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Whirlpool India Ltd.
Customer satisfaction rating: 52%
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Whirlpool India Customer Care

Whirlpool India Ltd.

H.No 113/8 Model Town
Gurgaon District
India - 122001

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Customer satisfaction rating
Good news! We have a good connection with the company and they're good at resolving user complaints.

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Whirlpool India | Splash Washing Machine — Whirlpool Service Issues [Resolved]

Whirpool Washing Machine Service Review and Complaint

I own a Whirpool splash washing machine and it has worked...
Complaint category Washing Machines

Whirlpool Refrigerator Model Dc 195 / S, 180 Lts. — Wrong promotion of Stabilizer by demo official [Resolved]

Purchased Invoice dt. 20/10/2011, 16:43 for WPLDC180L GEN [protected]K for the Refrigerator mentioned above from the eay day,...
Complaint category Refrigerators


Dear ______,

I am writing this mail as I am totally fed up of whirlpool branch service office at bangalore (near lalbagh).
My whirlpool washing machine had some problem in August 2011. Then after calling several times to bangalore office and engineers, finally after almost 10 days or so, it was repaired. Soon after the repair, again it stopped functioining within a week and again I lodged complaint and then the horror of calling whirlpool office in bangalore and the engineers. It took another 10-15 days to get it solved after continuous calling, even being a valued customer.
But after a week again probelm occured, this time I was assured that my washing machine will be replaced vide sms dated 4.10.11 from TD-098704. based on this complaint no., I gave my original invoice bill and whirlpool office bangalore told me that within 3-4 days washing machine will be replaced.

Till now, my washing machine has not been replaced. since then I have been calling whirlpool office almost everyday and have spent my money calling, precious time. Finally they said that a sr. engineer will come and check the did come but after that no follow up, again i have called numerous times, but i m getting fooled by whirlpool people everytime, either they say that engineer will call me, when i call engineer he say that he will come today, then he will not turn up, when i call next day he says by afternoon he iss coming. and afternoon when i call, he does not pick up the phone. when i call office, they say that they will get bacak to me,but nobody gets back to me. Today since morning i have been calling but to my utter frustration, there is no respite.
Now its been alomst a month and this is too much. I am mentally stressed and besides i m not well also nd on top of this the unprofessional attitude of whirlpool staff.

Sometimes i think it is worse than the govt. service...i m totally fed up. Today I called hyderabad office and asked the customer executive who picked up the call to connect me to supervisor but it was disconnected. After that i called whirlpool bangalore offfice and engoneer but no response.

I have wasted almost every weekend since a month now trying to rectify this problem, but no cooperation from whirlpool staff, which i think is totally unprofessional.

I m writing this mail in the hope that this will reach to higher authorities and some strong action will be taken. I don't know how many customers like me are suffereing because of the unprofessional attitude of whirpool staff at bangalore. I suggest you do a random survey thru different means to find out the customer satisfaction from bangalore whirlpool branch service office.

I specially want to mention few names, with I have been intercating during 3 months now and I recommend that strong action be taken against these persons in particular:
Mr. Rajesh (Bangalore whirlpool service office incharge)...I have lost trust and hope after repeated assurance from him, which has never happened.
Venkatraju - engineer at Bangalore whirlpool service office. He confirms that he is coming to do the repir but then never turns up and then doesn't pick up the phone. Its really frustrating....
A lady who picks up the phone, tells me that sometimes rajesh is gone for lunch, sometimes he is busy in a meeting and sometimes, she disconnects the phone abruptly. she tells me that she will ask engineer to call me back or get back to me, but i have spoken to her amlost 50 times and she has never got back to me, eveytime it is me (the so called valued customer) who has to call. This is how whirlpool treats its valued customer. This is how you celebrate your 100 years of service, by forgetting and fooling your valued customers.

I hope something will happen and I will get a call that my complaint has been received and action will be taken.

Vikas Katoch
M: [protected]
Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 20:42:57
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    I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

    Whirlpool Stabilizer — replacement of stabilizer [Resolved]

     rakhi mondal
    dear sir,

    with due respect i want to inform you that my whirlpool refrigerator's stabilizer...
    Complaint category Refrigerators

    Whirlpool Refrigerator — Body default [Resolved]


    I purchased one Whirlpool refrigerator from your dealer M/S Harshita Electronic, Shalimar Garden Extn....
    Complaint category Refrigerators


    i have problem in my whirlpool washing machine mainly in the spinning section....i have called d customer care number several times & they have send d person in concern who changed d parts of my machine unnecessarily & asked to pay us some amount of money" though my machine is still in warranty period" i have all d papers & details of my warranty mother was home when this man walked in to change d parts & befoold her ....taken money & replaced my original parts with d old 1 as my machine is not working since than & everytym i giv a call on custcare they send some unprofessional guy who doesnt know d technical fault......whirlpool is such a big name how can they hire such staff who doesnt kw how to repair machinery..........i want to take action against this fraud.....& d company tooo....either provide me with som1 who can repair it or replace my machine

    details of my machine: date of purchase is 15/6/04 & warranty updated on 9/4/11 in d name of mrs. parveen bhatia phn [protected]
    sr no. inbo33309879

    details of d person who came as technical staff from this whirlpool cmp: shohaib pn no. [protected]{ this man is not attending d complain, doesnt kw how to repair machine, more than a week m calling cust care they r saying he wud b attending complain.....he asked for money to repair from my mom.....replaced my new machine parts with d old stufff ....charged money n since than my machine z not working at all......i want my money back along with proper repairing or replace my machine with d new one & a strict action must be taken against this con man from whirlpool

    Dr. Sapna Bhatia
    phn [protected]
    Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 19:47:56
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      I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


      Dear Sir/ Ma'm,

      My name is Rajesh Vij & I am a highly dissatisfied unfortunate customer whose made a blunder by purchasing Whirlpool refrigerator Ice-Magic 350. Since then your product has given only problems & I have to cough-up about approx. Rs 10,000 more on its maintanence without getting satisfaction.

      Other than the four complaints till last year, my this year's complaints record is as follows :

      1) On 3rd Jul'11, I had lodged complaint for "no cooling" in the Refrigerator vide complaint no. DL[protected] for which your engineer visited on 5th Jul'11& informed that gas has been leaked. He filled the gas & charged Rs 1840. Engineer asked for Customer satisfaction code provided by your call center which I did not informed him because I wanted to confirm the cooling level. Engineer told me that he will visit after one week & will take the code.

      2) Refrigerator's cooling started but not upto the original level. Though the food stuff kept in it was cooled but very lowly. Even the icecream brick kept in Freezer was melted. After about 10 days when your engineer did not returned & condition remains like that I called your service center directly and explained the condition. I was told that service Engineer will visit for confirmation. But no body turned-up till 10th Sep'11. (Pl note that customer code was also not disclosed ). In between, I contacted the service center two time more but no response.

      3) Suddenly, on 11th Sep'11 morning, the cooling in refrigerator reduced drastically. On 12th Sep'11, I contacted your customer care & informed the situation. I was shocked to know that my earlier complaint has been closed without getting customer satisfaction code & a fresh complaint no. DL[protected] was booked & new customer code was issued. On 13th Sep'11, your service engineer visited & after checking informed that compressor of the refrigerator is not functioning properly due to which last complaint might have occurred. He forwarded the complaint for compressor replacement which was replaced after 21 days (on 24th Sep'11) inspite of daily calls at your customer care & lots of heated arguments.

      4) Since I was not present at home at the time of repair, I told my wife to tell the customer satisfaction code to engineer till fully satisfied. Once again I was forced to pay Rs 700 towards visiting charges & other parts replaced which were replaced in last visit also. Moreover, engineer told that he will come again after three days to check & take the satisfaction code. Moreover, to my shock, some of the parts were left loose and not fixed properly. Once again neither your engineer turned up nor he bother to get the satisfaction code. Now for last three days, the cooling is getting low, refrigerator is making strange noises & water is dripping from bottom of the refrigerator. Moreover, two plastic parts which were not fixed on 24th Sep'11 are still kept loose.

      5) Today, on 11th Oct'11, I have called-up again at your customer care & informed the situation. I was once again shocked to know that my earlier complaint lodged on 11th Sep'11 has been closed with "satisfactory" comments though I have not told the satisfaction code to anyone. When argued about that my phone was put on hold for 15 minutes by your executive ( female) after which it was disconnected. I called again talked to your other executive Mr Amit. When I complaint about my situation, I was given another complaint no. DL[protected] and most probably you will issue another Customer Satisfaction Code to make fool of customer because it has no value.

      I, therefore, request you all, pl do not buy Whirlpool products due to their sub-standered products and poor & in-efficient after salef service.

      Highly frustrated customer of Whirlpool
      Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 20:34:59
      Myself Mrs. Suman Jindal purchased whirlpool refrigerator ( 310 Elite Carbon ) . I am a highly dissatisfied customer, regarding complaint number
      (DL [protected]). Mr. Rakesh Sharma had come to us and after the inspection of our refrigerator, he told us compressor has to be changed at a total amount of Rs. 2400.00 . But I told him that compressor is under guarantee, than why should I pay above said amount. But on Friday (16Th March 2012)
      Mr. Vinod Kumar on behalf of Whirlpool connected to me on telephone and when I asked him why I should pay Rs.2400.00, than he consult with his senior and asked me to pay Rs.1500.00. It is totally a case of harassment of costumer .So, you are once again requested to change compressor of refrigerator which is under guarantee. otherwise I will be bound to go to Consumer Forum with a claim of harassment.Matter most urgent please.

      Our email ID is : [protected]
      My self Deepak Shah from Vadodara, One of my most foolish decision to purchase Whirlpool make model 350 Elite-72M FF White Chassis no JH124967/25R06 on 12th April 2005. I will explain why I am writing this in chronological order below.

      After purchase, I entered to your Whirlpool HomeCare plan wide my application no HG02073553with expiry date 12/4/2012.

      The first complain within one year of purchase was no cooling at all. They give reason that your compressor has failed and we don't have stock so you have to wait for some time. I was surprised to hear about compressor failure within one year of purchase. That was their product quality which are given to customer.

      Let me introduce my self, I am graduate in Mechanical Engineering with elective subject Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. I have worked for more then 37 years in this field. I was associated with maintenance all utilities including refrigeration. At least in Refrigerator, compressor is considered heart of the equipment. It means that company is manufacturing or outsourcing this compressor without life cycle test/endurance . This also speaks about quality standard/quality assurance plan as per ISO 9001, which they claiming to be five star standard. Because in my earlier Kelvinator make refrigerator which had given me trouble free service from 1984 to 2005 till I purchased this substandard product. Being Engineer, I know with my long experience that this type of compressor must give service life of more than 10 years.

      After lot of persuasion, your service dept gave me stand by small refrigerator and replace compressor(I don't how long it might had taken).

      In May 2011, once again same complain give to service dept and they had once again told me that it is compressor failure. Actually, it was my mistake that I had not written to company about their less cycle time between two failure of compressor(Mean Time Between Two Failure). They replaced this compressor on 4th June 2011. I ask whether existing HomeCare pan which is expiring on 12/04/2012 can be extended. But they told me than no extension after 7 years. It means that company is not sure about their product life.

      Now once again same complain today and same answered by your service dept. This time it has give life of around 3 years.

      I would like to inform to company that I spend Rs 4350/ on 15th August for replacing circuit. New refrigerator of the same capacity is around Rs 25000/-. Now question is why I spend more and more money and getting warranty of only one year of your new spare which is capital/insurance in nature.

      I visited to check what is guarantee given by you on new purchase, it surprised to know that now 10 years instead of 7 years. This means that I have feeling of cheated by company for not giving 10 years of warranty.

      In my case, in 9 years 51/2 moth of service 3 nos of compressor failed. Don't you think that this cheating business with your customer. But seeing from your website, satisfaction /rating is not much encouraging. You people are between average to very good. Normally company like yours should always be above Good.

      I am giving 1 rating.

      my email ID [protected]
      I would like to know how you have arrived to give warranty for one year only for capital/insurance spare like compressor. You must have QA Plan(Quality Assurance Plant)in place. Which specify from start of selection of material of construction & its test certificate during procurement, detailed manufacturing process, number inspections internal as well as external or third party. Final test trial of compressor for its said performance.

      In refrigerator, out of four mechanical parts(Compressor, Condenser, Expansion device and cooling coils), compressor is only rotating part. Normally in my service carrier I have never witness problem about other 3 parts as refrigerant is clean service. Now in compressor failure, there is no role of customer. If you under go for actual failure analysis of compressor(Root Cause Failure Analysis), you will find normally wear and tear of the parts or unexpected catastrophic failure of some of rotating part. This may be because of Fatigue or selected material might have not given life as you have expected. Unless you go for detail failure analysis, establish right cause of failure and finally corrective action. Now rotating assembly balancing is done to reduce unbalance force in turn increase in service life.

      Above methodology being used by normally all manufacturing company if they want to prosper. In my service carrier, I also came across such problem and we resolved by technical exchange pertaining to failed part. The biggest claim which was settled by me is of Rs. 12 lacs to a BHEL GE Hyderabad base company.

      Once again, I want to emphasis that there is no role of customer for compressor failure.

      I hope, this above clarification is good enough to free replacement of my failed compressor.

      Deepak Shah
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        I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

         Vinod Sharma
        i had purchase whoorlpool water purifer RO 6.5 from tmc begampet hyderabad on[protected] its has been not working from[protected] and i complaiint on the same day complant no HD [protected] but still no one is coming to repair it i am calling every day to coustomer care the reprasent is tell that i will get sevice in 48 hours but still in not yet repair

        vinod sharma
        c/o ronak communication
        9-24 opp SBH
        main road ghatkesar
        r.r.dist hyderabad

        WhirlPool Water Purifier — Not working

        Whirlpool Water Purifier purchased by me on[protected] at Uma Traders, Penukonda, Anantapur district, Andhra Pradesh is not working. The Model Number is 11149, and Customer I.D. Number is HD[protected], and the Serial Number is KRA[protected]. My mobile Number is [protected]
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          I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


           C.B. Rajan
          I bought the above referred model Refrigerator i.e F26 Elite Finish Double Door from M/s Liberty Associates Pvt. Ltd. Udaipur...
          Complaint category Appliances

          We have a Whirlpool Sport Washing Machine which has been giving us trouble (some technical error with PCB for which its not working) for past one month. Several complaints have been registered with the regional service center and they have visited and checked the machine several time. The problem gets solved for a day and comes back to the same
          error again. Finally, when we requested to make a permanent solution, they said that they do not have the board in stock and could only do when they get fresh shock for which they could not give us a confirmed
          date. We requested them to give us a Loan machine for which they refused. At present they are asking us to make a fresh complaint if we need to get it our machine rectified.

          Made complaints with following reference number and dates
          KL[protected] customer no 583
          KL[protected] customer no 595 Dated 10 September 2011
          KL[protected] customer no 211 Dated 16 September 2011
          KL[protected] customer no 381 Dated 24 September 2011
          Apart from the above complaints, we have spoken Regional Service Head and All India Service Head but to no help.

          Whirlpool — Pathetic Washing Machine and after-sales service

          Bought a whirlpool washing machine 2 years back. From the first day itself there are complaints about this washing machine.

          Lodged numerous complaints with service providers. But no improvement. I will not recommend anybody to buy any whirlpool product.

          We are very much frustrated and dont know what to do now after investing so much of our hard-earned money.
          Whirlpool after sales service is very poor. They lure customers to by new machines and then don't provide spares saying the product has become obsolete. My washing machine was just 3 yrs old, just out of warranty. They now don't have spares for it. No point buying Whirlpool products. I am quite disappointed.
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            I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


            DEAR SIR,

            this is with reference to our complain no. .MB[protected] DATED 22.08.2011 in respect of washing machine. we have purchased the said machine in month of dec 2010.
            thereafter the problem started. your service person comes make turbo clean and tell your problem will be solved.

            now our problem is - after getting washed clothes gets black dots.

            last complain we have made on 22.08.2011. at that time a person from servic centre shlok services came & asked us to make turbo clean.
            & promished if the problem dont get solved he will see that another solution we can find out. the problem persist, again we called him the person from shlok collected the black dots clothes from our home on 24.08.2011 and promished if no solution comes he will make further checking.

            thereafter a person named shyam visited, but in vain. he gave number of mr.amit told he is senior manager from whirlpool side. he also promished that necessary solutions will be made to your complain. after few days no solution comes & no body bothers to take care of our complain.

            today it is 22.09.2011. exactly one month over to this complain. but no response comes from your side.

            this type of services we get in your 100 years of celebration.

            i have earlier also mailed you our query vide my complain no.MB[protected] dated 15.07.2011 & explain the problem.

            but to my surprise, no answer to the above mail was given to me. i hope this time i will get proper reply in writing. i will wait for another two days to solve our problem.

            so kindly take the same seriously & make your client feel like whirlpool family.

            your reply will be appreciated.

            our contact no. is [protected] / [protected]
            email : [protected]
            Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 20:37:24
            dear vinesh

            Complaint no MB08110171​53

            area service manager

            i wish to state that after making complain to whirlpool head atleast i receive reply from yourside. the said reply is biased & totally wrong for the reason mentioned below.

            "Our engineer have confirmed and checked the machine for the technical defect as stated, but was found to be ok. In the 2nd case there is a gradual formation of black spots due to dampness in the clothes. "

            as stated by you in the above para your engineer has visited one month before. he has not checked the machine. he told us to do the turbo clean by ourself. kindly produce your work sheet to us as well as to whirlpool head.

            further we had given them our block spotted clothes on 23.08.2011 why so much time is taken by them to assess the reason for black dots. kindly let me know why 1 & half month is taken by your service dept. why such a long time taken from your side to reply to my query. this is the fifth time i had written the query & getting reply only after 5th reminder. this is not the mental harassment from our side.

            and how r you come to conclusion that the machine is working properly ? on what basis ? kindly produce all the supporting with facts to us. this is one sided decision taken & implies monopoly on your side. where is the customer is this case ? he is very much ignored.

            we further state that check our complain register, after receiving machine, two to three month after problem started. we had earlier also made a complain. but we r not having list of the same.

            you started with sorry for the inconvenience caused to you, but overall the reason for dissatisfaction is much bigger than the inconvenience caused to me.

            hope y will avoid taking such a one sided decision & try to improve the service quality of whirlpool product. this is in interest of the company to solve my problem at the earliest.
            dear vinesh

            Complaint no MB08110171​53

            further to my comment, as y mentioned in your note, "Our Service centre incharge Mr Shyam was in touch with you for resolving the same".
            here we point out that whether he was in touch with us or we were regularly contacting him for the updates. we have not recd a single call from him regarding status of our problem. all the person who is coming to our places, comes just without prior notice. we have to be after him not they were. as a area service manager i have to dictate all this to you & y r taking a call without hearing the other parties i.e. us.

            where is customer in this case ? y r taking the side of service centre which itself creates wrong images about the company in the eyes of the customers.

            mr. shyam was never been in our touch. we were at regular intervals in touch with service centre to know the status of our complain. we never received a single call from service dept about the status of our complain.dear vinesh, kindly keep open both your ears.

            hope y will take a right view in this connection.
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              I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


              WHIRLPOOL MAGICOOK 30C(microwave oven) MODEL NO. - 8587,SNO. WG[protected]
              With reference to above microwave oven,I have purchased oven from SRI LAXMI VENKATESHWARA(dealers for factory seconds) Block no. 2,D.No. 2-4-135, Linga reddy Mansion, Opp. Hanuman temple lane, Tarbund, Sec-Bad- 500009.Rakesh Prop.[protected] VIDE TAX INVOICE # 1713 Dt:2/10/11.
              The dealer stated WRONG MRP PRICE as Rs 14,500/- and given 30% discount due to seconds product and charged Rs 8,500/-. When I inquired in Whirlpool showroom the MRP PRICE is Rs 10,750/- only new piece.I request your kind authority to kindly instruct all your whirlpool's seconds dealers not to quote WRONG MRP of your product and NOT TO CHEAT your beloved customers and also at the time of sale of product THE DEALER ASSURED TO SEND A PERSON FOR DEMO BUT TILL NOW NOBODY HAS TURNED UP IN SPITE OF REPEATED PHONE CALLS!.
              Hence I request you to kindly send DEMO REPRESENTATIVE IMMEDIATELY TO OUR RESIDENCE. (HNo 6-1-119/6/A, Padma Rao Nagar,street no. 3, Secunderabad - 5000 025 and also see my excess hard earned money may be reimbursed by the dealer as early as possible
              (Name: Y.Poornanand, cell no. [protected], email id : yerramsetty.[protected]
              Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 20:37:01
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                I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


                I , R Kumar purchased a whirlpool UPS Elantra 900 VA from Gupta Electronics, Jhansi on 23/11/2011 with a two year warranty cover. The appliance is not working properly and starts beeping after approx 10-12 hours when the elctricity supply is still on. The appliance does work properly when there is no current. This appliance is connected to a new Inva tubular Exide battery which was serviced jus about a month back and found to be performing well. Please forward the service centre address at nasik so that it can be repaired. Please send me a return email to [protected] and my mobile number is [protected], and my assistant Nandlal Patra's number is [protected]. looking forward to your reply.
                Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 20:36:57
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                  I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


                  My name is Girish Pokale, I have purchased
                  "FC11000 FREEZE WHIRLPOOL 310 LTR FUSION MAXIGERATOR (STEEL) 3S FC11000"
                  on dated 3rd September 2010 from KEDIA Traders Amravati, Maharashtra.
                  I would like to bring to your notice that in the last one year my FREEZE had faulted twice.
                  After the second failure on 5th Sept 2011, I launched complaint to your local dealer and service center at Amravati, They replaced the compressor of the fridge within the 8 days of my complaint ; I am really grateful for this;
                  But unfortunately now on 3rd October 2011 the FREEZE again stops working third time; now I want my FREEZE to be replaced.
                  Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 20:25:46

                  Whirlpool Refrigerator — Failure twice within a year of purchase

                  Dear sir/madam

                  My name is Girish Pokale, I have purchased

                  "FC11000 FREEZE WHIRLPOOL 310 LTR FUSION MAXIGERATOR (STEEL) 3S FC11000"

                  on dated 3rd September 2010 from KEDIA Traders Amravati, Maharashtra.

                  I would like to bring to your notice that in the last one year my FREEZE had faulted twice.
                  It stops cooling both the time. Now I am fed up with this FREEZE,
                  This is totally unexpected from a word class product like whirlpool,
                  I humbly request whirlpool company to give the replacement of this FREEZE.
                  Otherwise I will have no option than launching the complaint in the consumer court.
                  I really don't want to do that so please cooperate.
                  Expecting your kind and quick response for the same.
                  You may contact me on [protected].

                  Thanks and regards,
                  Girish Pokale
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                    I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


                    Sir i have purchased a Whirlpool washing machine nearly 2 years ago. But After every 4-5 months it not works properly Now also it is not working from past 12 days The motor of the washing machine is not working i have called the customer care and they give me assurance for the repairing of machine in 2 working days, i have called customer care center on 12 september ,2011. My complaint reference DL[protected] Everytime I call in customer care they said your complaint is in progress but no one is doing from so far and they have forward my complaint to Mr.Rahul(service engineer) of service center but from past 10 days he is not coming to solve the issue everytime we call he say i am coming or your complaint is in progress But how much time it will take to solve the issue.I have called atleast 10 times but no action is taken. The company service is very poor. No one is helping there.Please look into this matter and send the service engineer as much as possible.On 23 june , 2011 i have called customer care but no solution is there.on the same day engineer visited to see washing machine but they have no part .Now if it is not done tomorrow I will definately go to consumer court on Monday positively.

                    With Regards
                    Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 20:32:16
                    Dear Sir,

                    I have bought Whirlpool washing machine after recommendation from Dealer. From day one my washing machine is not working properly and main parts of this machine are replaced 04 times in 1.5 years.

                    This time again I had a problem with machine and replaced part would reach Delhi in one month and I have to survive with replacement offer from them for 45 days. I have advised Whorlpool costumer care that any fault after this would not be accepted by me and I will need new machine as replacement.

                    Again problem occurred after two days and now my machine is not functioning for last 45 days. I have advised whirlpool to change my machine but they are asking for 15% depreciation + transportation changes.

                    I don’t understand why they are asking for this when this machine had problem since day one and problem was not solved 100%. I have not faith on Whirlpool now and need either full replacement or my full money back.

                    Can you help me in this matter.

                    Thanks and regards

                    Devendra Singh
                    tibba road ludhiana
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                      I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment



                      I purchased Whirlpool Fridge in 2007 which was working fine without any issue. Suddenly last week (15th Sep 2011), some short circuit happened in fridge and it started smelling. We switched off and intimated Whirlpool Customer Care (Case Number[protected]. From the conversation with customer care, we came to understand:

                      1. Our Fridge has 1+4 years of warranty and guarantee which implies, 1st year we will get complete service free of cost and from 2nd year till end of 5th year, only Compressor is under warranty and guarantee. Though the Sales Representative (Dealer) said us, we have 5 years of complete service at no cost. No problem, lets ignore this.

                      The service person came and checked. He charged 280/- and confirmed the following:

                      1. Due to high-voltage, short circuit happened which burned some wires inside the fridge are burnt.
                      2. This issue happened due to short circuit. Because of this, Whirlpool will not take up this case.

                      I told him, if there was high-voltage, then 1st thing is Stabilizer will go for a toss, but here Stabilizer is working. The service person said, we are not using Whirlpool Stabilizer which is recommended for Whirlpool Fridges. I told him, the dealer/sales representative said, the stabilizer which we purchased is the best and safest. Also, while installing fridge, whirlpool person came and didn’t said anything about stabilizer (like we should use whirlpool stabilizer for whirlpool fridges).

                      I also highlighted, if Whirlpool is not going to repair, then whom we should approach. We are ready to pay for repair? Finally, the service person said, if we can provide them a bill copy, they can check if Whirlpool can exchange this. We provided the bill copy and then we didn’t get any call.

                      We just got a message, that our case is closed. We were shocked and again called ‘Whirlpool Customer Care’. They opened a new case “[protected]” and same sales person came. This time, they said, Whirlpool is not going to exchange it and the fridge cannot be repaired.

                      We again told them, if Whirlpool is not repairing it, then whom we should approach. They didn’t had any answer. They left.

                      We got a message, that our case is closed as we didn’t agree to pay money? We are shocked. Again we called up ‘Whirlpool Customer Care’, but they are not listening to our problem and they are just telling that some service person will call. It’s already 2 days over and no one called yet?

                      Please guide me, what I should do next?


                      My Contact Info:

                      Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 20:31:49

                      Whirlpool — Case closed without any action


                      I had taken a AMC for my AC for two years. this year on 25th MAr I had raised the request to service my AC. Despite of multiple reminders at call centres and to the company no one has come to service my AC and that too without any reason everytime I speak to them they say engineer will visit today evening and thean no on comes.I had done escalation of this call till branch manager level and reply is same. On 4th April 2010 when I had called customer service they said My AC is serviced and call is closed I ahd asked them to reopen but till today no one turned up to me Finally I had paid 300 RS to techinican and called them privately. Now I want the return of my complete AMC amount taken by them since they are not able to attend the calls. Can anyone llok into this ?

                      -Abhay Gupta
                      [protected] [protected]
                      i have purchased a double door whirlpool fridge in september 2009. from the time i have purchased it i am facing minor problems. BUt since march 2011 i have been complaining to the service department about the cooling problem. the sensor is not working , but in march and april the service engineer cam and said that it is just temprature control problem and altered it. but the problem continued. after that we gve a complaint again to whirlpool company regarding the same .the engineer again said the same thing but we made him check througly again . he found out that the sensor is not working, spare is not available with him and he will replaceit within one week . his date of visit was 6th june 2011, since then we have been calling the customer care etc n they just take complaint and close it without taking any action. its realy a torture to us. spending abt 40000 rs, the fridge has not lasted us for even 1 and half years. but no action is taken from the company
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                        so poor service from such a reputed company.never expected so.i m tired of noting down the complain response from service center.
                        Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 20:31:30
                        We have purchased whirlpool refrigerator (model No. 9000-ICE MAZIC F23 from great whole sale club ltd on[protected]. our refrigerator was not cooling so we complain the whirlpool customer care about the same and after several complain they changed the compressor and charged the visiting & gas filling charges from us on[protected]. but our refrigerator still not cooling and we have lodged several complain to company but nobody interested to solve our problem. we are getting only assurance from customer care.
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                           sunil indian
                          we bought a whirlpool washing machine. it was our very big mistake to buy this company product. from the begining the machine was not working properly. we compained to whirlpool so many times. company engineer comes but the machine is still unsatisfactory. and not working properly. you may check the records of our complaints. if the whirlpool product is like this then how can company claim themself WORLDCLASS. I think this company is not a honest company and doing fraud with customers. you are requested to do the needfull and do not buy any whirlpool product.

                          Krishan Lal Sachdeva
                          Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 20:30:30
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                            PLEASE DO THE NEEDFUL AT THE EARLIEST.
                            Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 20:28:26
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                              Whirlpool White Magic 6th Sense — Washing machine PCB failure [Resolved]

                              Please go through my agony, before u chooses to go for whirlpool equipments. I had purchased the so called great washing machine...
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