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Airtel Customer Care
Bharti Airtel Ltd.
Customer satisfaction rating: 23%
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Airtel Customer Care

Bharti Airtel Ltd.

20, Sarakki Main Road, JP Nagar 1st Phase
Bangalore District
India - 560078

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+91 11 4266 6500  [Head Office]
+91 11 4666 6100  [Head Office]

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So far so good - The company responded to our notifications and is working on resolving complaints.

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Complaint comments  Comments  (8)

 Amit Pandey
Dear all,

I received a call from Airtel at the time of renew my plan & she told me some new benefits if I changed my plan from 998 to 1495 I received the same at my previous bill but when I did not get this benefits at this bill then I send a mail at 121 but they did not give me suitable Ans. & send me the 1495 plan again & again. You can see that how irresponsibly the read my mail as two times they right my No. wrongly. Now they neither reactive my old plan nor give me benefits as they suggest through a call. Please suggest what I should do for the same.For your information I want to describe again that according to call received from me
1. STD call should be Rs.1 min (already confirm from your executive)
2. 500 min should be free for Airtel to Airtel calling. As I already had 400 free min from last two years before your call on December.
3. Clip charges of Rs.50- should be discountable.
But they also block my miss calls SMS service which I had in my previous plan free of cost.

Note:I already mail the same many times to airtel for the same but they gave a very poor responce
My Mb. No. is [protected]
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    I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

     Shailey Srivastava
    Without my permission your customer care executive had deactivated my caller tune services on 10 April 2009, and then i called to CCE, he promised me that he will activate my same tunes again and no charge will be deducted because it was there fault, my validity will end on 20 April previously.but then again they have deducted my more Rs. 45 again.Total cost u have deducted from my account is Rs.150 from my account in one month, again i called to your executive, he promised me to pay me back within 4 hours, its already 48 hours passed, and I have not found any money back.My complaint no. is [protected].

    Shailey Srivastava

    Airtel — charge cutting

    Airtel Hungama content
    My name is kavitha. My mobile no. is [protected]. This is to inform you that on date 06.05.2010 at 12.15.10 pm, on my mobile, there was a sms from 54321 like this :-

    Thanks for downloading bricks and bowling from Airtel. You have been charged Rs 99 MobileTV Watch IPL
    and again a sms saying the same thing rs 10 and again rs1 have been charged

    i use Rs 98 airtel gprs plan and there is more then 1.5 gb of downloading is left and my gprs validity is may 24 2010..Now Can you tell me why i have charged Rs 110 from my main a/c when i browsing another site not this game.

    i have never been subscribed to this content also and i haven't downloaded any content from java games com.Please solve this problem as i lost my credit of Rs.110 like this.Otherwise it shows an open cheating to all the customers. (in consumer court)

    pls do the needful

    kavitha [protected]
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      I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

       Kartik Walia
      Hi Airtel,

      This is what I sent your nodal officers and Appellate offers but no one responded...


      This letter is in reference to the Airtel Landline number I have which is[protected] which has the account number as 12364660.

      One fine day I received the bill for this number for Rs. 5109 /- for the amount o[censored]sage that I did in a month which includes the renal + the downloads, that I made.

      I was sooooo confused after this bill as I don’t use the internet too often, rather I hardly use it. Anyways I called in the customer service which obviously I should as a customer. I was told by the customer service representative that there are sure shot chances that I did not download stuff but I left the modem open and due to which the bill raised soo much and showed huge amount of downloads made by me.

      I have a concern on this point; when I got this plan activated I was never told that I would need to always make sure that the modem is switched off to get a lower bill or to make sure that the download doesn’t happen automatically and I get a HUGE bill. If this is a case then Airtel should always inform their customers in advance about this Stupid policy, so that they don’t get confused and stay happy with the services.

      Now, I got a letter from Airtel after just probably about a few days when the due date for the bill was over, which said that if I don’t pay the bill for Rs. 5109 /- I would need to face xyz scenarios. If I wanted at that time as the son of a lawyer I would have gone ahead and went against Airtel for MISGUIDING me (read the paragraph to see the Misguiding details). But I didn’t do so and called the number mentioned on the letter which is [protected] for a guy names SUDHEER. I called him and he said “sir I understand your concern and you can just pay Rs. 3500 /- and I will post an adjustment of Rs. 1730 /- and the moment you pay that to my executive (who I will be sending to collect the money) I will go ahead and open the outgoing + internet service for the above mentioned number.”

      I agreed to the same and paid the money to him on 18th February then probably the same day he called me and said that “Sir I just made a request into the system that please adjust Rs. 1730 /- and that you have paid Rs. 3500 /- but I (Sudheer) just got a note in the system after that, that customer did not pay his bill of a Previous old number he had which is 0120 – 4115413 for Rs. 3094 / -. I simply asked him that how much should I go ahead and pay for this thing now. He said sir you could pay around Rs. 2300 /- and I will open the outgoing for you after settling you old number account. “

      I then said that I don’t have money right now but I will pay next month which is March. Sudheer said okay to it (I ALSO HAVE THE RECORDING OF HIM ASKING ME TO PAY JUST RS. 2300/- TO SETTLE THE OLD NUMBER[protected].

      Now comes the hardest part the OLD number[protected]:-

      I called him today which is March 6, 2009 in the afternoon and I asked him to issue me a letter saying that Airtel did not go ahead and asked me for money since 2007 for the number 0120 – 4115413 neither any collections guy called me, visited my place to ask me money. Then Sudheer (Your responsible guy from Airtel) started telling me that I should have shown responsibility and paid Airtel right away at that time. I told him that I am not sure if I paid or not and neither I am denying that I did not use the number but who would remember if payments made by me or not, 2 years back in the past. Anyways I then said okay leave it, so I should go ahead and pay Rs. 2300 /- to get everything open and to settle the previous number which is 0120 – 4115413. But he simply went ahead and denied making any such offer to me. I then simply hung up the call. I then also said that, Sudheer why don’t you let me pay you the complete bill in small installment. You could just adjust the installment in every bill that I get from Airtel for the other number I still have and I will keep on paying that. He refused for that too…

      NOW, is this what you call professionalism is from Airtel. Is that what you guys to your old customers. Why without me being informed the number was disconnected and services were barred, rather why did not somebody called for 2 LOOOONNNG YEARS and asked for money for the old number. Then suddenly after 2 years you guys woke up and simply blocked the other number without even asking me or at least informing me that there is an outstanding due of the old number 0120 – 4115413. Why ?????????? Why did that happen ????

      Can somebody who is responsible enough call me from Airtel, somebody who is not from a Stupid collection agency you have outsourced your business to ?

      Please let me know what should I do next ????


      Kartik Walia

      my office address is chang i cant find my airtel dsl bill
      my new address is D32, sector 63 noida
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        I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

        Airtel — Installation of Tower

        Installation of Tower,
        i called many times to customer care regarding to installation of tower but no...
        Complaint comments  Comments  (474)


        I am Faheem Baig and my airtel mobile number is [protected].

        I was using airtel post paid mobile for last 3 years. My bill was around 1000/- to 1200/- (average) a month. In the first week of November, 2008 i received a call from airtel about add-on card. The plan was good and i agreed to purchase the same. Their executive came to my home and collected Rs. 599/- and gave me the receipt and told you will get the card by courier. After a week sim was delivered to my home address but when i put the sim card in my mobile it was not activated. I called up the customer care but no one helped me, they wanted the mobile number for that new sim but mobile number was not sent to me, only sim card number was there. They told me to call back the executive who came to you to collect the payment, he will help you in better way. So i called the number given by him to me, but it was not reachable. He had given me other numbers also, i tried other numbers hardly one number worked and he told me he will look in my matter. But 2-3 days passed and nothing happened so i called him again but this time his number was out of service so i called other numbers but all the numbers were out of service. What a great dealer of Airtel!!!

        I became crazy and suspicious and i called customer care again but representatives
        repeatedly asked me for the mobile number which was not given to me, I told him to transfer my call to the supervisor and but he said no supervisor available this time. I called up after 2 days again then after 2 days again and again but not a sinble time supervisor spoke to me and every time i was told, supervisor not available or busy on another call... this made me frustrated and i told finally to cancel my services with airtel for present number and the new sim card, but that time he could not transfer my call to retention department and he told they will call you back with 48 hrs. but i did not receive any call from retention department even after 3 days, i called back to the customer care, and i strictly told wheter reslove my problem or cancel my services with airtel or transfer my call to supervisor than only representative transferred my call to retention department and i told them everything, the retention department executive was Anand and he assured me my problem will be solved and he will call me back, he also took the numbers of that executive who came to me to collect Rs. 599 for the add on card and also took other numbers. 2-3 days passed but no reply i called Anand, coz he has given me his number, but very surprise he did not receive my phone. I called customer care and told to transfer my call to retention dept. and i dont want to continue with airtel because no one is helping me at all, than my call was trasnferred to one team leader, i told him i am gold customer and you people are not caring for such customers, he upfrontly told me we dont care whether you are gold or silver... wat a team leader??? i called up again after 2 days and told to the representative i want to cancel my service immediately and he transferred my call to retention and my bad luck, there Mrs. Swathi was there to speak to me and she was tooooo rude to me. She directly told me we are not responsible for your payment and goto the executive to whome you paid Rs. 599/- and collect it from him only. I told her transfer my call to the higher authority, she said i am the senior person here, i told her transfer my call to manager, she replied i am here, and you have to speak to me only... How rude she was to me! What a nice retention team of Airtel! i can never forget such customer care in my life... I requested her to cancel my services but nothing happened, i am totally frustrated with the services which aritel is offering... specially customer care...

        I paid Rs. 599 and filled up the form ( Form no. 603003) on 13/10/2008 and uptill now i am wandering for my problem and airtel new sim card is lying on my table.

        The numbers exeutive gave me are- [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected].
        and the executive's number was [protected] and name Abhinay Shukla...

        I also went to airtel gallery thane and manager (Mr. More) took my complaint and told me i will get a call from airtel within 48 hrs, more than a week passed but no call. I called him again and he assured me i will get the call, 2-3 days passed nothing happened...

        I put the cancellation request for my present number in the 1st week of January in the customer care dept. and also Airtel gallery but these guys did not cancel my number and still asking me to pay the charges and making my bill every month. They are calling me everyday to make the payment...This the month of April and every month they are generating my bill without any shame..and calling me to pay the charges.

        So harsh and one of the worst Mobile company in the world...Airtel...

        Faheem Baig
        Sim card No: [protected]

        I have requested to unsubscribe the yahoozone services & games club services on my sim card. Still I am charged weekly for this services which I am not using as I am presently abroad. I requested to cancel the services earlier and nothing happened till date. Once again request you to cancel the additional services on the sim card with immediate effect. Its is shame on the part of Airtel customer care department that they are not attending to the requests of the clients.

        This is for your infromation an dfurther procedures.

        Kindly do the needful at your earliest.

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          I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

          Airtel Postpaid — not got the credit of waiver amount

           Vishal Khator
          Vishal Khator

          Date: 14.04.2009


          This is Saravana Kumar and i am airtel customer for 6 years.
          i was using airtel no:[protected]
          I dint pay the bill for 5103 and i got a call from collections department and i said that i am shoet of money and i said i will switch to pre paid and i gave my prepaid no to them and asked some time and they agreed on it.
          Suddenly after couple of weeks a lady has called my prepaid no and to my mom and few friends and started using bad words
          She is behaving in a rude manner and said i have called to few friends and used bad words
          and started blackmiling me that she want the payment within this evening else she will take the dialled list and will use bad words to all of my friends and releations
          the no which i have recived call is:[protected]
          and after paying the bill the no is saying as does not exists
          i contacted airtel in the nos:[protected]
          they are not at all responding to this issue well and they have arrenged a con call with that lady and she is not accpeting and i have the recording of it
          i have even spoken with their manager:mohammaed Sajju:[protected]
          he is saying that he cannot ask his employee to ask sorrry and asked me to do watever i want
          Airtel is behaving in a rude manner.and it is chennai collection department
          If they behave like this they will fall soon
          1.I would like to know why charged late fee75/-???. even though i paid my bill ammount in the right time that is 15th of aug. and i discussed with Airtel payment department and they are agreed and they said will not charge any other charges also.

          2. As per my agreenment i have 10 hrs free calls facility and you have not shown in the bill. every month i paid blindly with out knowing the bill details.

          Please let know who is the right person for discussing about my quiries. until resolving my issues i will not pay even songle piase for my current bill amount. i am ready to cancel your telephone connection.

          FYI:- Every month i paid cash not even cheque/DD.
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            I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

            Airtel — Poor Signal in Basement

             Joydeep Kalra
            We have our office in a Basement in a commercial complex in Janak Puri, while Vodafone and Tata, Reliance have absolutely...

             Joykutty K. Abraham
            I have a prepaid airtel sim card. Last time when I put in a top up there was two types of balances. One is the usual one and the other one is the A2A balance. I cannot make use of the A2A balance. What can I do?

            Airtel — a2a balance

            i went to a shop to recharge 1 thosen RS to my airtell balance but instead he recharge it to a2a balannce please give me back the balance to my main balance my mobile number is [protected]

            note:my airtell sim card is from madras and i bought the recharge in trvandrom
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              I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

              Airtel — to know the mobile no address

              i want to know the airtel mobile address of the no. [protected], pls give reply soonly....
              Complaint comments  Comments  (29)

              Airtel Micromax USB Card — ERROR:619 Airtel (micromax)USB

              Dear Sir,
              My Name is Dharmendra singh Working in onr of the most Reputed FMCG company. I have purchasad Airtel (Micromax)...
              Complaint comments  Comments  (7)

              Airtel — recharge through net banking

               Amit Mali
              Hello Sir/Madam

              I recharged my Airtel prepaid account through online net banking for Rs.333 on my cell no....
              Complaint comments  Comments  (7)

              Airtel — Unauthorized Balance Deduction

               Naveen Jain
              I wann to Unsubscribe from I click on the link o Download Free Wallpaper. Then it asked my Cell No. I put...
              Complaint comments  Comments  (18)

              Airtel — mantle harassment

              This regarding my air tel which is been 10 year s old now([protected]) I should tell you about my complain my billing cycle...

               Mohan Patkar
              Dear Sir,

              I am facing network problem in WIlson garden Bangalore area from AIrtel mobile.My repeted compaints failed to get the solution.below is the communication details .



              This is reference to the below mail.

              I am facing this problem for the last four months and my repeted compalints failed to solve the problem.

              Till now i am not able to get proper signal in WIlson garden which is heart of the city of Banagalore.

              I am doing my own bussiness and becaus e of this we are loosing lots of bussiness.

              I did not paid my bill for last two months and informed you about non payment.

              Yesterday on 11/04/2009 i had paid 2000INR my otstanding bill and received the acknoledgeet from your end.

              I contacted your customer care and asked them to activate my outgoing calls and assured me that this will be done withing 8 working hours.

              But unfortunatly my outgoing calls are still barred and its almost more than 25 hours after my payment.

              I am very much upset and frustated with your dirty service, you people just take cutomer money and not even bother to take care of your customers.

              None of your executive visited my place and checked the problem.

              I going to now consumer court to file a official compalint.




              --- On Sat, 1/17/09, [protected] <[protected]> wrote:

              From: [protected] <[protected]>
              Subject: (Mobile No:=[protected] ) [REF:[protected]]
              To: [protected]
              Date: Saturday, January 17, 2009, 12:27 PM

              Dear Mr. Mohan,

              Thank you for contacting Airtel.

              You have expressed concern over the network problem you are facing in your home
              for your mobile number [protected].

              We understand your concern and work towards resolving the same.

              We sincerely apologies for the inconvenience caused to you.

              We would like to inform you that we are aggressively expanding network in a
              large measure in catering to traffic build up in existing towns & covering
              newer geographies primarily in rural Karnataka.

              A couple of challenges we have, are in the context of spectrum constraints and
              the time it takes to acquire the sites at the right location, to meet traffic

              The other very temporary transition problem that we have is that Airtel has
              moved its network infrastructure maintenance to a tower company in the beginning
              of October.

              There are also few transition problems due to erratic power supply in Bangalore
              and load shedding. We would like to assure you that we have already arranged for
              alternate means to run our network sites, taking into account the load shedding
              planned by the government.

              These are the two tactical / operational challenges why you may have faced call
              drops / connectivity issues in a few pockets / spots in Bangalore & rest of

              We assure that this is only a temporary inconvenience & are confident of
              making a successful transition to the tower company in a month time.

              We assure you of our continued commitment to give you a finest mobile service
              in Karnataka.

              We seek your support and thank you for patience with us in trying to overcome
              the concern.

              For further assistance, mail us at [protected]

              We value your association with Airtel.

              Warm Regards,

              Customer Care Executive
              Bharti Airtel Limited

              ---- Original Message ----

              | |
              | |
              |Dear Sir, |
              | |
              |I have? give? complaints??N number?of times regarding? Airtel connection |
              |and? other? problems |
              | |
              |You? have? promised? me? that? the? problem is? going? to? rectify |
              |within? first? wekk? of? JAN 2009 |
              | |
              |Till now my? problem is? not? solved, I? am? not? getiing? proper? signal |
              |strenth and? lines??disconnect regularly.This? problem that we? are |
              |facing? for? the? last? 3? months. |
              | |
              |My? refernce number? is[protected]? dated[protected]. |
              | |
              |This is? my? official written? compalint? to you.All? these? days??I |
              | |
              |have? spoken? to your??customer care? and? no? solution? and??I? dont |
              |have? hard? prooff? also? . |
              | |
              |Before? my? bill? date? if? you? dont? solve? my? problem then?I?am |
              |thinking of?going to ?consumer? court. |
              | |
              |I? clearly? told? your? exececutive? that??I am? not goint? to? do? the |
              |payment? untill? you??solve? my? problem? apart? from this? you? put me |
              |late? payment fine. |
              | |
              |Please acknowledge? my? mail. |
              | |
              | |
              |Thanks and?regards |
              |Mohan |
              |No 182, 11th? main.18th Cross |
              |Wilson? garden Bangalore |
              | |
              |[protected] |
              | |

              This e-mail and any files transmitted with it are for the sole use of the
              intended recipient(s) and may contain confidential and privileged information.
              If you are not the intended recipient, please contact the sender by reply e-mail
              and destroy all copies and the original message. Any unauthorized review, use,
              disclosure, dissemination, forwarding, printing or copying of this email or any
              action taken in reliance on this e-mail is strictly prohibited and may be
              The recipient acknowledges that Bharti Airtel Limited or its subsidiaries and
              associated companies(collectively "Bharti Airtel Limited"), are unable
              to exercise control or ensure or guarantee the integrity of/overthe contents of
              the information contained in e-mail transmissions and further acknowledges that
              any views expressed in this message are those of the individual sender and no
              binding nature of the message shall be implied or assumed unless the sender does
              so expressly with due authority of Bharti Airtel Limited. Before opening any
              attachments please check them for viruses and defects.
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                I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                Airtel Digital TV — Language problem in POGO

                 Nagesh Kumar
                I am a Airtel digital tv user in Chennai. We used to get POGO channel programs in English language earlier...But now these...
                Complaint comments  Comments  (4)

                Airtel Broadband — Chennai broadband customer service

                 Salsan Jose
                I applied for a broadband connection.
                While filling form that airtel agent told will get connection in 3 days.
                Complaint comments  Comments  (15)

                Airtel — Not refunded Security Deposit

                 DEEPAK SHARMA
                “I had purchased Airtel Connection on 19th January’2005 from below Airtel Showroom:

                Vandana Communications
                Complaint comments  Comments  (4)

                 PRAVIN KUMAR
                I really gets harrassed even if I am not using Airtel Live but still charged Rs.-50/-per month and a message comes to me from 64611010/ 64611050/ 543212 stating...Thanks for using (subscription, Text based services) subscription service on Airtel WAP. You 've been charged Rs 50.

                How to get rid of the problem? If anybody knows, please help me. How to unsubscribe such rubbish things?I am not using Airtel Live but still from my Chagred Rs 50 per month and a message comes to me from 64611010 stating...Thanks for using (subscription, Text based services) subscription service on Airtel WAP. You 've been charged Rs 50.enjoy...

                Please deactivate this services on My Mobile no.-[protected]
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                  I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

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