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No 34, Ground Floor, Suraj Ganga Soft Park,1st Main Rd, Phase III, J P Nagar, Bangalore, KA 560078, India

Customer satisfaction rating
Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

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Cleartrip — Total lack of information caused abandonment of trip

I had booked two tickets from Hanoi to Denpasar (Bali) using Cleartrip. The flight involved 2 airlines - Vietnam Airlines from Hanoi to Singapore and Jetstar from Singapore to Bali. I booked my trip as a Hanoi - Denpasar trip. Knowing that Jetstar is a budget airline, I wrote to Cleartrip well in advance asking about their policy for checked in baggage. Cleartrip replied that I would have to check with the airline. I contacted the airline on my own - they informed me that my ticket entitled me to 20 kg of checked in baggage per pax. When I went to board my flight at Hanoi, I was informed by Vietnam...
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Cleartrip — Payment

ArarRespect Sir/Madam, I have made a payment through my Debit Card to issue flight tickets from and which waspromised to return back to my account within 4-5 working days. But till now they neither returned back my payment nor they're responding to my queries. Hence, I have attached the conversation and details of the payment. Regards, Keya Dutta From: Keya Dutta Sent: ‎17-‎09-‎2014 12:33 To: E-care Customer Support Subject: Re: Case #07441094: booking details Now what? How shall I get the same tour package? Keya Dutta On Wed, Sep 17, 2014...
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Cleartrip — Need my refund

 Lupita Sahu
The original hotel, which I booked online is already full. I need full refund of my money. The customer representative booked an alternate hotel without telling me that the money is non-refundable. And which I received the photos of the accommodation. After checking the photos I'm not happy with the alternate accommodation provided to me. Hence I request for a full refund of the booking amount I paid. Since I was informed about the hotel unavailability 1 week after the booking of the hotel, now I cannot get a decent accommodation at the same place, hence I had to cancel my entire trip (thanks to...
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Cleartrip — Customer and aftersales services by Cleartrip

 Prashant S. Kale
Ref : Trip ID : [protected], Policy Certificate No.: 4110/O-00045/18290/00/000 & 4110/O-00045/18291/00/000 To Whomsoever it may concern, Last evening, I had a terrible experience on call while speaking to the CLEARTRIP CUSTOMER CARE and found the major loop hole/drawback or negative thing present on CLEARTRIP website. While booking an international flight to Tenerife(Spain), which comes under Schengen region, we bought the Travel policy simultaneously while booking the tickets as the option was there to do so. Keeping this thing in mind that as per the Schengen Visa requirement...
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Cleartrip — refund not processed even after 5 months

Hi, I cancelled my flight tickets with booking id [protected] in April. I have been told that I will get the refund in 90 days. Now even after 5 months and more than 25 mails to customer care I havent recieved the refund. They send me different case id every time I complain. So far I have revcieved 6 complain ids but no resolution. Below are the complain ids: 07079620 06774347 06480418 07213032 In mail the person says that the cleartrip following my case since last one month. I am highly disappointed with the kind of service cleartrip provides....
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Cleartrip — Non refund of cancellation amount

I had booked an air ticket through Cleartrip on[protected]. The PNR is S1UP7L.The ticket was cancelled on[protected]. Till date the refund amount has not been credited to my account.

Indrani Bhattacharyya
[email protected]
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Cleartrip — CHOR COMPANY

 Abhay subba
TRIP ID[protected]. Booked Ticket for DX-DEL-IXB for two people REFUNDABLE2. AI cancels DEL-IXB for that particular day. Called cleartrip.They advise if I want a full refund (subject to airline) or take the itinerary as provided by airline which was not available at that time. I was asked to wait for 48 hr.3. No resolution in 48 hrs. I write to cleartrip, also call them... they say they are waiting for AI to reply.4. I get a mail saying I HAVE MADE SOME AMENDS WITH THE AIRLINE WHICH I DID NOT and call cleartrip for clarification++++ and clear trip reps don't have any clarification for the email...
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Cleartrip — How Clear Trip Plans to Make a Refundable ticket into Non Refundable Ticket at the customers expense

 Abhay subba
TRIP ID : [protected][B]1st Email from clear trip[/B] This is to inform that there have been some changes in your trip ID [protected] for DEL-IXB segment. PNR 2RHMRA | Air India AI-879 | DEL-IXB | Departure time: 1100 on 15SEP The flight has been cancelled by the airline. Note: In case if you are not comfortable with the above option, we would request you to please call the Airline or Cleartrip call center within 48 hrs from this mail being received. If we/Airline don’t receive any confirmation from your end within the stipulated time, the airline will consider the changes as confirmed and accepted...
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Cleartrip — Money Deducted but Hotel booking not done/confirmed.

I had booked a Room at Hotel Akanksha at Jagdalpur, from cleartrip vide Trip ID [protected] on 05.09.2014. This was an offline booking so they had dedudted Rs. 500.00 only. I got a confirmation mail from them that I have to pay rest of the amount by 14:37 hours on 06.09.2014 . I tried to pay by the link given by them but it did not worked. So I called the cust care as well as replied by mail that I am unable to pay thru this link provided. The cust care arranged for a call back which eventually came around 16:10 hrs. Initialy they told me that this is a technical error and the money would be refunded...
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Cleartrip — Cancelled the booking in last time, no refund

I have booked a hotel through, they have confirmed the booking and sent me the itinerary.
Just before 6 hrs of journey they cancelled the booking and provided a worst alternate option.I have called their customer care and refuse to take the alternate option but they force me to take the alternate, and made the booking non-refundable booking. Where I can't get the money and have to take the alternate option, which is worst hotel....
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Cleartrip — Refund of the amount of cancellation of flight ticket.

My name is Rajni Sharma. I booked ticket of Jetkonnect from Indore to Bangalore. Journey date was Wed, 30 Jul 2014 from Indore - Devi Ahilya Bai Holkar to Bangalore – Kempegowda International Airport. I was reached 5min late of boarding and Ticket counter assistance denied to provide the ticket and without lessoning anything she moved me to ticket cancellation counter and ask me to cancelled the ticket. Because of urgency I booked another ticket and cancelled the same. I already spoke with Jetkonnect Customer care and they said amount will be disbursed from Third Party booking (Cleartrip). While...
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Cleartrip — ClearTrip - money deducted ticket not booked--refund money

Dear Concern, I made a booking for Mumbai to Delhi on 28th August 2014 from Cleartip. Agent provided me payment link and I made the paymeny by my HDFC credit Card for the amonut INR 27336 rs/-. However amount was deducted but booking was not made. I called up Cleartip 4-5 times and their agent told me thqat booking is not made and your 27336 rs amount will be transfered back to your bank. But I checked with bank on 31st August 2014 and been told that Cleartip has claimed the amount. This is really frusrating that Inspite of taking lot of follwup with Cleartip. No amount is refunded. Please...
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Cleartrip — Trip ID : 1407022258 - they are not changing the bookings done

i have booked a round trip in this id Trip ID : [protected] from Bangalore to Dehradun via Delhi. (19th October 2014 from Dehradun to Bangalore and 26th October 2014 from Bangalore to Dehradun) and paid the amount in full and got confirmation. now i wanted to make changes in my return to postpone the return by one week and was ready to pay the difference amount, called this so UNPROFESSIONAL call centre of cleartrip 3 times today with each of the call was on almost 15-18 minutes in which they spoke to me for a minute or so but a long holding call with just music. after 3 calls and after talking to...
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Cleartrip — Wrong booking confirmation for hotels.

My complain is against the Clear TRIP ID no [protected].. I got the confirmed booking status with my money deducted from my account for a hotel booking in Jaipur for 16 to 17th Aug 2014. When the concerned person reached the hotel, the hotel manager replies that no such booking is done and there is no room available. When I call the customer care, some girl Shalini G S (I am not sure, if she told her correct name as she was not willing to tell her last name) tells me that it takes 4 hours to get the confirmation. I was surprised and shocked. The hotel informs that the clear trip people were informed...
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Cleartrip — Cheated by never buy tickets from here

 sheetanshu sinha
On thursday 06/08/2014 21:00 PM IST apporax I started making a reservation for New Delhi to Ranchi, Indigo flight and everything was correct, the total fare was shown to be apporax around 13000, around 21:10 my first payment was declined due to errors in the card and at the same tim MY GRANDFATHER RECEIVED A CALL FROM CLEAR TRIP SINCE HIS NUMBER WAS ENTERED, AND THE CALLING PERSON ASKED US TO PROCEED WITH ANOTHER CARD ON THE SAME LINK, TO BOOK, AND PROMISED TO OFFER ASSISTANCE, as soon I entered another card details everything was correct but the total PAYMENT DEDUCTED WAS 26000 THAT IS12000 SOMETHING...
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Cleartrip — fraud in cancellation

I have booked green fields hotel through on 8 aug 2014. They give me cancellation policy and according to cancellation policy i have to pay rs 300 for cancellation. On august 9 i visit their site for cancellation the hotel i just click on cancel assuming they will charge Rs. 300 because they din't show the amount on cancellation and it cancelled on single click without confirmation from user side. Now cleartrip is saying their will be hotel fees of 10%, when i checked with hotel the hotel G.M is saying they dint even receive the amount from cleartrip for booking and they said they dint even charge...
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Cleartrip — Nothing, but problems

 Narayan Gr
Good day
I Narayan G R from Kerala booked a room in Vivantha by Taj Holiday Village, Goa (from 28th July to 1st Aug)through clear trip on 19th of July2014.During booking process i have received a call from the coustomer service agent and he guided me through the payment process.I have paid rs.30700 to clear trip(trip id:[protected] and transaction id:[protected].After transaction agent told me that they are facing some technical issues and they will do the booking offline and issue the hotel invoice and details within 48 hours.But i didn't receive any calls or mail from their end.I made...
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Cleartrip — Refund not received

 PT Infotech
I made a payment of Rs. 29, 571/- on 10.7.2014 at 07.47pm for booking an Air Ticket from Delhi to Colombo (Sri Lanka) for Travelers name Mr. Alok Sagar & Mr. Saurabh on the basis of an email from your representative (on contact no. [protected]) which contained a payment link. The transaction was successful (Transaction ID[protected] & bank Ref. no.- [protected]) but the Air Ticket could not be booked due to any reason. Now we are following up for the refund of such payment but couldn`t getting any satisfactory revert and confirmation for our refund amount. Please arrange to resolve the...
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Cleartrip — Delayed Refund

 Arvind. Minhas
On 6th July, at around 4:00pm or so, I filled out all the details for a hotel booking at Srinagar. It showed a fare of around Rs9, 849. No sooner had I pressed 'submit' that I got an SMS saying that my bank account had been debited (I had used the debit card facility of my banker) with the said amount. In the mean time a message flashed online that the transaction had 'failed'. I had no clue of what happened. I checked my bank account. Yes, the amount had been debited. So, I presumed that there was some glitch and called a customer support number of Clear trip. I was a bit disturbed...
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Cleartrip — Poor service by Cleartrip

 RajinderP singh
I along with my family and younger brother and his family booked the trip from you on 26/02/2014 {Trip ID: [protected]} for Srinagar including Hotel+Flight spending Rs.71000/- for the month of June, 22nd to June 27th. I had a horrible experience and the trip started when we reach there the designated houseboat "Young Hollywood Houseboat" Ghat no.12 was found locked and the caretaker was absconding. After futile efforts for contacting "CLEARTRIP" and the owner, I have to shift to "Shlliene" houseboat at ghat no.9 on the request of a relative of the absconding owner. Our booking was for 3+1 and he...
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