[Resolved]  — Allotment letter of plot has not been received!

Hi All,

1. On Saturday, the day before, I received a phone call from a representative of Country Club, Bangalore (Mr David) that I had filled in a form at Garuda Mall and had been chosen as one of the 500 ‘lucky winners’ from 100,000 applicants. Mr David offered three ‘free gifts’ – which included a Rs 25,000 worth holiday (one week’s stay at a five-star hotel in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Goa or Kerala), a one-day free outing at Country Club Sarjapur Rd, and a free ‘crystal’ kitchenware.

I went there along with my wife yesterday mroning... We were told to go through a one-hour presentation. The salesperson told us about their package of Rs. 1,35,000 /- which will give 2 weeks of vacation at any of their 5- star (??) resorts in India or world wide per year. This is for life time and for 3 Generations ([censored]!!!)..Plus they pomised to give free memebershjip for life time to Country Clubs..and 1089 sqf.ft of land 70 km from New Airport at devenahalli abo[censored]ely free!!!...That time itself i started getting doubts as it sounded too good to be true..however I told them that I wanted to discuss it with my brother who is in US and who is a member of Country club...and I would let them know in the evening..but they told that thta;s not possible and I will have to make atleast 50% of payment right there...I declined the offer then and there (THANK GOD!!!), collected my free gift of cheap glass bowls, 1 days free entry to the Sarjapur club and the travel voucher to any of the 4 mentioned places..the travel time is from April - September 2008.

One question here..aftre reading all the reviews..i am happy that i made the right decision and escaped falling prey into their trap...however I wud like to know that can i go ahead with the 7 days 6 nights package as I have the voucher with me..?? is it reliable enough?? will there be any hidden costs later on?? Pls let me know..u can reach me at [protected]
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Aug 13, 2020
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I totally agree to whatever is written above. They were frauds and i was stupid enough to fall prey to them. I have lost 1.25L of my hard earned money. I dont understand how they can digest so many people's wrath. The guy, Nadeem Shafi, who offered me the membership, has offered the same to my 2 brothers. Now, his phone is not reachable(obviously he must have changed the number) and any mails and any number of complaints to the membercare department always go unanswered. Can any of you, who stay in Bangalore, let me know how to get a refund? I would appreciate if we could form some group and get these cheaters into the police net. I wonder why are the police and the government so quite about them?

I have also lost money. The easiest way to recover money is to go in a group to their office and show some consumer muscle power. Muscle power does not mean ransacking or doing damage but letting them know that we the consumer now understand their dirty game and will not let them do it.

Please let me know if any one is interested
I completely agree with the above.. those people are fraud.. and have no shame in cheating innocent and my hubby had gone to the presentation... the guy explained everything... from 14 days to passing it on to husband got wild when he still went on about sites, insurances, and what not after 1-1/2 hours.... he was ready to hit someone... when finally the guy understood and gave away our free gifts without a single word... but the thing is... some of the people at that presentation joined in as members... dont know if it was just another gimmick or truly people fell for some stupid land that they are going to give in some remote area... where hardly u can find drinking water leave any other facilities...

Dass.. u can actually go to the office opposite to PVR (bangalore) and let them know that u r going to file a case against them if they are not going to give u ur money.. thats all i can say...
Yes, me and my husband too were cheated in a similar manner. We stay in Kolkata. We were called for a presentation and they told us that we have to make a decision for taking the Club membership right now. We just fell into the trap & paid up Rs70000/. We were told that a plot of land would be alloted to us in Lepakshi.The membership cards arrived and the following document too mentioned that, but the legal documents for the land never arrived. We have been talking with the agent here. He keeps saying the papers are being held up for some reason, and the matter will be sorted out soon. We have realized that these people are cheats!
Thank GOD..... Today i got a call from them tommorrow u come to our office (near Forum) and collect your gifts blah blah blah......
hi all,

the CCIL is one of the worst company ( may i call it a scamstar and goon - u must have seen their posters)

each mkt. people there are a kind of fraudstar in disgus.. don't even make them sit and talk just throw them out... i have done a similar event and happy with the action...

if you really wanted to become a member of a good club go for a reput club on your own area...
Totally agree with all you guys in this post. Country Club marketing folks got in touch with me sometime back and had come home (it was raining that day). Gave him some coffee & some food to eat. He started taking about all the marketing stuff and also spoke to me about the land [My father was just staring at him and wanted to shoo him away in the first go as he understood these guys are cheats ;-) ]. Later, I "smelt a dead rat" in his approach, promises, marketing gimmicks etc and so I did not sign any document, nor disclosed any of my personal details to him (Like Credit Card etc). I asked him few taunting questions for which he could not reply. I just asked them to leave after the rain stopped. “Good riddance to bad rubbish”. From then I decided not to go for any of the Country Club membership at all even though few of my family and friends tied to push me into it. I am happy.
The only issue is, they call me (marketing calls) at least once a week and ask me to upgrade to some plan even though I am not their customer on the fist place and the worst part is they call me with some name (Rajesh something….) I don’t even now who that person is. Even after repeated clarifications, shouts, call back to their number, they have not stopped calling. They are cheap, inhuman, unethical, money minded fools including the people who work for them in different locations cheating people.
Hey guys,

Iam from Bangalore and like most of you, i had fallen prey to their marketing hoopla. My experience has been no different. But, i would like to inform you that you can get back your refund. I have got mine back. I approached the honourable consumer court in Jan 08 and recently in the last week of march 08, i got refund for an amount Rs.1, 05, 000/-. That is the amount i had paid for upgradation to COOL CLUB membership and registration fees ( Rs.90, 000 + Rs, 15, 000). Other 2 friends got a refund of Rs.1, 30, 000/- each because they applied for a new membership with CCIL. (Rs, 1, 15, 000 + Rs.15, 000). The case was resolved within 3 months. I only wish i had approached them earlier rather than folloing up with the CCIL executives over which i wasted about 10 months.But, better late than never!!
I am also a victim of Country Club cheating. It would be great i[censored]r helping me in getting back my money..
Since I am facing a lot of finacial probalems...
Guys if you want to get back your money simply file a consumer court case and in no time you will get back your money

why do you have to suffer so much, even better if you can get a lawyer to represent yourself

show them that you can get back every penny given to them with interest @18% per anum

I am also one of the victim suffereing from past three years.

All I have from them is the receipt for the payment of 99K, I even didnt get the membership card after repetedly communicating and giving my photographs thrice :(.

Please help me how to file case against them in consumer court or any court.

i firstly thank that person who spontaneously response no for them, B cos even my bro got a call like this & he went all along with his family, than this hectic people started curving my bro head saying all bull & [censored]s, that this, we are here so much worth valid offer, only for you . sorry to say this "ITS JUST LIKE A GAY BUSSINESS " friends be attent & think more no such offers are there . Be happy with wat you have which will help you out by all games .
I do agree with you all,

Even i have been to attend presentation, They will intent you to pay money saying that "Site " will be alloted at your own choice.

Guys, I think better ask your family/friends not to attend this kind of presentations.


Can some one help e with consumer court and fomality in bangalore. I have been cheated royally by thses pimps.

Please respond!
I am already trapped by them yesterday, they demanded 1, 70, 000 including the land at kodai/hindupur/hdbd. Alongwith that they will provide the VLM & accomodation in any CVIL resort for 14 days/year lifetime. maintanance charges 3k/year and renewal charges 8k/10 yrs, 1st 2 yrs no maintainance charges. They will also provide to and fro flight ticket for 1st holiday anywhere in india, However I agreed to pay 96k and already paid by CC. after coming home I realized i might have paid lot more.
I would like to know where is the other hidden charges you guys have faced and what are the traps? is not their plan lucrative?
My name is Venkat, even i got the similar call from a person who promised me 3 plots for just 1.45 lakhs that to on a EMI basis using my credit card

i am confused can anyone help me, i asked that guy to come tomorrow, WHAT TO DO?
I just now recieved a call from them they promised me vacation trips, 2 sites of 30x40 near hindupur road and I asked exact place(village name) and concerned person told I'm not sure about the place I was shocked to hear this, so much of scam going on whats the government and court doing? when court was able to get back the funds for people who filed a case why not shut down CC operations get back the money of all those innocents who have fallen their prey.
Hi friends,

I too just received a call from country club and while I was about to convey that I am not interested, the 'plot' offer caught my attention. Even, I was impressed by the offer and have asked the executive to meet me in person. First thing I did after the call was searching under complaints board!! :-) Has anyone received the allotment letter other than, Swapna?

Thaks for alerting people like us of this trap (if at all, it is).

- Leo
Hi friends,

I paid 1, 25, 000Rs; they promised we will give 1+1 site at near hendupur layout.

Once I paid they are not responding. I saw one of the person got money back by consumer court. How can i proceed for that .

Any body can tell me how to approach through consumer court. (Like phone number and contact person.)

I have the allotment papers. But i dont have any time to follow up with these guys for next process. If any one interested in buying them, please mail me.

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