati, they will attend the complain and short out the problem. Three months have already been passed but till this date neither resolve our complain nor any reply.
                            Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-14 04:05:11
                            I have purchased Wirlpool Refrigerator 300 LT(3D) Proton, Model 12116 DIX Sl. No INE[protected] on 15.05.2010 from the shop KAKOO TRADERS at Begusarai, Bihar (India). 15 day before, colling system stoped in opration. I have contacted service centre at Begusarai (Durga Refrigerators, Mob No [protected]). After checking, the Service Centre informed that there is likage in cooling wire at the upper shelves of the refrigerator and the parts are not available at their service centre. They will indent the same to Patna office for the supply of the parts. To day they informed that the parts is not available at Patna also and we are trying to manage the same.

                            We request you to please look in the matter and make available them the parts earliest for repair of the refrigerator. You may assume the uneasyness in my faimily for non functioning of the referigerator.

                            From - C. S. Jha, Bishwanath Nagar Road No 2 (House of Binod Babu) Begusarai State - Bihar India. Mob. No [protected] (E-mail - csj.[protected] Mob No of Kakoo Traders - [protected]
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                               avtar singh
                              This is an enquiry e-mail via from:
                              avtar singh <[protected]>

                              sir, namashkar, i am a permanent customer of bajaj auto finance limited , but bajaj auto finance limited has cheated with me, i had taken a whirlpool window AC, bajaj auto finance limited has financed the AC, proposal no 439/053868 dated 15/6/2007, i had made payment through cheque, there is no bouncing in my account, bajaj auto finance limited has spoiled my reputation in CIBIL after clearing all cheques from the bank, Remove Written Off word in my CIBIL, otherwise i will file the case in civil court and consumer court after seven days, i dont want my status zero balance in CIBIL, I Want word WRITTEN OFF to be removed from CIBIL., copy to president reserve bank of india dated

                              Copy of: bafl cheated with customer
                              Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-14 04:05:08
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