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ICICI Bank Limited
Customer satisfaction rating: 64%
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ICICI Bank Limited

ICICI Bank Towers, Bandra-Kurla Complex
Mumbai City District
India - 400051

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ICICI Phone Banking Center
ICICI Bank Tower, 7th floor, Survey no: 115/27, Plot no. 12, Nanakramguda, Serilingampally, Hyderabad – 500032

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ICICI Bank Limited, Landmark: Race Course Circle, Vadodara 390 007

Customer satisfaction rating
Good news! We have a good connection with the company and they're good at resolving user complaints.

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 m s bisht

I purchased 4 nos bond amounting to Rs 5000 each (Total Rs. 20000) bearing distinctive no[protected] Date of allotment was 23.04.2002 and redemption date was 23 04 2005 with 8.5% intrest.It bears certificate no.140624 and bond holder no.[protected].I could not get my payment uptill now.

Please do the needfull for my payment as it is allready two year late.

Thanking you

With Regards

Mohan Singh Bisht

Vill -Dungarpur, PO Halduchour
Distt Nainital
Pin 262402
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020

Icici tax saving bonds — non payment of dividend

i have purchased two tax saving saving bonds no.[protected] having distinctive no[protected] amount Rs 10000/- i havnt received my dividend for the year 2008. kindly pay my dividend

Rajesh kumar Mangal
s/o sh Tilak Raj
lane -5 indira colony
mobile no. [protected]
Dear Rajesh,

We will contact you and work to address your issue at the earliest.

ICICI Customer Service Team.
Sir, I have purchased six tax saving bonds on 11.03.2005 which are due for payment on 11.03.2010. Please credit the amount to my saving bank account No:[protected]mahesh chandra shrotriya) if you have not send by the cheque.
Details of bonds:
six bonds of face value 50000
certificate no: 9020
Bondholder No.[protected]
Distinctive No.[protected]

Thank you
Acc No:[protected]
mahesh chandra shrotriya

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    I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


     Vikas Paharia
    I have a mobile no. [protected] in my name Vikas Paharia.

    ICICI bank is regularly sending transaction details thru sms of a current account, which is not belongs to me. Inspite of my regular complaints on their portal no action taken by bank. Still sms are regularly sending on my mobile by bank. ( 4 to 8 SMS per day )

    Please help me in this issue.

    Vikas Paharia
    Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
    I have a mobile number [protected].. ICICI Bank has been sending me messages on behalf of my old credit card which I stopped using ever since 2 years from now.. still they send me message.. that I owe them some money.. eventually after couple of months receiving their call states.. I had a credit to be paid of 24 lacs.. Now, seeing this, I was shocked & suprised to see it, Besides, I feel they should be treated well before they end up.. they need to be bashed for their poor performance and their miss-management & lousy professional ethics. Also, they should be banned or blacklisted from operating their banking division..
    ICICI itself is a defaulter, who brings innocent customers to default list for RBI.

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      I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


       Ms. Elveena Isaac
      Dear Sir/Madam

      My ICICI Bank Credit Card statement (Card No.[protected]) dated March 21, 2008 shows that i have to pay Rs.5657/- to your company. I have made no booking what so ever from your company. I shall be highly greatful to you if you could provide me the details of the payment.

      With regards and hoping for a prompt reply from your end

      Elveena Isaac
      Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
      dear sir/madam
      my icicibank credit card statement ( card no. [protected] ) statement 15/04/11 to 13/05/11 shows interest chargesRs 798.68 and late fee of Rs 400. You are requested to kindly go through my last 3-4 months transactions.You will find that I have been making payments through internet banking time to time without waiting for your postal statements. In between credit payments are also received by way of cancellation of air tickets. You are therefore, requested to kindly remove the interest charges and late fee(798+400) so that our cordial relations continue in future as well.

      With regards and hoping for a prompt positive reply from your end.

      DR S D JOSHI

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        I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


         Vinit Sharma
        Dear Sir;

        I would like to have your kind attention regarding a transaction with ICICI against my dispute requests SR42939976 dt 21.10.07, SR45367882 dt 30/10/2007, SR48915735 &[protected] dt 26/02/08.

        I'm writting the entire matter for your knowledge.

        This is regarding a Transaction from ICICI Bank credit card. ICICI Bank Claims that Approximately Rs 38000.00 has been with drawn from my ’Add on’ card on 30/09/07, 01/10/07 & 17/10/07(Card Number : 5177 XXXX XXXX 5102-RAJENDRISH DEVI ) . While I have not with drawn this amount.Then, I put a dispute request SR42939976 dt 21.10.07, SR45367882 dt 30/10/2007, SR48915735,[protected] dt 26/02/08 as I wanted to have all relevant proofs (any video film or Photographs from ATMs, Address of ATMs etc) by the bank, if any transaction has been made by me, Bank must provide it to me. This is my right of information.

        I have written regarding this ‘n‘ numbers of time to the bank, made ‘n’ numbers of phone call to ICICI Customer Care but every time I got a new date, a new fake commitment & till date I haven’t received any proves from bank.

        When ICICI asked me to collect the transaction CD from my ICICI Preet Vihar- Delhi Branch on 20/01/2008, I visited there, one of the ICICI Official says, “Transaction CD has been lost.”
        Again ICICI writes they have issued one duplicate CD, Again I can collect it from Preet Vihar Branch on 04.02.08, but when I visited there, no Transaction CD was there.

        On 12feb 2008, i visited ICICI Preet Vihar Branch, had an interaction with an ICICI official. He has shown me the CD of the Transaction made only on 17.10.07 which was a minor transaction of Rs 1000.
        As per customer care, my card has been used from 04.00.39 PM to 04.01.43 PM for the transaction on 17.10.07.
        (Transaction detail on 17.10.07, collected from ICICI Customer Care is given as;

        S.No Transaction Time Status Amount
        1 04.00.39 PM Successful Rs 500.00
        2 04.01.26 PM Fail ---
        3 04.01.35 PM Fail ---
        4 04.01.43 PM Successful Rs 500.00

        But i was surprised & disappointed, no pics/ photograph was available in that Transaction CD from 04.00.27 PM to 04.11.33PM. I am shocked How can a Bank like ICICI do such a big mistake.

        Then I put a mail to Mr Kamath ( MD ICICI) & your Head Service Quality regarding this & ICICI got back to me with a mail that “this dispute will be resolved with in 45 days” & Dispute request no[protected] but Yesterday, ICICI blocked my saving bank account also with out providing any proofs & with out intimation.

        I talked to customer care, they told me, Bank has taken the decision in his favor.
        But it was not the question of the favor . while It was the question of Non-Responsiveness of ICICI & its neglieance, it was the question of trust which a old customer have for ICICI, It was the question of liability of ICICI for his customer to provide all neccessary information.It was the question of mental haarasment done by ICICI for last 07 months & still i'm fighting with ICICI for my right of information.

        If you will go through my mails exchanges with ICICI Customer Care, you will be surprised that ”I am fighting for my right of information for last 07 months.” Because of Bank negligence & delay, how much I’m suffering? But Bank is unable to provide me any of the relevant information, but not to fail send its monthly statement with increased charges.

        Really I am very disappointed, mentally harassed with such a worst experience with ICICI. I am passing through a mental harassment made by ICICI for last 07 months, which i never expected from ICICI because I used to think that ICICI is the best bank of india but unfortunately ICICI changed my perception. I am a genuine customer of ICICI for last 05 years, done a lot of banking with ICICI.

        I always preferred ICICI for banking & also recommended to others.Of course always i had an intention to close this issue as earliest as possible but every time ICICI gave me fake commitment, because of this experience of mine, i am loosing my faith over ICICI.

        I am really very upset & feeling mental harassed & but writting this mail to you because i want to make clear myself for ICICI's Policy/Process/Way of working through you.

        I request ICICI to let me know the few answers through you,

        1.If customer ask for the relevent proffs for any transaction, is it not the liabilty of ICICI Bank to provide the required proof ?
        2.Getting Information is not the Right of Information of a customer?
        3.Does ICICI unable to provide any required proof for the any transaction or is ICICI is unable to provide all required proofs for the said transaction?
        4.How much time ICICI should take to resolve this matter, as ICICI already taken approximatly 7 months ?
        5.How ICICI can block my ICICI account with out providing any proofs / with out any intimation to me? is it fair?

        I request to ICICI to give me their comments for the above.

        I hope you will do needful definitely.

        Looking forward for your Co operation.

        Thanks & Regards

        Vinit Sharma
        New Delhi
        Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
        I have a credit card of ICICI bank.Im ready to pay and have been paying all the amount towards my credit card to the bank.but now due to their misguidnce today im facing a lot of problem as my outstanding amount has reached to an extent which i cant settle in one shot.But their false commitments regarding conversion of the amount into installments has made my life miserable.
        because of the fault of the bank they will be putting my name in the defaulter list even when I am ready to pay.Kindly look into the matter.
        I had applied for credit card before 8 months and all the verification including door, mobile etc but still i have not received the card. So, kindly give the attention to it. The icici staff from Malvya Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan came to my office and collected the details which he required. I dont have any other details about the application...

        A. Muthamilselvan
        I was insulted and reprimanded in front of all staff and public on baseless issue by Mr. Harish Sehgal (Product manager Recovery).
        During my visit to your SCO no 180-181 Sector 9 branch (Second Floor) Chandigarh, to deposit my credit card bill at 1.15 pm. I was attending very important official call. Meanwhile I was interrupted by the security guard who politely asked me to sit on chair but before I could react another person named Mr. Sehgal came to me and straight way started behaving in a disrespectful and rude manner. He chided me by asking “who are you” “you came inside wearing sunglasses” and “talking on phone as if this is a COMPANY BAAG” “go and sit there”. I was stunned and requested him to talk politely but he continuously humiliated me with his rude behavior in front of all staff and public.
        If he had any objection, he could have adopted a civilized way to ask but he didn’t why? He must know the reason
        Following this humiliating act I torn my credit card and now seriously planning to break all the relations with your bank.
        ICICI is pioneer among private sector bank and such unethical, unprofessional and disrespectful approach towards customers is never expected and totally uncalled for. Such short tempered & ill logical officials have always brought bad name to the organization should be dealt strictly.
        I request you to take a stern action against him to avoid future reptitian of such unpleasant incidents for other customers. Hoping for a speedy action.
        Thanking you in anticipation.


        Credit card no [protected]

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          I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

          Icici Direct — Trading Demat Application(9001935964) Status not available/Processed despite several Reminders! Reference Mail attached [Resolved]

           Pawan Dubey
          Dear Sir,
          Attached below is the trailing mail sent to ICICI Bank and ICICI Direct but yet to get any satisfactory...

          ICICI Tax Saving Bond - 032002 - TSB — NON REFUND OF BOND [Resolved]

           Mohan Singh Bisht
          Dear sir/madam,
          I had purchased a ICICI TAX SAVING BOND -032002-TSB amounting Rs 5000*4=20000-00the bond holder number...

          ICICI Tax Saving Bonds - 022000 - TSB — Non receipt of Amount [Resolved]

           VP Garg
          Sub-1. ICICI-Safety bonds( Tax Saving)).-Payment not received
          2. Address Change.

          Ref- Bond holder number...

          ICICI Bank — Money not credited to my Account [Resolved]

           Atar Singh
          I am a retired UP Govt employee, Nowadays I am going around in different offices of ICICI bank for a unintentional mistake...


           Alpa Vijay
          Icici bank has blocked my savings account for my credit card payment for which i have already made the payment on 01 april through other bank account and i have a receipt for the same. I spoke to the area head Mr. Manoj Gupta and he was very rude saying that we will not release your account go do whatever u want to do. I was quite upset with the organisation like this i dont know how to recover my money 42000 from this bank. Please reply i m awaiting for a reply from a person who can really help me out ...alpa vijay
          Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
          Private banks do commit this mistakes due to the new young guys oftenly joining and leaving at short notice which is actually disturbing the organisation and it's transactions.

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            I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


             Paras Ram Saini
            With due respect I wish to state that Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limites (BSNL) had Started a special offer of Call Now Card on purchase of these cards on line.
            This was a special Holi Offer on Purchase on 22nd and 23rd March 2008 only. This offer was also advertised on News Channels and Internet site of BSNL ( Under
            This offer a customer was to pay Rs.10(Rs.11 with taxes) for which he was to be given a Call Now Card of the calling value of Rs.100.I made two payment. One on[protected] and second on[protected] and the payment was also confirmed by BSNL Site and My Punjab National Bank Mandi (H.P.)Branch also shows payment made twice. I was to be given Secret Pin Number immediately. However, until today I am unable to get these cards. I had told my this problem at Mandi BSNL Office but still my problem is not solved. The higher authorities were ignorant of these schemes.
            On internet site, I was advised that if there is any problem to customers then they should mail at the following address: [protected]

            I sent Mail of my problem to the above site. But in reply I was told that my payment has been confirmed and amount has been deposited with BSNL I was advised to contact my nearest BSNL office. I also contacted the BNSL office. But my problem could be solved yet. I also contacted at BSNL Toll free NO.[protected] but no satisfactory answer could be received.
            I am suffering since one-week mentally and financially.
            Kindly solve my Problem
            Following is details of my orders and payment confirmation.

            Name Of Bank : Punjab National Bank, Mandi, Himachal Pradesh Pin 175001
            Site :
            Biller :
            Amount : Rs.11 each two times as per the following details

            1 ) BSNL User ID : paras2242420
            Portal Transaction ID TXN[protected] Rs.11 on[protected]
            Payment Confirmation No = 231034
            Bank Receipt No. = TRTR/[protected]/[protected]:58:35/UB
            2) BSNL User ID : paras2242420
            Portal Transaction ID : TXN[protected] Rs.11 on[protected]
            Bank Receipt No =TRTR/[protected]/[protected]:57:28/UB

            Please call me on my Mobile No.[protected] So that I can
            discuss in details.
            Thanks a lot
            Paras Ram Saini Mandi (H.P.)
            Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020

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              I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


               Nitin Bankapure
              Hi all,
              I am the saving account holder (forcefully as my company account with them) for the ICICI bank.

              Through NEt banking I have downloaded my last year bank statement. After going through the statement I found that there is NO name of the account holder on the statement. Only Account number was printed. As I need to submit the entire year statement to Passport office, I can not submit the 12 copies of the monthly statement which are receiving every month. When I enquired abouth this in the bank I got the answer that then whats wrong to submit the 12 copies. I think the person who told me this should experience the same in future.
              For getting the entire year statement I need to pay Rs.224/- which is very huge amount. Also the printout given to me was very faint & one could hardly read the statement. When I asked about this I got reply that this one only we can give. Also statement was given oon plain paper & without signature.
              I want to make complaint over here that when the bank has given the facility to download the statement why there is no Name & address on the statement. Bank is giving the reason of " Due to security measure" we are not providing. Then we should have the option for the same to select the name address.
              I think bak wants to earn the mony by cheating the people like this way.
              May be some people may have got cheated through some other way.
              As our company is asking to open the account in this bank we have no choice to open the account with this bank.
              Government should make the compultion to the bank to provide pass book so that people should not have to pay such charges.
              Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020

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                I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


                 birinder singh
                Dear sir
                I had requested for my password to my demat account on 2-3-08 after i forgot my password.In response ICICI sent me by expressit courier on 3-3-08.As per ICICI bank policy I should have recieved the password latest within 7 days.but I never recieved the password.They made me wait for the same for till 15-3-08.On18-3-08 I wrote a mail to the GM ICICI customer services department to either give me the password on phone or ensure that I recieved the password at the earliest.who also did not bother to even reply the mail.I again requested for the new password on 18-3-08.ICICI despatched the password on 18-3-08 but On 25-3-08, when I didnot recieve the password I called the ICICI customer care to know the status of my password and I was shocked to learn that they had again despatched the password for the 3rd time on 24-3-08 without my request.On 26-3-08 I received the password that was despatched on 18-3-08 but I could not login with that password because before I recieved the 2nd password they sent another one(3rd).Now i am still awaiting for the password that was despatched on 24-3-08.In the process I have lost complete one month and suffered losses to the tune of Rs. 50, 000.
                Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
                ICICI demat password is total crap. I lost my password about 2 1/2 years back and still could not get the password. I even went to their branch several times and still nothing happened.
                I mean ICICI Demat Service is total crap.

                ICICI Demat Services — Non-receipt of Statements

                I've been repeatedly seeking a STT statement. To my surprise, courier company confirms that ICICI has been despatching them to my two year old address. ICICI refuses to register my complaints. May be I should shift to another bank!
                Is ICICI listening ?
                Dear Sir,

                I dont have any of my Account neither in ICICI Bank nor in ICICI Demat. Since last 7-8 months i have been receiving messages on my mobile no.[protected]. It disturbs me a lot.

                Requesting you to please look into the matter and stop sending me further messages.
                Now is the situation i am fedup receiving all such type o[censored]seless messages.


                Vikrant Gupta
                Ph. No.[protected]Mumbai)

                ICICI Demat Services — Account Opening with ICICI Demat

                I was trying to open an account with ICICI Demat from last year. I have filled in their application nearly 4-5 times for the same purpose. Every time they will send some executive to my office to get it filled in. After that nothing is been heard from them.

                This time, last month I went to ICICI Direct Jayanagr 3rd Block Branch to get this done. I was attended by a guy named Balaji Jayashekaran. They found my PAN number updated in their database last year. I was told to come there with all required documents the very next day. This time I was attended by a lady who took my signatures in their application form and all the documents. They told me it will take 4 days to delete my existing data from their database and another 5 days to get the account opened as the verification was done in ICICI Bank 3rd Block Branch that day itself in my presence. Now it has been more than 15 days and in between all these days I have been checking with Balaji the status who is Sales Manager there. Every time I hear from him the account is getting processed. Today I went there and checked with them stepping in their office, the reply was, from head office they asked further verification or signature from ICICI Bank Manager to make sure data from database is deleted. This time I was told by Balaji he has collected the signature for the same and sent it across to head office thru courier. Dont know how true is this.

                Really getting frustrated with ICICI's services and hats off to them they can be proud of being one of the WORST Bank Services in India.

                my self pawar venkatesh
                bank name-icici bank
                client id[protected]
                dp id -in302679.

                so ple send dmat statement as early as possible
                thanking you,
                Hi u wish i could send u my executive
                and i promise i will provide u lowest brokerage.

                icici-demat services — non receipt of statements

                My Demat a/c no is IN[protected], name C.S.Dhaveji. I am not receiving the statements, which were being sent by post/courier since last 18months. Kindly look into and arrange to send the statements periodically( quarterly or when there is any change)

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                  I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                  ICICI Bank Credit Card — Mistake in Name printed on Draft of Preapproved loan and cancalled loan by request of changing it. [Resolved]

                   KAPIL N JOSHI
                  Respected all,
                  I am using icici bank credit card since one year I got an preapproved loan offer of PLCC against my...


                   Rakesh Chhabra

                  My name is Rakesh Chhabra and I am working in Pune.

                  I was reviewing my mini statement last month and saw a debit of approx 8300 RS from my salary account. When I enquired about this debit, the bank has reverted that the collection department has deduced this amount because of outstanding of my credit card. The credit card number given in the statement was also not matching with the one I am having currently.

                  When I ask them as to how they can allow anybody to debit my salary account without my instruction or without informing me the response I got was that when you take a credit card from ICICI there is a clause that they have a right to debit amount in case of any outstanding from other relationship within the Bank.

                  I have sent mails to ICICI bank as well as collection department but there is no response on the details of the debit i.e. actual amount and the charges. Nobody picks up on the contact number provided and even no response even after sending so many reminder mails.

                  If this continues I have no other option apart from going to a consumer forum/court. Please advice what should be done in this case.

                  Rakesh Chhabra
                  Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
                  Sir my account shows 200/- rs less pls do the needfull.
                  I want my bank statement of salary account, my acc. no.[protected], from 1st april to 31st aug 2009.please check in to the matter & please send me rply as soon as possible.

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                    I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

                    ICICI Bank Ltd / Two Wheeler Loan — Non receipt of of two wheeler NOC from ICICI Bank - Reg. [Resolved]

                    I have taken a Two Wheeler loan from ICICI Bank, Loan Account no- LTCGP[protected] and gone for the forecloser of the loan...

                    ICICI Bank — Unauthorised deduction of credit card amount from borrowers savings account [Resolved]

                    I had ICICI Bank EMI card. I used that EMI card to pay hospital bills. Then later on paying EMI for 3 months, i paid remaining...


                     ANIKET SANJAY PAVLEKAR
                    Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
                    Developing a Formal Invitation
                    1. Place Samford's seal or logo at the top. (Seal use must be approved by President's Office.)

                    2. List the name(s) of the host(s), using the host's full name. Omit honorifics such as Dr., Mr., Mrs. and Ms. unless the person holds an official rank.

                    The host's title goes on a line beneath the host's name. When there are multiple hosts, the most senior person's name is listed first. The exception to

                    this rule is for the president and spouse (i.e., "President and Mrs. Andrew Westmoreland, " no title beneath).

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                    6. Give the date.
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                    7. Write out the time (i.e., "at seven o'clock"). Add "in the morning, " "in the afternoon" or "in the evening" if the event title doesn't give an

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                    8. Give the location, including street address. For campus buildings, state the room within the building and the building name. For an off-campus

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                    Formal Invitation Sample
                    J. Bradley Creed
                    Provost and Executive Vice President
                    requests the pleasure of your company
                    at dinner
                    in honor of Walter Isaacson
                    Friday, the twelfth of February
                    at seven o'clock
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                    The Club
                    One Robert Smith Drive

                    map enclosed

                    R.S.V.P. Office o[censored]niversity Relations

                    Semiformal Invitation Sample
                    President and Mrs. Andrew Westmoreland
                    cordially invite you
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                    Friday, February 12
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                    Ralph Waldo Beeson University Center

                    Response card enclosed

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                    at Ben Brown Plaza
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                    Panel interviews are regarded as a more objective means of assessing your suitability as you will be interviewed by between three and five people and

                    therefore the decision is not reliant on just one person's opinion. In addition, they are usually more structured than a one-to-one interview as the panel

                    need to assess all of the candidates against the same criteria.

                    The expense of conducting an assessment centre is usually somewhere between $1, 000 and $5, 000 per candidate. This tends to restrict their use to

                    situations where the costs can be justified in terms of preventing high expenses associated with unsuitable personnel e.g. high staff turnover or poor job

                    performance resulting in low productivity.

                    Assessment centres are seen as one of the most effective ways of identifying top candidates who'll get on well with others and fit in with the

                    organizations culture. According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development's ‘Recruitment, Retention and Turnover 2004 Survey’, 34 per

                    cent of employers now use assessment centres when recruiting managers, professionals and graduates. This figure will inevitably grow as organizations

                    seek to make more accurate selection and promotion decisions.

                    The assessment centre method is utilized in a variety of settings including industry and business, government, armed forces, educational institutions, and

                    safety forces to select individuals for supervisory, technical, sales, or management positions. One recent trend is in the development of mass testing.

                    This is done by video-taping candidates as they perform various exercises and by using objectively scored exercises. This permits the assessment of a

                    much larger number of candidates per day as the scoring is done later and requires far less observation and administration.

                    Assessment centres are usually used after the initial stages of the selection process, because of the large amount of time and expense in conducting

                    them, and usually follow the initial job interview. Other measurements such as psychological tests may complement the selection process. They are

                    commonly held either on employers’ premises or in a hotel and are considered by many organizations to be the fairest and most accurate method of

                    selecting staff. This is because a number of different selectors get to see you over a longer period of time and have the chance to see what you can

                    do, rather than what you say you can do, in a variety of situations.

                    How are the Assessment and Development Centre Exercises Conducted?
                    Assessment Centres may be conducted by HR personnel within the employer company or by outside consultants. They are highly structured in their

                    design, application, and assessment procedure and are specifically adapted to assess factors such as your level of skills, aptitude and compatibility with

                    the organization's culture. Each test measures a range of indicators within these factors.

                    During each test, a group of observers will rate you on a range of set indicators, using a prescribed performance scale. Results are then cross compared

                    against the same indicators, which are measured in other tests. Following test completion, observers meet to discuss the test results and reach a group

                    consensus about your ratings.

                    At the beginning of the assessment, you should receive an initial briefing about the timetable of tests, location of rooms etc. Prior to each test, you

                    will be given instructions describing the exercise, your role, timeframe's, equipment etc. You will not be told in detail about the individual indicators

                    which will be measured. In addition, you are unlikely to receive feedback on your results, unless you have been successfully selected.

                    -cooperation aggressiveness, LEADERSHIP does it make sense

                    Great attitude = great managers
                    The prime impetus to pursue a management specialisation is the fact that it is the most sought-after qualification today. There is no denying the

                    importance of management education, since it is the acquisition of this knowledge that instils a new confidence and poise, making individuals ready to

                    meet the challenges and opportunities of the corporate world.

                    But beyond the management concepts and skills that you imbibe at B-school, the one critical aspect that makes or mars your career is attitude. The

                    right attitude centres on the WIN principle -- Work hard, Innovate and Never give up.

                    Most people work for 25 to 30 years, which can be broadly divided into four phases of five to seven years each. The first lasts roughly five years

                    during which you learn to perform as an individual and as part of a team. Along the way you learn the significance of individual performance to the

                    results achieved by the team.

                    In the second phase, when the individual leads the team as a manager, he learns that he is as good as his team. If he is able to motivate his team to

                    put in 100 per cent, he can deliver 100 per cent. In the process, he hones his people management, relationship building, crisis resolving and

                    decision-making skills.

                    The third and fourth phases are the most critical, where the practical training and exposure of the first two phases are instrumental in helping you

                    withstand the pressures of the top and succeed.

                    In the fourth phase, you are expected to take care of the CEO: Customers, Employees and the Organisation/owners. That's where your experience,

                    foresight and understanding of the business model and its needs come into play. Remember, the top of the pyramid is narrow -- there's room only for

                    the best.

                    Aggressive managers who blame others when things go wrong are more likely to get promoted than managers who feel guilty and accept responsibility for

                    failure – or so many employees believe.

                    co-operative manager
                    What is a co-operative manager? The obvious answer is - the manager of a co-operatve. But, the question goes beyond the literal - it is a critical

                    question for all co-operatives because managers of co-operatives require co-operative specific commitments and skills.

                    In appointing managers who do not have the necessary co-operative commitment and skills, co-operatives are introducing a risk that could eventuate in

                    co-operative failure - as a co-operative if not as a business.

                    See also the paper: Why do co-operatives fail as co-operatives?

                    The boards of co-operatives are accountable to members for the managers they appoint. Boards have to recruit managers who have the competencies

                    required to manage the co-operative but also to reflect and reinforce co-operative values and principles.

                    A board must have a capacity to judge the required competencies of a manager for the co-operative- including how and when a co-operative manager

                    reflects and reinforces co-operative values and principles. There are general competencies required of all managers and these include:

                    Understanding and setting goals and targets.
                    Staff management.
                    Time management.
                    Financial management.
                    Making effective and efficient decisions.
                    Distinguishing between data and information.
                    Understanding the differences between causes and consequences.
                    Using technology effectively and efficiently.
                    Selecting and using advisers.
                    The management of conflict.
                    In addition, there are the specific competencies required for a co-operative that depend on the nature of the business, its developmental stage, its size

                    and its technological complexity.

                    Leadership skills are needed at every level in the organization. Consistent training and approach from the executive level through managers and

                    supervisors will help all in the organization develop their leadership skills.
                    In any organization leadership qualities can always be expanded. With Six Sigma Plus one of the objectives is to expand the concept of leadership skills

                    beyond that of organizational position. Frequently people equate leadership with some title, position, or rank. Those who have demonstrated leadership

                    qualities frequently have these titles. Unfortunately there are cases where the title or position has been granted before the leadership skills have been

                    developed. This is an indication of lapse of leadership responsibility by those who place an unprepared person in a role requiring extensive leadership

                    skills. Too often very successful technical people are placed in roles with leadership requirement without being prepared. The best engineer is made

                    Engineering Manager or the best operator is made Supervisor. None o[censored]s would allow people untrained in Civil Engineering to design and build a major

                    highway. Neither would many o[censored]s willingly go into surgery with the person performing the operation having no training in medicine. Yet many of our

                    management and supervisory positions are filled with very competent technical people with little preparation for management or supervisor duties. In those

                    cases there are basically two options. One is to move along and hope that instinct and a good support structure will be adequate. The second option is

                    begin accelerated leadership training aimed at developing the leadership skills and knowledge base required for a leadership position.

                    One measure of success in leadership is the cultivation of employees. This employee empowerment and employee motivation makes leaders much more

                    effective and efficient
                    Theory Z is an approach to management based upon a combination of American and Japanese management philosophies and characterized by, among other things, long-term job security, consensual decision making, slow evaluation and promotion procedures, and individual responsibility within a group context. Proponents of Theory Z suggest that it leads to improvements in organizational performance. The following sections highlight the development of Theory Z, Theory Z as an approach to management including each of the characteristics noted above, and an evaluation of Theory Z. Realizing the historical context in which Theory Z emerged is helpful in understanding its underlying principles. The following section provides this context.

                    DEVELOPMENT OF THEORY Z
                    Theory Z has been called a sociological description of the humanistic organizations advocated by management pioneers such as Elton Mayo, Chris Argyris, Rensis Likert, and Douglas McGregor. In fact, the descriptive phrase, "Theory Z." can be traced to the work of Douglas McGregor in the 1950s and 1960s. McGregor, a psychologist and college president, identified a negative set of assumptions about human nature, which he called Theory X. He asserted that these assumptions limited the potential for growth of many employees.

                    McGregor presented an alternative set of assumptions that he called Theory Y and were more positive about human nature as it relates to employees. In McGregor's view, managers who adopted Theory Y beliefs would exhibit different, more humanistic, and ultimately more effective management styles. McGregor's work was read widely, and Theory Y became a well-known prescription for improving management practices.

                    But in the 1970s and 1980s, many United States industries lost market share to international competitors, particularly Japanese companies. Concerns about the competitiveness o[censored]. S. companies led some to examine Japanese management practices for clues to the success enjoyed by many of their industries. This led to many articles and books purporting to explain the success of Japanese companies. It was in this atmosphere that Theory Z was introduced into the management lexicon.

                    Theory Z was first identified as a unique management approach by William Ouchi. Ouchi contrasted American types of organizations (Type A) that were rooted in the United States' tradition of individualism with Japanese organizations (Type J) that drew upon the Japanese heritage of collectivism. He argued that an emerging management philosophy, which came to be called Theory Z, would allow organizations to enjoy many of the advantages of both systems. Ouchi presented his ideas fully in the 1981 book, Theory Z: How American Companies Can Meet the Japanese Challenge. This book was among the best-selling management books of the 1980s.

                    Professor Ouchi advocated a modified American approach to management that would capitalize on the best characteristics of Japanese organizations while retaining aspects of management that are deeply rooted in U.S. traditions of individualism. Ouchi cited several companies as examples of Type Z organizations and proposed that a Theory Z management approach could lead to greater employee job satisfaction, lower rates of absenteeism and turnover, higher quality products, and better overall financial performance for U.S. firms adapting Theory Z management practices. The next section discusses Ouchi's suggestions for forging Theory Z within traditional American organizations.

                    Theory Z represents a humanistic approach to management. Although it is based on Japanese management principles, it is not a pure form of Japanese management. Instead, Theory Z is a hybrid management approach combining Japanese management philosophies with U.S. culture. In addition, Theory Z breaks away from McGregor's Theory Y. Theory Y is a largely psychological perspective focusing on individual dyads of employer-employee relationships while Theory Z changes the level of analysis to the entire organization.

                    According to Professor Ouchi, Theory Z organizations exhibit a strong, homogeneous set of cultural values that are similar to clan cultures. The clan culture is characterized by homogeneity of values, beliefs, and objectives. Clan cultures emphasize complete socialization of members to achieve congruence of individual and group goals. Although Theory Z organizations exhibit characteristics of clan cultures, they retain some elements of bureaucratic hierarchies, such as formal authority relationships, performance evaluation, and some work specialization. Proponents of Theory Z suggest that the common cultural values should promote greater organizational commitment among employees. The primary features of Theory Z are summarized in the paragraphs that follow.

                    LONG-TERM EMPLOYMENT
                    Traditional U.S. organizations are plagued with short-term commitments by employees, but employers using more traditional management perspective may inadvertently encourage this by treating employees simply as replaceable cogs in the profit-making machinery. In the United States, employment at will, which essentially means the employer or the employee can terminate the employment relationship at any time, has been among the dominant forms of employment relationships. Conversely, Type J organizations generally make life-long commitments to their employees and expect loyalty in return, but Type J organizations set the conditions to encourage this. This promotes stability in the organization and job security among employees.

                    The Type Z organization emphasizes communication, collaboration, and consensus in decision making. This marks a contrast from the traditional Type A organization that emphasizes individual decision-making.

                    Type A organizations emphasize individual accountability and performance appraisal. Traditionally, performance measures in Type J companies have been oriented to the group. Thus, Type Z organizations retain the emphasis on individual contributions that are characteristic of most American firms by recognizing individual achievements, albeit within the context of the wider group.

                    The Type A organization has generally been characterized by short-term evaluations of performance and rapid promotion of high achievers. The Type J organization, conversely, adopts the Japanese model of slow evaluation and promotion.

                    The Type Z organization relies on informal methods of control, but does measure performance through formal mechanisms. This is an attempt to combine elements of both the Type A and Type J organizations.

                    Type A organizations have generally had quite specialized career paths, with employees avoiding jumps from functional area to another. Conversely, the Type J organization has generally had quite non-specialized career paths. The Type Z organization adopts a middle-of-the-road posture, with career paths that are less specialized than the traditional U.S. model but more specialized than the traditional Japanese model.

                    HOLISTIC CONCERN
                    The Type Z organization is characterized by concern for employees that goes beyond the workplace. This philosophy is more consistent with the Japanese model than the U.S. model.

                    EVALUATION OF THEORY Z
                    Research into whether Theory Z organizations outperform others has yielded mixed results. Some studies suggest that Type Z organizations achieve benefits both in terms of employee satisfaction, motivation, and commitment as well as in terms of financial performance. Other studies conclude that Type Z organizations do not outperform other organizations.

                    Difficulties in the Japanese economy in the 1990s led some researchers to suggest that the widespread admiration of Japanese management practices in the 1970s and 1980s might have been misplaced. As a result, Theory Z has also received considerable criticism. It is unclear whether Theory Z will have a lasting impact on management practices in the U. S. and around the world into the twenty-first century, but by positioning target research at the organizational level rather then the individual level, Ouchi will surely leave his mark on management practice for years to come.
                    OverviewIn the search for organisational success, many business organisations have sought to adopt what appear to be successful Japanesemanagement methods. The leading theorist in this field is William Ouchi, who, drawing on earlier work, has described the Japaneseapproach to management as ‘Theory Z.’(a) William Ouchi, a Japanese American, has concerned himself with comparing Japanese management techniques withAmerican. Ouchi uses the term ‘Theory Z’ for firms which use Japanese methods adapted to the Western system. Suchorganisations display certain characteristics:
                    –workers and managers trust their superiors
                    –a much longer time horizon is the norm; the idea of short
                    -term profit is rejected in favour of long-term growth
                    –there is a team approach. Departments see their position within the organisation as a whole
                    –a caring, paternal management unhampered by unions, demarcation or professional prejudices
                    –generalised training. Managers learn the business, not just parts of it
                    –a flexible organisation structure
                    –collective values and company wide rewards
                    –slow, but known promotion–lifelong employment.
                    (b) Theory Z requires an emphasis on interpersonal skills and group and team working; decisions are based on consensus, but, unlike in Japan from where the idea originates, responsibility remains with the individual.Trust and informal relationships are the keystone of Theory Z organisations, even though the formal hierarchy andorganisational traditional structure remain.It is often compared to Macgregor’s Theory Y approach in that it is seen as a more caring, sensitive and effective way ofachieving organisational success.The theory is dependent upon the demands of the organisational situation. Some organisations, as a consequence of theirproduct or service do not provide a suitable environment for the use of motivational techniques associated with Theory Z. Its strength lies in the fact that because of improved standards of education and changed social and political values, manyemployees have wider expectations from the workplace and expect to be consulted and to participate.The application of Theory Z will therefore depend upon:
                    –the organisational culture, structure and objectives
                    –the procedures and practices involved in the organisation
                    –the technology, environment and product or service
                    –the organisation’s history and attitude
                    –the level of satisfaction that already exists in an individual’s task or role
                    nature and type of budgeting ? explain zero base budgeting ?
                    nature and type of budgeting ? explain zero base budgeting ?


                    Determining what are the different types of budgeting could greatly facilitate the budgeting process. Types of budgeting depends on the use of the budget which could either be personal or business budgets.
                    Business and Personal Budgets
                    Budgeting is simply the creation of a plan to properly manage money. Budget usually covers a period of time for instance, one-year or five-year budget plan. It helps in the monitoring of cash flow so debt will be greatly reduced or totally eliminated.

                    What are the different types of budgeting? There are different types of budgeting depending on the use of the budget. For business use, Business Budget Types could come in the form of Capital Budgets, Operating Budgets and Cash Budget.

                    Capital Budgets
                    Capital budgets pertain to the allocation of money for investments and assets of the company. Operating Budgets are needed for the operational goals of the business such as the how much money to be allocated for the total operating expenses or determining the profit goals within the year. Cash Budget refers to the cash flow of the business – the cash in and cash out allocations.

                    Types of budgeting however do not only cater for business use alone. Another way to address the question 'what are the different types of budgeting' would be to include the Personal Budget Types. These budget types are directed towards the expenses and income of the family or even an individual. The type of budgets that fall under personal budget are : Envelope Budgeting and Spreadsheet Method.

                    Envelope Budgeting
                    Envelope budgeting is so-called because money is allocated by making an envelope for each expense that are normally incurred each month such as electricity or phone bills. The most common budgeting type however is the spreadsheet budgeting. In a standard spreadsheet, the expected income for the month is put at the top then expected expenses are subtracted from it. To do this in reverse, one can compute the total expenses in order to determine how much income the individual or family must come up with in order to cover all.

                    Knowing what are the different types of budgeting would greatly simplify the budgeting processes for both company and personal use. Having a budget could help one achieve optimal use of money and the resources at hand.
                    Zero-base budgeting
                    Zero-base budgeting does not use the previous year's budget or expenses in setting a new budget, since the company’s circumstances and finances may have changed. When building a budget from a zero base, every expense must be justified. This differs from only having to explain the amounts requested in excess of the funding received during the prior year or quarter. Zero-base budgeting helps you control spending and expenses because you build your budget from zero rather than building your budget on top of what was spent during the prior period funded


                    I originally prepared this page for another client but felt that this was a better place for it!

                    From my researches over the years, I think you will find that this is the best summary article on the subject of zero base budgeting that you are likely to see.

                    Zero base budgeting hasn't exactly set the budgeting world on fire but it does have a lot to recommend it. Read this page and make up your own mind, though!

                    The Name Zero Base Budgeting!

                    The name zero base budgeting derives from the idea that such budgets are developed from a zero base: that is, at the beginning of the budget development process, all budget headings have a value of ZERO. This is in sharp contrast to the incremental budgeting system in which in general a new budget tends to start with a balance at least equal to last year's total balance, or an estimate of it.

                    Definition of Zero Base Budgeting (ZBB)

                    A method of budgeting whereby all activities are reevaluated each time a budget is set. Discrete levels of each activity are valued and a combination chosen to match funds available.
                    CIMA Terminology

                    This is not a very comprehensive definition; after all, it is not very descriptive as we'll see; and it does not mention the attainment of corporate objectives. Still, it's a beginning.

                    Objectives and Benefits of ZBB

                    What zero base budgeting tries to achieve is an optimal allocation of resources that incremental and other budgeting systems probably cannot achieve. ZBB starts by asking managers to identify and justify their area(s) of work in terms of decision packages (qv).

                    The way that ZBB forces managers to justify their work is by saying to them that unless and until they put forward a budget that more senior management can support, at least to a large extent, the budget will not be approved and funded. If ZBB is applied as literally as it is designed, then unjustified work simply stops, no matter who the boss is and no matter what work they are doing.

                    An effective zero base budgeting system benefits organisations in several ways. It will

                    Focus the budget process on a comprehensive analysis of objectives and needs
                    Combine planning and budgeting into a single process
                    Cause managers to evaluate in detail the cost effectiveness of their operations
                    Expand management participation in planning and budgeting at all levels of the organisation
                    (adapted from President Carter's memorandum referred to below)
                    Example of ZBB and Decision Packages

                    In order to explain ZBB, it's best if we work through an example. We'll keep the argument simple so that the concepts are clear.

                    Duncan plc consists of three departments A, B and C; and each department is in the process of preparing its budgets for the coming financial year. In addition to its mainstream work, each department is trying to secure funding for 2 new projects. However, only a total of two of these projects can be funded in addition to basic departmental funding, due to financing constraints.

                    A decision package is a plan or budget for each project or departmental plan. The decision aspect relates to each budget being decided on as being accepted or rejected; and it's called a package because, essentially, that's what it is: a whole package of initiatives, ideas and proposals. Table 1 illustrates decision packages for Department A.

                    It is also possible that the work of each department can be sub contracted by the organisation if it feels that an outside contractor can provide a better service than the internal departments. In practice, we see this kind of idea in the sub contracting of school meals, sub contracting refuse collection by Local Government … and the Xerox Corporation allowing its divisions to buy in payroll services and expertise from accounting organisations other than its own accounting department. For the sake of brevity, we won't pursue outsourcing here.

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                      Secondly, we had settled the whole account in the month of feb2008, we hav the reciept of the last amount paid i.e. 1480 and the executive who come to collect the amount told us the we would recieved the fresh statement with no dues, so that we can use the card further with Zero amnt due.But still we have not recieved any bill and the collection dept. continously calling us for the amt due . And they have that amount to 15000(aprox) due at our side.I am also mentioiong the person who come and collect the amount is indermeet ([protected], [protected]) after having teleconversation with Mohit verma from icici bank[protected] on 15-feb-2008

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                        I have an account in icici bank chinchwad pune ac no[protected], on 9th i have deposited the icici cheque no 733371 dt 8.02.09 in the name of hsbc credit card of mine the bank says till today i.e on 1st march 2009 the payment is not recieved. i have been to the chinchwad branch but the lay executive said that it may have been credited in the suspense account of HSBC bank and she said that ur query woul be solve in the Bhandarkar Rd branch pune, where there was no concerned of sending me.

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